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  1. Since I use MYTHRAS/RuneQuest6 Special Effects, I divided my successes into THREE catagories; Special Success = 1/2 Skill (ru) Outstanding Success = 1/10th Skill (ru) Critical Success = Doubles UNDER SKILL (with 00 meaning zero, zero NOT 100). Fumbles = Doubles OVER SKILL I then divide the Special Effects (hereafter SEs) into 3 tiers based on their power to affect a given combat. Under my system, you get ONE SE from a given Success (unlike MYTHRAS where multiple SEs can be earned). Fumbles also generate an SE, which is either picked by the person the fumbler was a
  2. I replaced POW with WILLPOWER and made POW a "derived stat" like HP in my own games. Willpower is a measure of mental strength but bravery is a strange thing. I have met lots of stubborn and willful people who weren't brave at all. I think I'd start with Willpower and then roll another 1D20 and AVERAGE the two (rounding down) for what I'd call a BRAVERY score. This would allow for a person who is stubborn or willful but NOT "mentally tough" if they were to roll low on that 1D20 for their Bravery score. I would then use a system like Twilight2013's Coolness Under Fire rule (herea
  3. I've been using the Mythras ACTION system with everyone getting three ACTIONS. I like how every one takes an ACTION and then you reset. I have every ACTION represent 2 seconds and every round represent 6 seconds. 10 rounds is then 1 minute. I also allow a PC to move 8m (run), 6m (trot), 4m (walk), or 2m (crawl) in addition to a more basic ACTION (like an attack). Movement penalties do apply.
  4. DARPA has a working cannon that does just this. They are using it to direct charged particles (Particle Beam Cannon?).
  5. Some ACTUAL weapons to look at for inspiration. The LRAD: A device that laser-focuses SOUND into a clear beam weapon. The "warble" is around 194 Decibels (just short of a pressure wave) and is intensely painful to those in its beam. This beam is a 10 to 1 ratio (ie at 100m it is 10m across). This device is commonly used for crowd control. The ACTIVE DENIAL SYSTEM: A device that beams an energy wave similar to microwave energy that heats up the surface of anything in the beam. People who are hit by the beam experience an intense "burning sensation"
  6. I base my Persuasion skill's base modifiers on CHA, WILL, and INT. I changed APP to CHA like I stated in my post above. Then I added WILLPOWER in place of POW and made POW a "derived attribute" BASED on that WILLPOWER score. This way, my PCs (and NPCs) can sacrifice POW WITHOUT changing all their skill bonuses in my modded RuneQuest.
  7. Consider this stolen! I can see how this initial test will "influence" any Persuasion Rolls the PCs must make later on. On a successful roll, NO MODIFICATIONS to Persuasion would be made. For my "outstanding success roll" (1/10th of the success chance ru), the PCs will gain a one shift Difficulty bonus (ie a Difficult test becomes Average). IF the PCs roll a Critical Success (Doubles under the chance of success with 00 being zero, zero), they gain two levels of Difficulty Shift (ie Average tasks become Easy tests). Likewise, a failure means they suffer a negative level of Difficulty Sh
  8. Just change it back to Charisma. Charisma is a measure of one's ability to influence others [for good or bad] and doesn't rely solely on "looks." One would be hard-pressed to argue that Winston Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt, or Adolph Hitler were very good looking, BUT YET, they got people to do the things they wanted them to do. I always use Charisma for just this reason.
  9. Since we're onto hero quests now, I might recommend THE NEVER ENDING STORY about a real-world kid who "hero quests" through a magic book to save the mythical world of Fantasia.
  10. It's the only fantasy movie I can think of that is set in the right time period with the right range of cultural levels (primitive, barbarian, & civilized) interacting with each other that isn't also "high fantasy" from a magic use or character action level. If we go "high fantasy," then several options come into play. For some reason Clash of The Titans pops into my mind immediately. The Hero goes on an impossible quest aided by magic from the Gods to change the World. My preference is for the older film though. I've ALWAYS been a fan of Ray Harryhousen's claymation monsters.
  11. Conan is a VERY GOOD movie but I selected the two movies I did based on HOW they depicted the civilizations in them, NOT on their "cinematic value" or how entertaining they are. Sadly, Glorantha is so "unique" that I doubt there is any fantasy movie that can truly represent it. It is a place that would need a movie that was actually written so as to take place in Glorantha.
  12. I agree 100%. I'm just not sure where in Glorantha the Norsemen would represent. I'm not as familiar with areas outside of Dragon Pass, the Lunar Tarsh, and the Prax (Pavis area).
  13. 10,000 BC (the 2008 film) comes closest. Gods of Egypt has the right mix of Human and Divine interaction. One could claim it represents the Holy Country.
  14. I like this but I would count 0 as 10 not zero. So damage would be from 1 to 10 based on the 10's roll. I would also modify this by the weapon type. I would rate weapons (and you could do this with STR bonuses too) from 0 (for small knives and light clubs) to 4 (for the heaviest axes and hammers). This number would ADD to the 10's roll resulting in a potential damage of from 1 to 14. Since the Weapon's Damage Modifier is fixed, it would greatly simplify the attack roll while giving a "minimum floor" for heavier weapon types. You could also use the same system for determining how mu
  15. In my game, I do NOT allow Divination to occur for more than giving a glimpse at a currently occurring situation or location or to see past events in order to find clues to a present mystery. Why? Because of the Great Compromise that created Time. By creating Time, the Gods insured that the future is NOT SET! Because the future can be changed by someone's actions, you CANNOT SEE IT as it has NOT happened yet! Divination CAN show you things occurring NOW or that have occurred in the past (when Time becomes "set" and is then "fixed" for posterity... another element of The Great Compromise t
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