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  1. Well, if that's the case, I'm going back to the last "first printing" PDF I've got, since it has all the bookmarks
  2. I've downloaded the new PDF, and I have to admit, I'm a bit disappointed that most of the bookmarks are gone. I frequently used them to jump around in the book, actually wished there were more.
  3. I've always ruled that the Steal Breath spell targets a volume of AIR, not a person. So, no need for a POW vs. POW roll. On the other hand, that also means that anyone that happens to be standing in that volume of air just has to move out of it to avoid suffocation.
  4. There is a good character sheet. To see it, you have to be in a game that is using it. At least, that's the only way I know to do it. So, the easiest way is to just create a game of your own, and, in the "Optional, Choose a character sheet" drop down list, choose RuneQuest Glorantha. If you don't want to create a game, I've got one that I use for one-shots that is currently inactive. Send me a PM with your email, and I'll invite you to it, and assign an existing character to you
  5. I like the idea, but do think it needs some tweeking Definitely think the chance to cast should be the users skill with the spell, not POWx5. But also think that the user should get the +20%. In a sense, you're not "casting" the spell when you use the amulet, you're releasing it, and using your skill to control how the intensity is split between strength, duration, and range, and targeting the spell. I think the creation of the amulet(using that term instead of matrix. A different name leads to less confusion about what we're talking about ) is both too expensive and not expensive
  6. I'm thinking of using this scenario in my game, but I'm having some trouble with part of it. SPOILERS!!!!! Mainly, not sure how to deal with the communication between the party and Eyes-Shut-Ears-Open. None of the party have any skill in Auld Wyrmish. I could just give Eyes-Shut-Ears-Open a minor skill in TradeTalk, but not sure about that. The scenario notes that he "needs only three final students" to complete his task, and move on to his next iteration. That implies to me that he has probably had prior students, so why has he not alread
  7. I'm confused by this, because there is a character sheet, that does quite a bit of automation, available on Roll20. I understand about the Compendium issue, just not the Character sheet with automation. As for a Compendium, it is available for Call of Cthulu on Roll20, so, it would seem that there is at least a possibility for RuneQuest, although the player base may not( probably is not ) large enough at the moment
  8. Marc

    Dear Chaosium,

    Yes! A map without a scale isn't a map, it's a picture
  9. I've set up another one-shot on Roll20. Here's the link for the LFG page: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/188083/runequest-rig-oneshot
  10. I'd like to give it a try. I can commit to at least six months, probably a year. Even if I decide that PbP is not for me, I'll finish out any scenario we've got started. Who knows, after I give it a try I may be willing to run one of my own.
  11. If you're using Roll20, and have platform issues/questions, I'd be happy to try to help.
  12. I don't have access to that. I wonder if it would be a Good Idea for Chaosium to set up a Discord server for the Cult of Chaos? I think I'll suggest that to Todd.
  13. I plan on doing another one, probably September/October timeframe
  14. Hmm. I'm on the RuneQuest & Glorantha server on discord, but I'm not seeing any maps. Probably looking in the wrong place. I have signed up for Cult of Chaos, that's when I started running one-shots on Roll20 I'll be looking for the JC stuff.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    This file describes how to setup and use the RuneQuest:Roleplaying in Glorantha character sheet that is available on Roll20. Feedback is appreciated
  16. Honestly, I don't think most of what I've done is good enough that folks would pay for it. I certainly can put the help file I created in the D/L section, but most of my maps are pretty crude. They work, but if I'd paid for them, I'd be really annoyed.
  17. I've enjoyed playing RQG on Roll20. I've run 2 one-shots, I've got an ongoing campaign I'm running, and am playing in another. If by abrupt response you mean negative, I don't agree. I've found the sheet to make many things really easy. For example, you can set it up so that in combat, one click on a button, and it rolls your chance to hit, evaluates the result, rolls damage based on a normal, special or critical success( whatever you got ), and rolls hit location. It's not perfect, but since it was created by a volunteer, I'm not going to complain. Of course, it does require that the
  18. Some of us live in the middle of freaking nowhere, and have crap internet. Video is no good if you don't have the bandwidth for it.
  19. Marc

    New Stuff!!!

    If you're using Windows 10, use the snipping tool( search for snipping to find it ). That's how I have copied out maps from PDF's to Roll20. Also, since the snipping tool is just grabbing what's on your screen, it works for any file that you can display, not just PDF's( Although, that's what I use it for the most )
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. I'm curious about the design rationale behind the rules for skills over 100%. My initial reaction when I read those was "I don't like this", without a conscious reason why. As I've used them( both as player and GM ), I find I like them less. More complicated. You have to keep reminding each other of how much your skill is over 100%. You also lose the better chances for criticals and specials, which can be important when fighting heavily armored opponents ( Broo with chaotic trait of +9 skin, for example ). I'm strongly leaning to a house rule in games I GM to get rid of that, and your be
  22. In the Summary of Combat Results sidebar, page 200.
  23. I'm not sure there is any way to share anything on Roll20. If you have a Pro level subscription, you can use( I believe ) the Transmorgiphier(sp?) to transfer stuff between games you have set up, but, other than creating something in the Marketplace, I don't know of any way to share maps, etc. FWIW, I'm thinking about doing a couple of video tutorials on the character sheet, one on setting it up, and one on using it. Still in the planning stage.
  24. Actually, if you look on the Skills page of the character sheet, you will see a Luck Rune next to each Skill Category bonus. When you click on that, a dialog box opens, asking for the current skill percentage of the skill you are checking. When you click on submit, it does the experience check roll.
  25. I'll put in another vote for roll20.net. I've been running a game there for over a year now, and have had good results. The RQG character sheet there is very helpful. Here's a link to a short help file I put together for it: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10xGE1V_Mkd_WCUrW5LumAm0tJS6evfgC It is still a work in progress, so any feedback is appreciated.
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