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  1. Consider too. That in the environment of Glorantha, 'natural' probably means magical. I mean it may start as a mundane fire but any large power source like a big fire - is going to attract naturally occurring magical entities. Just as disease spirits are attracted to dead bodies (or untreated wounds). I can imaging a big fire growing - getting larger. Then salamanders forming, to 'frolic' in the blaze. Spreading it. Feeding it. Certainly opposing any undines summoned to try to control it. They have short attention spans so left to their own devices, they'll eventually leave when the fun is over - when all the 'food' is gone. But bring undines into the fun and it could become a battle. Not to mention any special interest groups that may rock up to add their 2l to the event.
  2. Expanding on one of my first questions: "Carthalo. He needs to summon the ghost of the slain Greydog women. What skill does he use? I can't see anything obvious listed. He also has 6 points of Daka Fal rune pool but no spells. Any suggestions? He also has Spirit Lore as a skill but no percentage." David Scott suggested Axis Muni. That sounds good. I'll probably go with that when I run it. Reading over the full Daka Fal writeup, I see he also provides Free Ghost (Man, Death). That's another possibility I guess. "Exploring the Ruins page 34 has guidelines for loot." I'd swear that I did a search on the PDF for the word "loot' and only got the table. No idea how I missed that section. Re-reading the Broken Tower i see other things missing. Danakos has 4 rune point in Orlanth Adventurous but no rune spells. Another thing for the errata. Shield and Heal wound might be options. Though I see no reason to assume that he still has all 4 points left available. Related to this. What rune does Shield use? The rune spell description says "Rune varies depending on cult". I don't see anything in the cult description though. The GM pack includes the pre-gen characters from the quickstart. It also adds Nathem. A hunter with a shadowcat. I might use him and add a herd skill to the alynx because driving game toward a hunter in wait, sounds exactly what they might be used for (among other things). That said, I won't let a lack of herding ability be a show stopper. Failure will still get the cattle back - just not as fast or cleanly as the players might like. But then they're warriors, thanes etc. Not common farmers. Edit; I might add though that even warriors should probably have some herd skills if they ever want to distinguish themselves in cattle-raids.
  3. Heyas. I'm hoping to run the Broken Tower scenario soon and am currently trying to get to grips with the scenario. I have a few questions. Where is the player's village? They have apparently been "on the road for a couple of days, riding in pursuit" but the cattle raid occurred fairly close to Clearwine Fort. I Can see the player's tribe and clan but not their village. I mean, I could use the reasoning "You have just returned from escorting the cattle to Sun Dome temple. You aren't needed for the return trip so you've come home again. After a couple of days riding you near home. Now this..." I'd still like to know where they live. Carthalo. He needs to summon the ghost of the slain Greydog women. What skill does he use? I can't see anything obvious listed. He also has 6 points of Daka Fal rune pool but no spells. Any suggestions? He also has Spirit Lore as a skill but no percentage. Loot from the Broken Tower. Players can "keep any treasures they found in the ruins" but I can't see any listed, nor can I see when they might find some. Presumably the loot table has some use here but I'm not sure when or how often they should roll. Ay ideas? The players will need to "Herd" the cattle at some point. I can't see that any have any reasonable amount of herd ability. About 25% at the most. Is that an oversight? There's nothing in the erata that I can see. Give someone a 'bump' in skill maybe? Any ideas?
  4. I'm going to have to write up a sub-cult to cover my favourite interpretation of Humakt. That of a wandering judge. A LawSpeaker. Someone who has the necessary knowledge of Law, precedent and history to pronounce judgement in a dispute - and who has the authority and capability to carry out sentencing. Ties in nicely with the truth aspect.
  5. Looks VERY nice. I'll probably be ordering that as soon as it becomes available. Hey. Given that I'm still waiting for the copy of RQ:G that I ordered back in Sept last year to arrive (waiting for stock to arrive at Aetherworks apparently), would it be possible to 'trade' that order in for credit toward the slipcase set? Otherwise I'm going to end up with 2 copies of RQ:G. Who would I contact to discus that? Edit: Durp. I have an Australia post tracking number that says "delivered". I must be sitting around home here somewhere - all these months. Gota find it now.
