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  1. On first run through....this looks excellent and just what is needed to accompany the release of the hard copy rules. Of course, that being said, I cannot open the adventures until our GM has decided if he will run them! I suspect I will love it.
  2. I seriously hope they are being e-mailed immediately. Having waited sooooo long for the paper copy, I hope no one is saying I have to wait two more weeks for a coupon to arrive?
  3. Mac

    Do you use figures in RQ Poll

    I have skewed the stats....If I could get a local tabletop game going....lots of figs and painting! As Roll20 is my only current playing option... not so much😞
  4. Mac

    RQG print copy?

    Must say, with the reports from a while ago that the US container ship is docked in LA....I am beginning to wonder if customs is dragging their heels due to Drumf’s trade war with China??
  5. Mac

    RQG print copy?

    Fingers drumming.
  6. Mac

    RQ vs D&D

    How about : “RQG is D&D for adults”. Flame me now🙀
  7. Mac

    RQG print copy?

    True: I’d rather “fully” pay now and speed the process.
  8. Mac

    RQG print copy?

    Must say I would be very happy to order and prepay my hardcopy right now. That way it can be turned around and put in the mail to me as soon as it is unpacked!
  9. Mac

    RQG print copy?

    On a slow boat from China, literally!
  10. Mac

    Copies of RQG at Gen Con

    What about ME! When can I have one. A new form of discrimination enters the world....GenCon Discrimination 🤣
  11. Only skimmed it so far, but liking it a lot, and I love all the non human player options.
  12. Mac

    Bestiary and GM Pack

    Just checking that you realize that the core rules are already available at the Chaosium site. Only purchasable as a PDF at present, but it works fine and looks good. Hard copy due in a few weeks with the PDF price deductible from the Hard Copy price. No need to delay your fun!
  13. Mac

    Bestiary and GM Pack

    If I may be so bold as to offer an opinion: if you have all new players and a new GM: Roll up all starting Adventurers as 16 years old. That way, the players can only expect world knowledge of about a 50 km radius. By doing this, new players and GMs have a chance to move into the world slowly and learn about Glorantha together. If the “ripples”move out slowly, it should be easier for you to stay one week of background ahead of the players and hopefully it will be less daunting for all.
  14. Mac

    Families in Runequest

    IMHO you made the correct choice. Add to that the sidebars that suggest quicker/ less involved development, and its not rocket science to shorten the process