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  1. GM'd six ~4 hour sessions for our FLGS game (so far). I've run a couple of other sessions outside of that, however. No "official" scenarios (all IMG, though I am using some material from the ever-excellent Tales of the Reaching Moon, RQ2 Classic Apple Lane -- Rainbow Mounds, but updated for post-Dragonrise and my own nefarious machination -- and the RQG Adventure Book material for Apple Lane's NPCs, et al).
  2. From the RQ2 rulebook spell description for Farsee. Last setence. "Note that this is the only battle magic spell with a duration of four hours." Not the case in RQG (two minutes, like other Spirit Magic spells), where it has the characteristics of the RQ3 version.
  3. This rule is gone. (p.418, RQG Rulebook) STR, CON, CHA = trainable to species max. POW = trainable/improvable to species max. DEX = lower of (starting DEX x 1.5) or species max. INT, SIZ = magical increase only Magical increase beyond species max, for any characteristic.
  4. In the most recent printing/download version of the RQG rulebook (and in the errata document that Rick posted in the Downloads section on these forums), other than leather vambraces (which for some reason are still rated as 0 ENC), the leather armors are all at least (2)* ENC. For all seven locations, depending on final armor combinations, probably going to weigh you down another 2 ENC or so for that extra leather. Which simply means you need more STR! * Two such items = 1 ENC.
  5. Heh heh. "Smorty-pants." Jest another trollkin pun here. I'm not saying the Rainbow Mounds trollkin aren't or can't be superior trollkin, but Apple Lane was published long before Trollpak came out and the stat blocks align with the core rulebook stats, not those in Trollpak. Of course, my mind does wander to the fact that their mother is a cave troll and ponders any implications from that. But at this point, we're getting OT from "upgrading Rainbow Mounds stats to RQG stats" and perhaps that should be a separate topic on "What have you done to make Rainbow Mounds your own adventure In Your Glorantha?" All good fun though! Disclaimer: No trollkin were intentionally harmed in the writing of this reply, food trollkin excepted. (Humans, don't eat the meat.)
  6. Yeah. "Not so Smort..." (Sorry, couldn't resist.) And yes, I assumed the trollkin in the mounds scenario are all normal trollkin, as it predates Trollpak's release.
  7. No mistake with INT. 3D6 INT for Superior Trollkin in RQ2 (which is the edition I've been converting from -- not because I don't have RQ3, just because RQG is primarily based on RQ2 lineage, so I opted for using RQ2 materials where they exist).
  8. Thanks @Kloster! For trollkin and rock lizards, however, the rolled stats are the same for both RQ2 and RQG, so I left the RQ2 stats as is. But you triggered a thought that I should have added a note though: Compare the rolled stats between the two versions and adjust if necessary. Good call for human NPC conversions!!!!!
  9. Hope this makes sense and formatting doesn't mangle too badly. Assumption is that you have the RQ2 Core Rulebook, RQ2 Apple Lane, RQG Rulebook, and RQG Bestiary. I've taken a rock lizard and a trollkin from the Rainbow Mounds scenario as examples. RQ2: Rock Lizard One STR 14 CON 10 SIZ 7 Right Hind Leg 01-02 3/2 POW 11 DEX 11 Left Hind Leg 03-04 3/2 Hindquarters 05-07 3/4 Mov 4 Forequarters 08-10 3/4 Hit Points 9 Right Fore Leg 11-13 3/2 Defense 00% Left Fore Leg 14-16 3/2 Head 17-20 3/3 Armor: 3 point skin. Claw 35% 1D6+1D4 SR 9 Bite 30% 1D10+1D4 SR 9 Notes: Base RQ2 is Claw+Bite 25%; No Attack bonus; Claw +10%, Bite +5% from base profile. Errata: This lizard shouldn’t have a damage bonus… RQG: Rock Lizard One STR 14 CON 10 SIZ 7 Tail 01-03 3/2 POW 11 DEX 11 Right Hind Leg 04-05 3/2 Left Hind Leg 06-07 3/2 Hit Points 9 Hindquarters 08-11 3/4 Magic Points 6 Forequarters 12-15 3/4 Move 4 Right Fore Leg 16 3/2 Base SR 