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  1. Doesn't really roll off the tongue does it.
  2. You can always rule that in your players history, one of his ancestors was a hero cult that teaches that one rune-spell Become 'other'. Player is initiated into Orthanth (or whatever) AND has membership in the associated Orlanthi hero cult Moon Moon Wolf Brother or whatever.
  3. That was my thought too. Loot from battle is probably in the form of arms and armour anyway,
  4. Comparing this to other magic systems within RQ. On one hand you have Spirit & Rune magic. One skill to use the ability but multiple items (spells) that need to be learned. The analogy would by you have 1 skill - Alchemy (45%) and you know multiple recipes - Blade venom, sleeping draught, fire oil, explosive bomb etc. On another, you have sorcery where each spell has it own skill plus there are other skills to manipulate them. The analogy would be you have the following skills Blade venom (29%), Injested poison (52%), Sleeping draught (45%), Healing potion (61%), Fire oil (22%) plus Preservation (38%), Potency (44%) etc. Personally I'd aim for inbetween. Group the products into categories. Poisons, Explosives, Healing, Industrial etc. Each with their own skill. And have individual recipies learned inside each category. Then add a few skills to manipulate them.
  5. Not to hijack this discussion but since it's about the pre-gen characters... The scribe character - Sorala, has some fairly heavy armour for a scribe. Both the quickstart and RQG list her as having "Armor and Helmet". 6pt head and 3pts everywhere else. Where in the character creation process would she get that? Her backstory tells of her fighting in the wars but her listed profession is scribe.
  6. One of the nice things about KoDP is that the heroquests are broken down into nice 'chunks' that easily translate into RQ Heroquest stages and can be used in your games.
  7. That's precisely the reason I started the reddit thread. There's things we (as round world dwellers) assume that just aren't correct for Glorantha. We make assumptions that our characters probably wouldn't. For instance, if I described water flowing up and over a hill to continue downstream, my players would assume something out of the ordinary was happening and spend ages investigating. Their characters would probably have shrugged and said "I has always been this way". I'd like to know more of these instances myself.
  8. That is a perfect example of what I was asking about. If you're ok with it, I'll grab that for my own use later on.
  9. I found the thread I referred to. A Reddit post. A few highlights: The tides (tied to the Blue Moon) creep in slowly about twice a week but ebb dramatically fast. (Tidal waves exist, they are closer to small tsunamis.) Tides are stronger wherever one is closer to the constellation "River" in the sky. There are no months, the Red Moon phases over a weekly cycle. (The Blue Moon isn't visible for long enough to discern whether it phases, it climbs the sky outside of the Sky Dome.) Rivers and at times even seas don't necessarily stay flat in their banks, but may resemble a jellyfish tendril of flowing and eddying water. The Syphon River in Heortland which flows uphill is such a river for most of its length. Ernalda/Ularia is Love, and wants to keep things close - Hence, Gravity. There's also the Syphon River in Heortland, which flows uphill because it ignored it's father, Magasta's call to leap into the void left by the destruction of the spike at the center of the world. Tidal waves and such are spirits of the sea. Diseases are not caused by infection, but by curses and evil spirits. (Personally I also like the idea that disease spirits are attracted to dead bodies and open wounds). Bronze can be found in the ground and mined, as well as being made from tin and copper. Bronze is also strong enough to make a usable sword much longer than terrestrial bronze can. Iron can only be made by dwarves, though it can be worked by humans like the Third Eye Blue cult. Tin (air) and Copper (earth) can be alloyed to make Bronze because of the marriage between Orlanth and Ernalda.
  10. I'm in a slightly different boat in that I know a LOT about Glorantha and what has and what is happening. But so much so that I lose perspective on what locals might - and more importantly, might NOT know. Drowning players in the details of Malkioni society or the mysteries of Nysalor are just not really appropriate. I'm thinking about world shattering events that may be obvious to all the characters but that we forget about. The Re-opening of the seas. Dragonrise. The rise of Harrak and the Wolf pirates. Native Gloranthan oddities too. Things we (as round world inhabitents) wouldn't ordinarily think about. Like the way water flows - uphill even, as long as it's going toward the sea. The movement of celestial bodies (I'm looking at you red moon) and the bodies that inhabit it. There are others. I think I started a thread about it a while back..
