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  1. If your players, like my own, are based in Apple Lane, then they aren't too far away from the Humakti temple of Six Stones in the Sword Vale. There is likely to be an Iron-smith at or near the Temple.
  2. Farong Farosh was an EWF functionary/worshipper who was slain and bound to an item or location, survived (as a bound entity/ghost), the Fall of the EWF and the Dragonkill and waited for centuries until he was 'discovered' or disturbed IIRC, by a 'brain-dead' or soulless adventurer. Farong took this opportunity to inhabit the body and now resides in the village of Tink in the Dragonewt Wildlands. This implies that at least some spirit-bindings survive the death(s) of the creator(s). Now to be fair, that may just be down to the EWF being 'weird mystics' and having Strange Dragon Magic. You
  3. This is true if you're playing a human adventurer. Small shields/Bucklers are a pretty poor choice of shield, by games-mechanics; poor HP total for blocking damage and near useless against missile fire. Durulz, Trollkin and even some of the weaker Green & Brown Elves can't carry even a medium shield, so they're stuck with small shields/Bucklers. Expect many of these to rely much more on dodge, and as dodging is a poorer choice in melee, vs. parrying, this may explain their races reluctance to engage human-sized, or larger opponents in hand-to-hand combat.
  4. Humakti tend to believe that their God killed EVERYONE (God's & Goddesses), before killing himself, so that the assembled deities were present in the Underworld and capable of participating in the 'Great Compromise'.
  5. Whilst the Trickster's-Bond is indeed both a legal and social 'contract', it is also much more. It's a Recreation/Reenactment of Myth/Legend, with the same consequences and benefits (to a lesser degree). "Orlanth did this to Eurmal and saved the World, so We may do this too." - kind of thinking. Never forget the power of belief & MGF! YGWV.
  6. When it comes to the Lunar Empire, I would imagine that there would be similar cults using perfumes. Uleria & Chalanna Arroy for similar reasons to those mentioned previously. Pelorian Earth worshippers will have the same desires/lust-for-life as their southern counterparts in Dragon Pass, with similar usage of perfumes & cosmetics, if not more, given the size of the Empire and it's current decadent attitude & ruler. High status Dara Happans would also use perfumes, for ceremonies or rituals and/or possibly even just to disguise the odours of the 'plebs', such as carrying a s
  7. By any chance was he too small to see over the shop's counter?
  8. Check out Koryvantes web-site for Bronze-Age reproductions of various armour and weapons, including a nasty 'beaked' hammer/war-pick, which looks like it would punch through armour quite easily.
  9. I'm so glad that I bought a copy. This book's awesome! Totally worth it, just for the Dragons' Blood & Medicine Bundles sections, never mind all the sweet plunder contained within.
  10. 'The Law-Staff Heroquest' from the Sartar Companion supplement for Heroquest: Glorantha RPG springs to mind, if you have it available.
  11. There's also an unofficial cult write-up for Doburdun on the 'Brown Book of Zzabur' website, though it's for Heroquest Glorantha, which means it's rules-lite and mostly lord. I'd post a link, but my Google-Fu skills are still at the yellow-belt stage. 🙃
  12. When my players asked what Bronze Age rapiers were, I showed them Achilles' thrusting sword from his fight with Hector in Troy, (Brad Pitt & Eric Bana). Now this may not, technically be a rapier, but it helped define how broadswords (Xiphos & straight-bladed varieties) and rapiers looked in our game.
  13. Griffins & Hippogriffs are Solar/Sky creatures, so they are naturally adept at hovering in place, just as Yelm once sat immobile in the Sky. It's only when you introduce the Winds of the Storm Tribe, with all their disruptive tendencies that Griffins and Hippogriffs struggle to hover effectively.
  14. Even though a Glaive's best suited for Slashing attacks, it still has a 'stabby end'. So it's capable of Impaling your opponent, which could be a useful tactic if diving from on-high with a mind to driving them off their feet.
  15. If you haven't already bought this, what are you waiting for? Even if you have the original 'red-cover' version, the new edition knocks it 'out of the park'. If you're running a game from the Lunar perspective, this book's a must-have!
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