4 Left Fore Leg 17 3/2 Head 18-20 3/3 Armor: 3-point skin. Skills: Hide 60%, Smell Prey 55% Notes: Perception +0%, Stealth +5%; Use RQG Bestiary base skill scores. Apply category mods. Added d3-1 x5% for variability, in order (+5%, +5%). Claw 45% 1D6 SR 8 Bite 35% 1D10 SR 8 Notes: Use base profiles from RQG (25% each, same as RQ2). Apply Claw +10%, Bite +5% from RQ2 scenario profile; Added d3-1 x5% to each for variability (+10%, +5%). No damage modifier for STR+SIZ. RQ2: Smort, Male Trollkin STR 13 CON 10 SIZ 7 Right Leg 01-04 3/3 INT 7 POW 5 DEX 12 Left Leg 05-08 3/3 CHA 5 Abdomen 09-11 3/3 Mov 5 Chest 12 3/4 Hit Points 9 Right Arm 13-15 3/2 Defense 00% Left Arm 16-18 3/2 Head 19-20 3/3 Armor: 1 point skin, 2 point leather. Spells: None Skills: Spot Hidden Items 35% Notes: Base RQ2 trollkin profile is 45% Spot Hidden. Smort has a -5% Perception bonus, so the math is borked here. Note there is a marked difference between RQ2 and RQG for base scores (45% vs 20%). I opted to use the RQG scores and ignore the difference (feel free to add 20-25% to RQG scores if you must). RQG trollkin got less good at spotting things.. 2H Long Spear 25% 1D10 SR 6 10 pts 1H Light Mace 20% 1D6 SR 8 20 pts Sling 25% 1D8 SR 3 Small Shield 25% - - 8 pts Notes: Attack bonus -5%, Parry bonus 0%; These scores are modified from the trollkin base scores in the core rulebook, so rather than reinvent the wheel for RQG, I used the RQG Bestiary base scores and went from there. Trollkin spear damage s/be 1D10+1 and light mace s/be 1D6+2 (errata-esque). RQG: Smort, Male Trollkin STR 13 CON 10 SIZ 7 Right Leg 01-04 3/3 INT 7 POW 5 DEX 12 Left Leg 05-08 3/3 CHA 5 Abdomen 09-11 3/3 Hit Points 9 Chest 12 3/4 Magic Points 5 Right Arm 13-15 3/2 Move 6 Left Arm 16-18 3/2 Base SR 5 Head 19-20 3/3 Armor: 1-point skin, 2-point leather. Passions: Loyalty (Parents) 60% Notes: In mounds scenario these are Whiteye’s and Slud’s children, so they will likely be loyal to them. Add 1d3-1 x5% for variability (+0%) Runes: Darkness 45% Notes: Add 1d3-1 x5% for variability (+5%) Spells: None Skills: Darksense Scan 15%, Darksense Search 50%, Dodge 25%, Hide 35%, Listen 30%, Move Quietly 25%, Scan 20%, Search 25% Languages: Speak Darktongue 45% Notes: Agility +0%, Communication -5%, Knowledge -5%, Manipulation -5%, Perception -5%, Stealth 0%. Use RQG Bestiary base scores. Apply category modifiers. Add 1d3-1 x5% for variability, each Skill/Language in order (+0%, +5%, +0%, +10%, +0%, +0%, +5%, +5%, +0%) 2H Short Spear 30% 1D8+1 SR 6 10 pts 1H Light Mace 35% 1D6+2 SR 8 6 pts Sling 25% 1D8 SR 3 80m Small Shield 35% 1D3 SR 8 8 pts Notes: RQG trollkin usually have a 1H Short Spear, but trollkin in mounds scenario have a 2H Long Spear, so I “split the difference”. Manipulation -5. Use RQG base scores. Apply category mod. Add 1d3-1 x5% for variability, in order (+5%, +10%, +0%, +10%) Note that these scores don't vary much from the bases in the RQG Bestiary. As noted in an earlier post, I'm experimenting to find a "sweet spot" based on my players' general scores. You can certainly adopt an "add additional +X" to these if you think you need them. You know your players best. FYI, I crank these out and format them in a Word document for in-game use, rather than convert on-the-fly. Hope this helps! Kind regards, James
  10. That's it. If a creature was using the base RQ2 stat line and the RQG Bestiary stat line was different, I adjusted those first (the Bestiary, in the example of trollkin, has Runes and Passions and more Skills). Then modified for ability category modifiers. Then I applied some randomness. To be fair, I could have just added +10 all round, or another arbitrary value, but I like to roll a few dice as well. Not saying it's a "perfect system" ... just relatively quick and adequate for my needs. I converted everything in the adventure in just a few hours. If this is useful for people, would you like me to drop a before and after example up?
