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  1. Not sure how that's unexpected, they cast the spell to get that effect. The spell description says: My players have their adventurers throw their shields down or sling it across their back if they can, relying on their sword parry. It's not about their shield (as is clear from the description). This has never confused any of my players. All so far have been able to track the bonus on their attack and the -20 per parry, on the same weapon. Most do it in their head, some use a piece of paper or on screen notepad. Isn't this what you want your Humakti to do? If it's unbalancing you game bump the cost / cap the mps / max skill, or disallow the cult for players. I have two Humakti in my campaign, both use Sword Trace (stacked with Bladesharp and usually a Death rune augment). I can honestly say they have never had any issue with the confusion and inconsistency you are talking about. I am however interested in hearing about any issues your players are having with these spells.
  2. How? I can honestly say I've never been confused by those two spells. Why is the rule inconsistent? How does effect play?
  3. Due to structure of the rules, it's inferred from page 21 (CE):
  4. Non-Facebook versions: Ernalda In Sartar Orlanthi ownership
  5. Sanctify, RBM 76: (and https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/publishers/chaosium/runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-players-book-print/cha4028-runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-qa-by-chapter/cha4028-runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-chapter-14-rune-magic-spells/#Sanctify) So the secret is, not to end the ceremony. This is where cult spirits will come in. Having one continually worshipping or having a presence will tip a site over in to a shrine. I think there are many routes to this. Location of a godtime event, cult spirits, location of the site.
  6. It's a Cult of Chaos convention HQG scenario by Ian Cooper from 2019. If you are a member, you get access to all of our convention materials.
  7. No, it's just flexable. A 2 hour session costs 100L, but you need 4 to reach the 400L cost Yes, It's defining a training week as 6 out of 7 days. It's 400L / week (6 out of 7 days) at 8 hours a day.
  8. Treat it as a new rune spell enchanted into a weapon. Note that this is a 3 point spell as it's comparable to sever spirit. Decapitation 3 points Touch, instant, stackable Caster may stack additional rune points when casting on a slashing weapon (not axes obviously), with each point allows an additional decapitation. If the weapon achieves a special success or better the caster may attempt a POW vs POW roll for decapitation. If successful the target is decapitated. No damage roll is needed. Due to the magic used, the head may be used in a Create Head ritual, instead of a garrotted victim. --- Now just decide how many additional Rune points were stacked into it when created. Like all Enchantments it uses POW x5 to use. To recharge it, it needs to go back to the temple and be part of a worship ceremony. I'd suggest 6 points, then there's 2 x 3 available or 1 x 3 +3 extra hits. See page RQG 334 or RBM 64 Matrix Creation. As Thanatari have no access to common rune magic or enchantments, this was created using a head that knew the spell or Consume mind. I'm not sure they'd get a Chaos Taint or Chaos feature chance from this. Also remember that most cults would add a restriction of cult members only with an extra POW when enchanting it. Using Plunder as a guide, this is an enemy item to Humakti cultists, as the spirit is still attached to the head.
  9. Page 223: depends on the outcome vs listen. But if they become aware of the attacker as above, no bonus. As above.
  10. When my players use it, rather than focussing on damage we just inverted the size and collapse that. So a 2pt version that was cast, was 10m x 1m x 5m, fissured 5m above. It was then the player realised that they should have made it wider not longer as not much falls out of a 1m wide 5m high split. 5m x 2m x 5m makes a bigger split.
  11. As has been mentioned above, you can ignore site members (not see their posts) by hovering over their icon on the left, and when the info box appears, press Ignore. You cannot Ignore the site mods.
  12. I'd start with establishing and maintaining a Site (page 315): Once your attendees reach 75, you can make it a shrine. Due to this, I suspect may shrines are long established and linked to a specific action. This is especially true for Eurmal, as each shrine is a different aspect. Yes. Orlanth Adventurous shrines are based on carts.
  13. You might also find these helpful: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/websites/facebook/2019-11-jeff-on-facebook/#ib-toc-anchor-7
  14. That's already covered by the STR / DEX requirements.
  15. Glorantha aside, isn't it F=MA? Where here, the mass of a longer spear, given roughly the same wielder, produces more force? (Please correct any physics mis conception if needed,although Damage dice = ENC x DEX goes someway to giving it the right feel)
  16. I've always used the first chapter of The Archaeology of Weapons: Arms and Armor from Prehistory to the Age of Chivalry by R. Ewart Oakeshott, the 1990s updated reprint as my bronze age sword reference. It has a simple (illustrated) section on the evolution of bronze swords from thrusting through cutting to cut and thrust weapons: https://archive.org/details/EwartOakeshottTheArchaeologyOfWeaponsBookFi.org/page/n29/mode/2up I'm assuming that the type of sword you choose is dependant on your style of fighting - thrusting/cutting/cut and thrust.
  17. No. None needed, to refill return it to the appropriate temple for a worship ceremony. Yes. However this is why conditions exists - Only usable by an Orlanth initiate would be a no brainer here. No That's a complex item if it could even exist. Command cult spirit. Orlanth cult spirit. Knows Lightning... For MGF, I'd say each part of this needs a POWx5, just so when it goes wrong the spirit gets to act independently and zap the user.
  18. Interesting. Kajabor killed by Wakboth. Which accounts?
  19. Spirits regenerate their magic points as normal. A dead person's spirit will do the same. No, It's the same as the first answer in the binding Q&A here
  20. They will only be at zero magic points if the healer reduced them to zero in a single exchange (unlikely). They just have to loose once and have their magic points reduced. See Resurrect RQG 338 / RBM 75 To repeat what I said above, this falls under contest of psychic energy (RQG 366) than "fought down to zero MP" I'd let the player go with MGF, we've a whole genre of literature and films to draw from here.
  21. That is excellent! I've just completed the Rainbow mounds with my group on Roll20. What was great was only showing the area lit by torch. There were a few instances where it went completely dark. You may find it helpful to look at the new map in the starter set (when it comes out) as the wall colours are shown clearly.
  22. Covered by "needlessly cause pain to any living thing". There is a need, the subject won't come back to life. It's a pretty borderline case. Spirit combat isn't alway actual combat, it's a catch all for term for three different things (see Spirit Combat page 366) fighting a hostile spirit contest of psychic energy forcing powerful spirits to teach rare spells A Chalana Arroy initiate is clearly involved in a contest of psychic energy, manoeuvring the departed soul back into its body against the natural order of things. The spirit doesn't have to loose all its MPs, just has to loose some to force the soul back in.
  23. This is very the very thinly veiled ahimsa of Jainism (and other religions). The Svetambara sect even wear white (the other sect being naked). A late friend of mine's family are Jains, most of her family followed a峁噓vrata, which is simpler form of the not harming anything vows. As her mother got older, she became very much an ascetic would only eat during daylight, would sweep the ground when she was outside before she stepped, cover her water glass with a lid, all so that no insect was harmed. https://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/jainism/living/ahimsa_1.shtml
  24. She did suggest that some of the previous data was a bit odd by comparison.
  25. Chapter 7 has some relevant info, although the whole paper is interesting: Lethal Threshold: The Evolutionary Implications of Middle Pleistocene Wooden Spears I also found the one and two handed grips useful.
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