  6. Sorry if this has been asked already. SR cost for casting an attack spell while holding a weapon. On pg. 194 it say "Most spirit magic or sorcery spells need at least one hand free. Because of this, 5 additional strike ranks must be added to an adventurer’s normal strike rank for a spell if they are switching from a weapon to the use of a spell in that melee round, so long as one hand remains free. This requirement does not apply to Rune spells. " Does this assume the weapon is being put away? Or just dropped. The wording implies that you have to have your hand free so it's not just mentally changing your mindset from weapon to magic. Would there be an additional 5SR penalty to go back to melee afterwards? Readying the weapon again? I'm not sure what is meant by "so long as one hand remains free". The way it reads the 5SR penalty DOES NOT apply if the hand is not free. Badly worded maybe? Can anyone expand on this?
  7. It occurred to me the other day that i didn't recall any reference to the HQ mechanic of Heroforming - allowing oneself to be possessed by an ancestor spirit or becoming the character. Is anything like this currently in the game - or planned?
  8. Related to this topic. The requirements for being made Thane of Apple Lane are, among other things, being an initiate or better of Orlanth. How would people manage the situation where multiple characters might qualify? Defer to the nominated party leader? Determine who 'best' qualified? Run a contest?
  9. Can I suggest a link to the "Google Sheets Character Creation Workbook" wiki page somewhere prominent on the first page.A13-15 or suchlike. Or a separate help page on the spreadsheet.
  10. Page 106: Vampires. " Vampires are greatly affected by the determined presentation of the Death Rune by one consecrated (initiate or higher) to a Death cult. The Rune causes damage on touch and acts as a focus for a highly effective Disruption spell. Forceful display of the Rune gains the individual a measure of personal protection from vampires and a method of attack also." States that a presented rune causes damage, is a highly effective disruption rune and protects the weilder - but without defining specifically how or how much.
  11. Very nice work. 2 things. At a few points in skill selection you have to select a number of skills to boost by an amount. Without refering to the game manual there's no way to know HOW many skills can be boosted by 25% or 10% etc. The header tells you haw many HAVE been boosted but not the limits. Also - when I used the Cult fill button, it didn't fill in values for Cult lore(deity) +15%, Worship (Deity) +20% 7 Meditate +5% Not sure why. I added them in manually. When doing the family history, a number of event give specific bonuses - +battle% comes to mind. Are these automatically figured in to the total or do we have to add them up separately and add them to the totals manually?
  12. Ok. I've had time to read over the document twice now. The following is taken from the notes I made durring my 2nd read. Note. I've played RQ since the original 2nd ed so sometimes I may be assuming things happen a particular way because of my previous exp. Possibly correctly. Possibly incorrectly. Some of these notes refer to ambiguities where I, and anyone who has played RQ previously, know what was probably meant. But new players might not. Formatting. Sample characters have some inconsistent bolding issues with POW characteristic. Cousin Monkey pg 91, Vostor pg 92, Sorala pg 94. Question. Character creation Step 6 - Cult. pg 73. There doesn't seem to be any option for pure non-cult magic options. Is it correct that all the magic traditions come from a cult group? Even Shamanistic and Sorcery? Is that correct? Going to be expanded on later? Ambiguous. HP loss due to bleeding pg 148. It's not obvious that hit point loss due to bleeding is applied to general HP or location HP. Ambiguous. Characteristic loss due to disease pg 154-155. There's no mention as to whether characteristic loss is permenant (I assume so) or how to get points back - not till you read the rune magic chapter at least. General comment. Some description of what the various images used in the book were would have been nice. GREAT artwork btw. Rules conflict. Shield use. pg 198 - Successful parry. "in most cases a hit to the shield damages the arm". pg 218 - Notes on shield use. "any damage... above what the shield can absorb... is inflicted on the hit location originally rolled" Comment. pg 248 Spell duration - temporal. Could have mentioned the base duration of sorcery spells here. In addition to Rune and Spirit. Formatting. Very minor quibble. Restore Heath is listed AFTER Resurrect - not in alphabetical order. Ambiguous. Fetch POW. pg 355. end of stage 3. "The fetch adds it POW to the shamans in any POW vs POW contest" . Is this ONLY at this stage of the battle or is it perm? It's not listed as a benefit of having a Fetch on pg 356. It IS referred to on pg 360 - Magical Attack. Are there any limits to this. Can the combined POW exceed racial limits? Does the extended POW affect Spirit Combat damage on pg 368? Comment. Heroquesting. This is referred to several times through the document - eg pg 420. But there is no examples or definitions etc. Is this going to be expanded on in a later release?
  13. Ya. You would lose a bit of granularity. I remains to be tested whether the loss of granularity and added bookkeeping etc is worth the simplification. I wanted to go 1-20 for skills to make them match (more closely) the stat range. That pulls stats and skills into basically the same skill envelope.
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