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  1. We'll have less of those quack-pot theories! (No? I'll get my coat...)
  2. I always imagined his 'unusual three-bladed sword' as an African Hunga Munga.
  3. Lower back muscles are also used when drawing a longbow. If you only use your arms and shoulders, it's even more of an effort to draw the string to your ear. Englishmen, during the 14th -15th centuries, were required by law to fire at least 10 arrows at a target roughly the size of a fence-post, from a distance of roughly 100 yards, every sunday. When mustering for military campaigns, if they wished to be an archer and be paid almost as much as a mounted knight or man-at-arms, they had to hit the same sized target at least 10 times in one minute. Failure to achieve this meant that they were equipped with bill-hooks or halberds and used as foot-soldiers/'red-shirts' . This meant that any archers with the English armies, either during the 'Hundred Year War' or 'Wars of the Roses', were deadly with their bows, as they'd been using them from an early age. Just ask us Scots and the French how effective they were! :-D
  4. Yeah, I used a longbow on more than one occassion during my reenactment of the Wars of the Roses. Our bows were limited to a 60lb draw-weight, which is at least half the draw-weight of English 'war' longbows, yet it was a genuine effort to pull that back to your ear and release as I'm not the world's biggest or strongest bloke :-) Getting back to Glorantha, as the Rathori are larger than your 'average' human, I can see many, if not all of them having the necessary arm and lower back strength (or biceps of steel) to utilise longbows
  5. The English/Welsh Longbow was a proven weapon on 15th Century battlefields, yet was never adopted by European countries' armies, who pretty much stuck with 'inferior' crossbows. (I know that our 15th century is in no way similar to Glorantha's 'bronze-age' tech-level/cultures, but this weapon was historically rare outside of England and Wales so I have no problem with it's rarity within Glorantha.)
  6. 'Tales of the Reaching Moon' number 11 was the Pamaltela themed issue if memory serves me right. May be able to pick it up from eBay.
  7. Chaos wants to destroy, defile, murder, corrupt, mutate and all of the other 'negatives' that you can think of. They do it because they are chaotic, not because of any personal choice, but because it is in their nature. They are born that way. It is who/what they are. Chaos is the antithesis of everything that is 'natural/normal' within Glorantha. This is why normal folks are sh*t-scared of Chaos as it messes with their minds and their 'world-view'. Uroxi/Storm Bull worshippers, with all of their anti-social behavior problems are tolerated within Orlanthi society, because they are amongst the few who can reliably stand against them.
  8. I initially thought that as well, but something about the square tower just speaks to me of Nochet. Square tower = earth kinda thinking. (Irrational, I know, but that's just me.) :-)
  9. The Siege of Nochet perhaps? A Lunar Collegiate Magician/Dara Happan Priest of Yelm prepares to fire 'Orogeria's Bow'/'The Sun-Bow of Yelm's Displeasure'.
  10. I'd never noticed that before, but now that you mention it...
  11. Piscoi Mer-men perhaps? Malevolent 'Fish-men' who despise 'air-breathers' seems like a close match.
  12. I can see the Grandmothers having some magical abilities which would be analogous with Voice. Before they were Grandmothers, they would have been Ernaldans, as Asrelia is the 'province' of the older women. As one of Ernalda's aspects is the Earth Queen, surely the power to Command Others would fall within her auspice. Ernalda respects her Mother, so I can see room for an Asrelian 'Voice' as well.
  13. I always felt that the Grandmothers come across as 'Bene Gesserit-like' schemers. The power behind the throne, rather than the visible wielders of authority. Those who live in Esrolia know who the REAL authority figures are, but woe betide foreigners who piss-off the 'little old ladies'!
  14. Another possibility might be that Rathor slept through the Ban as well. (No evidence for this that I know of, but if his people weren't worshipping him through rituals and religious ceremonies, surely this would weaken him in some way.) With their Ancestral Spirit slumbering, they may have been incapable of having children who were Rathori, as their offspring may have had no Bear-spirit within them. This could have led to a dying out of the remaining, awake Rathori, leaving people who were not Rathori, but something 'else'. The 'Not-Rathori' could have become one of the strange groups of people who 'appeared' when the Ban started to lift across Fronela. Without their ancestral ways to guide them through every-day life, their communities may have been riven with kin-strife and other anti-social problems/chaotic acts, which could have ripped their society apart. What came out the other side may have no resemblance to the Rathori culture that they originated from. Those crazy bastards from The Kingdom of War must have come from somewhere! It's possible that some of them may be descended from the 'awake Rathori', who are now something else entirely. Just a thought! :-)
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