  11. While I have Heroquest voices at home (I think I have almost about every RQ/Glor product available) I haven't referred to it in a while. I don't recall it referring to the great winter and resulting famine that would have recently occurred in characters timelines. Nor do I recall it referring to the Dragonrise. I might have just forgotten it though. I'm going to re-read it tonight. It may be that I just have to take that resource and add in some of the events from the Character Gen timeline. Characters should CERTAINLY know about those events. Some of the more important need to be highlighted.
  12. I'm gearing up to start a new game with a few RQ/Glorantha neophytes. As players they know very little about the game world and i don't necessarily want to overwhelm them. That said there's some stuff they should know. I was wondering if there are any good outlines along the lines of "What the shaman told you..." Maybe it's right there in the books already and I missed it. Any suggestions? I was thinking about: In the fields of Geography, Recent events & History, Locally. What do characters know about the local area, recent events & history. Wider zone. Again - how much geography, current events and history should characters know about Dragon Pass and the nearby areas. Glorantha in general. Again - Geography and history - presumably in very general details. Probably not a lot of recent events. Most of the geographical details I can roll out assuming a good knowledge of the local area and getting increasingly more vague as you go out. But, outside of cult histories, how much cosmology and god-time history would an initiate know? but more importantly - how much do characters know about current and recent events? What military campaigns are currently being waged? What magical and mystical events have happened recently (dragonrise etc). I mean I (as GM) know these things happened and the characters probably do too. But is there a good written outline that I could hand to my players?
  13. Consider too. That in the environment of Glorantha, 'natural' probably means magical. I mean it may start as a mundane fire but any large power source like a big fire - is going to attract naturally occurring magical entities. Just as disease spirits are attracted to dead bodies (or untreated wounds). I can imaging a big fire growing - getting larger. Then salamanders forming, to 'frolic' in the blaze. Spreading it. Feeding it. Certainly opposing any undines summoned to try to control it. They have short attention spans so left to their own devices, they'll eventually leave when the fun is over - when all the 'food' is gone. But bring undines into the fun and it could become a battle. Not to mention any special interest groups that may rock up to add their 2l to the event.
  14. Expanding on one of my first questions: "Carthalo. He needs to summon the ghost of the slain Greydog women. What skill does he use? I can't see anything obvious listed. He also has 6 points of Daka Fal rune pool but no spells. Any suggestions? He also has Spirit Lore as a skill but no percentage." David Scott suggested Axis Muni. That sounds good. I'll probably go with that when I run it. Reading over the full Daka Fal writeup, I see he also provides Free Ghost (Man, Death). That's another possibility I guess. "Exploring the Ruins page 34 has guidelines for loot." I'd swear that I did a search on the PDF for the word "loot' and only got the table. No idea how I missed that section. Re-reading the Broken Tower i see other things missing. Danakos has 4 rune point in Orlanth Adventurous but no rune spells. Another thing for the errata. Shield and Heal wound might be options. Though I see no reason to assume that he still has all 4 points left available. Related to this. What rune does Shield use? The rune spell description says "Rune varies depending on cult". I don't see anything in the cult description though. The GM pack includes the pre-gen characters from the quickstart. It also adds Nathem. A hunter with a shadowcat. I might use him and add a herd skill to the alynx because driving game toward a hunter in wait, sounds exactly what they might be used for (among other things). That said, I won't let a lack of herding ability be a show stopper. Failure will still get the cattle back - just not as fast or cleanly as the players might like. But then they're warriors, thanes etc. Not common farmers. Edit; I might add though that even warriors should probably have some herd skills if they ever want to distinguish themselves in cattle-raids.
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