  11. Adding to this, under Spell Effects (p.248) in the Magic chapter: "The sensory effects of a spell (what it looks, sounds, smells, and even feels like) depend on the type of magic used and the power of the spell."
  12. Hiya, I'm running Rainbow Mounds now for my FLGS game group as a post-Dragonrise version (after-Whiteye), modified to fit my IMG campaign requirements. I first converted RQ2 stat blocks from the original scenario to RQG, incorporating changes from the RQG Bestiary, added Runes and Passions where appropriate, and tuned ability scores to bring them in line with the RQG Bestiary. I like a little randomness, so I classified creatures/NPCs as inexperienced (1d3-1) or experienced (1d6-1) and rolled for those abilities I felt may have gained from experience. To keep things simple, I multiplied the result by 5% (but you could easily make that 3% or roll 1d6% -- I simply didn't want to go overboard with converting things). Once that was done, I revisited key areas in the Mounds and updated found items, treasure, traps, and added a few new areas. In terms of scaling to meet RQG character levels? I had that in mind, but for this exercise (in lieu of guidelines on power level and adventures from the forthcoming GM book), I am using this adventure (and the conversion format) as a means of tuning encounters for my player group. If they cakewalk, then I can add +5 or 10% and measure again from there; if the other way, I can subtract -5 or -10%. While all experienced gamers, none of my players have played RuneQuest in the past (they seem to be loving it, which is good), so I have the advantage of them not having prior knowledge PLUS they are still learning game mechanics, so a lower in-game threat level is not a bad thing. Reworking the Mounds to a later date gave me the chance to change some things, but for the most part I've retained the original adventure format for ease of book-keeping and reference. I hope this was at least passingly helpful! Kind regards, James
  13. Thanks for the discussion. I thought I might be erring on the side of "too harsh" in my game, so am going to allow more info for less (so to speak), in terms of Rune Points.
  14. Hiya @Stefano Muret, IMG (In My Glorantha), I allow Analyze Magic to be used on crystals. YGWV (Your Glorantha Will Vary), as always. Analyze Magic is a Rune Magic spell, and specifically it's a Lhankor Mhy (or Lhankor Mhy-supplied) spell. If the god of Knowledge can't find out if something is magical, well ... If a character wants to spend Rune Points analyzing a crystal to determine its effects, that's a perfectly valid use for those points, IMO. IMG, one point of Analyze Magic will only tell you that the crystal is a magic crystal (as opposed to a normal crystal). A second point of Analyze Magic (cast at the same time, per the spell description) will also tell you what kind of crystal it is. And so on. Note that a Flawed crystal will likely project as a magic crystal of an appropriate type, in appropriately GM-tricksy ways. As @PhilHibbs noted above: get your magic crystal checked out by Chaos experts first if you are concerned. As noted in the Adventure Book, magic crystals are not subject to Divine Intervention, so maybe praying to your deity for DI and having your otherwise-successful request rejected might be an option for some? You can take the path of grabbing a large boulder or hammer and trying to smash the crystal -- you would know it's a magic crystal if it doesn't break. Then again, if it's a non-magical crystal worth beaucoup money, you just pounded it into worthless fragments. The topic also raises the question: Can you outright tell if a crystal is a magic crystal or not? These are the blood of the gods, after all. Personally, I don't differentiate magic crystals from normal crystals in my games -- when attuned, they glow, and that's the "oh, wow, magic!" part. Until you determine it's a magic crystal, it's just a crystal. That's how they end up in various stashes, after all, as treasure. Your Glorantha may treat them differently, of course, and that's the great thing about Greg's generous gift to us all: we get to play in his sandbox as "we" want. Anyways, hope this helps! Kind regards, James
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