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    10 years GM at RQ2, some Traveller and Cthulhu play. Stopped RPG as RQ devolved. No RPG for 20 years, only a variety of Boardgame and World of Warcraft. Now fired up about the return of a usable RQ
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  1. Mac

    Apple Lane stats conversion

    If true- wish they’d hurry before we spend hours reinventing it🙄
  2. Mac

    Splitting the RQ Fourms

    Not that we are voting, but if we were, I would like all things RQ and Glorantha to be in one forum.
  3. Mac

    1980s RQ Soloquest

    In the mail to ajs! The Thread is dead!
  4. Mac

    Available short scenarios for RQG?

    Having pondered this for some weeks, I totally agree with you. While I feel that the Broken Tower is excellent, it feels like it might still be too much for players who don’t even have a concept of RPGs. The Orlanthi Initiation allows a new player to start at 16 ( quicker creation without all the history), and then immediately have some very simple rules play ( some simple melee principles, orating, opposed roles etc). Hopefully, by the end of that the newbies are interested enough to want to help Gringle. After 30 years - Apple Lane here I come. Let’s hope I’m correct!
  5. Mac

    1980s RQ Soloquest

    ajs wins! Send me your details : macandjac60@gmail.com and I wil get them to you.
  6. Mac

    1980s RQ Soloquest

    That has been my philosophy for the past 30 years and about now it seems to be paying off. However, something has to give and make way for all this new material!
  7. Mac

    1980s RQ Soloquest

    While cleaning out my very old RQ stuff, I found copies of Alan LaVergne’s RQ soloquests from the ‘80s; Soloquest ( 3 adventures) , Scorpions Hall; The Snow Kings Bride. I didn’t use them back in the day, and won’t now. Before I recycle them thought I’d see if anyone wants them?
  8. Mac

    Apple Lane stats conversion

    Thanks - are you referring to the conversion info at the end of th RQG book or am I missing a specific resource?
  9. Mac

    RuneQuest wiki?

  10. I have not run an RQ game for 25 years, but am really pumped to try to build an RQ group in my rural neighbourhood. Having followed the forums and FB Threads regarding scenarios for total newbies, I have decided the 3 scenarios in my tattered and torn Apple Lane edition are still the best way to introduce total system newbies ( not to mention reintegrating my wife and I). So, before I waste hours and hours........has anyone out there converted Apple Lane stats yet?????.....Pretty please
  11. Really interested in this thread. I too live in a rural area in Canada, so may have problems finding players ( although there is a games store in town) so I maybe lucky. It will take me a few more weeks setting up and searching, but I would not be surprised to find my wife and I back here looking fir a game! I had assumed I would just use Skype, but now I can check out these sites. Thanks.
  12. Mac


    ME TOO! I GMd RQ from 1982-1993. We were hardcore, but all family type/ working stiffs. While we did not enjoy the devolution of RQ products, the sole biggest factor to us all going away was the lack of playable campaign packs. Big Rubble/Borderlands/ Griffin Mountain were / are excellent. We were able to spin them into many extra hours of play getting 1000% extra from each pack. Once we had exhausted all the published scenarios, it got to be so much work, burnout set in, and here I sit not having played for 25 years. Most long term members on this forum have continued playing over the years. This implies to me they have time and skills for scenario design. Seems to me that to regrow RQ lots of newbies and returning players are needed. If you do not come out with a reasonable amount of scenarios quickly current momentum will be lost. I have the PDF rules and the starter pack ( one nice scenario ! ) and I am hot to trot. I am using the material to get comfortable with character generation. However, until I have my paper rules book and more scenarios, I am loath to go looking for more players. Hopefully I can maintain my enthusiasm long enough for some decent campaign packs to arrive. I feel that RQs reinvention needs this to be addressed very rapidly. It’s more important than GM screens, bestiary or area/race packs.
  13. Mac

    RQG Preview - more of the Bestiary

    Love it. The quicker support material arrives, the better the game will spread!
  14. Mac

    RQG: Reviews Thread

    I have no real issues with it but I would really recommend Chaosium to put most of its energy into Glorantha material, and not just new versions of old settings but also completely new material. Chaosium is the only company that can do this. RQ Fantasy Earth can be good in the future but I would prefer that the "old hands" prioritize Glorantha. TDM has released some outstanding Fantasy Earth material for Mythras (formerly known as RQ6) so I dont really see the need for this. IMHO Mythras is a great system for historical settings even if I of course will use RQG for Glorantha.” There were a variety of reasons l/ we stopped playing RQ 30 years ago. One big one was the lack of support scenarios. While the Big Rubble and Borderlands are top line, other systems provided many more ready made scenarios. Working stiffs do not always have time or ability to design from scratch. All this to say I hope Chaosium focuses enough on RQG for it not to loose momentum