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  1. We all seem to have differing needs, but IMHO, if RQG is not to suffer the “lack of playable content” trap which has killed RQ and over the past decades has seriously damaged other RPGs, the publishing schedule should be about 3 campaign/scenarios publications for every 1 cult/god/ rules addendum publications.
  2. First choice was campaign material, 2nd choice would be easy to insert scenarios. If one does not want to/have time to write scenarios, all the cult books, and rule addendums are useless, as there is nothing to use them on! Lack of playable campaigns and scenarios was certainly why I and our RQ Group ceased playing RQ back in the RQ2/3 days. Borderlands/ Griffin Mountain, Pavis etc were all excellent, just too few and far between to support a regular weekly RQ group. i confess that I hope that any HeroQuest rules can operate as stand alone, as I was was not interested in that concept
  3. Sadly, they have. I wish for them to succeed and I really want to give them my money. I also don’t want them give me freebies to make me happy! However, consider any other company that gives you product information which directs your product purchases, and then they say “oops, to bad so sad, we can’t do what we promised. Oh well, not our fault, it’s a contractor beyond our control. If you give us a little more money we’re willing to give you something extra.” So, yes, disappointed that they didn’t think this through, that they are behaving like a large monopolistic company, and seem to
  4. Who knows, maybe I will be able to do some deal with you. I am presently trying to deal with Chaosium direct. I already have two full paid up hard copies, one being leatherette, so, as you may imagine, a third does me no favours. There are other ways Chaosium can handle this hiccup, and I am waiting to see if they will resolve this like the upstanding people they are. If not, maybe you can have all my RQ stuff😞
  5. If I understand this e-mail correctly, then I am very upset with Chaosium. I feel I have been subject to a “bait and switch”. I own a PDF rules, a leatherette rules and a regular hard copy rules. i have PDF Bestiary and PDF GM Pack. For this release I was going to add the hard copy Bestiary and GM pack and an empty slipcase to put my 3 hard copies in. I feel that Chaosium has long stated that we could buy the empty slipcase later, and are now reneging on that deal. Are we to be punished for trying to support Chaosium early, and purchasing items singly? Too awkward to ship is a disgu
  6. On first run through....this looks excellent and just what is needed to accompany the release of the hard copy rules. Of course, that being said, I cannot open the adventures until our GM has decided if he will run them! I suspect I will love it.
  7. I seriously hope they are being e-mailed immediately. Having waited sooooo long for the paper copy, I hope no one is saying I have to wait two more weeks for a coupon to arrive?
  8. I have skewed the stats....If I could get a local tabletop game going....lots of figs and painting! As Roll20 is my only current playing option... not so much😞
  9. Mac

    RQG print copy?

    Must say, with the reports from a while ago that the US container ship is docked in LA....I am beginning to wonder if customs is dragging their heels due to Drumf’s trade war with China??
  10. How about : “RQG is D&D for adults”. Flame me now🙀
  11. Mac

    RQG print copy?

    True: I’d rather “fully” pay now and speed the process.
  12. Mac

    RQG print copy?

    Must say I would be very happy to order and prepay my hardcopy right now. That way it can be turned around and put in the mail to me as soon as it is unpacked!
  13. Mac

    RQG print copy?

    On a slow boat from China, literally!
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