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  1. Zozotroll

    Question for GMs: enchantment question

    Womble yu have at least convinced me. Anybody asks in my game the answer is no, it doesnt work that way.
  2. Zozotroll

    Question for GMs: enchantment question

    My question is always, does it make the game fun for the group, without me having to retool everything? If yes, then let it in. If no, then dont. Just get even with them later with something like(one of my favorite) a vampiric mosquito
  3. Zozotroll

    <RQ:G> Casting Shield on body, equipment, or both?

    I got RQ as soon as the 1st copy got to Spokane. Always been my favorite game and setting. And yes I am a much different gamer these days. Much more sober if nothing else. Some of the things I was interested in exploring in a game are no longer that big a thing anymore. ad things I wasnt interested in are now more interesting. But it is still RQ and Glorantha
  4. Zozotroll

    <RQ:G> Casting Shield on body, equipment, or both?

    Indeed I agree. Saying No once early on is much better than having to say it again and again. I much prefer to say yes as much as I can.
  5. Zozotroll

    Capping Battle Magic like RQ2

    Well, they are not going to face the Bat with BS3 twice for sure. Over the years I have used a number of cap schemes, and now I just dont worry about it. And that has not been a problem yet
  6. Zozotroll

    <RQ:G> Casting Shield on body, equipment, or both?

    I am a bit more user friendly, I let it protect all of you. Of course, that goes for bad guys as well. Probably wrong, but it works for us.
  7. Zozotroll

    Movement Rate

    It is his disposition that would be sour.
  8. Zozotroll

    Movement Rate

    Would that make you a mantaur instead of a centaur?
  9. Zozotroll

    Movement Rate

    What armor makes a huge difference. My cavalry greaves cut my speed way down. The same weight of whatever on my shoulders made little difference. But how much is it worth to work it out? When I was 19 and had no life, I liked tractics. Now I dont think I could find an opponent even if I could find a copy of the rules. My group plays on a small table, so ranges are short to start with. The players felt movement was a little slow, so they mostly got the spell mobility. If they had not I may well have up movement a bit anyway. I want sword swingers to dominate, not bowmen
  10. Zozotroll

    Movement Rate

    Womble if things where really going to eat them I bet formation would be more up front in their mind. Physical conditioning plays a huge part. And it does you very little good to sprint up to a fight, only to arrive to out of breath to really fight. So, in general I am in favor of relatively low speeds.But, there should be a lot more individual variation than there is. But, in the end, does it make any difference enjoyment of play? Wii my group be happier if we get exact calculatios of speed based on a lot of different things? for me at least, I dont think so
  11. Zozotroll

    Movement Rate

    How fast do you run in armor? I have done it, but I dont think I have ever been timed at it. I once chase a witch in a full length skirt when I was wear full chain, heavy greaves and a full size roman cavalry shield through a field of waist high grass. I bet we did not get much if any over 5 mph. In the Army I was the pace setter to hit 15 minute miles, and I did a lot of them, so I have a good idea of what 4 MPH is. I just dont know how fast you can waddle in full armor carrying a pack. Not very is my opinion.
  12. Zozotroll

    Tips for new Glorantha GMs

    Think on this. If you decided to play a game in ancient Rome, you would not expect your players to go get a masters in Roman history. So dont expect them or yourself to get a degree in Gloranthan history. I majored i The Napoleonic era, and I probably know almost as much about Glorantha, but they dont give degrees in that. This is supposed to be fun, dont make it a chore. If you get something wrong, just explain when you find it, laugh and move on.
  13. Zozotroll

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    But they dont need to be aware of this particular sword swinger. They just need to have heard of Humakt, and know what his runes look like. There are storys all over the place about those nasty humorless sword trancers. and have a plan deal with them. Just like they have a plan to deal with ZZ great trolls, or crazy assed Stormbullys. If they dont have a plan, they are likely already in the stew pot. This is supposed to be a real functioning world. With magic everywhere. These are not strange almost legendary ability's, they are the normal way these cults deal with enemys. I mean, your uncle sorg was a humatki, he told us all storys about what it is like to broobash whole trancing. And your crazy cousin came to visit that one time and brought his Zorak Zoran buddy, and remember how they kicked the shit out of that bars when they said "we dont serve your kind here". Which may have been true, but still a remarkably stupid thing to say to a couple of half drunk Berzerkers. And they didnt serve anybody at all after the throw the bar out in the street. Maybe my group just plays different, but no matter what game or who is GMing, we expect the opposition to react within thier capabilitys. Which certainly means having somethig to deal with really killer things like sword trance. Maybe he pops trance with only 2mp, let the dismiss blow it down, then pop it again. Nature of the beast. Move counter move, action reaction. And my group is not going to be butthurt because somebody figured out a way to handle their pet super zap. They are going to heal up, and try and come up with a new way to do things. Its called tactics.
  14. Zozotroll

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    I suck at ax, I am not big enough. But the figure 8 can work unless some butthead like me sticks a big shield in the way and your partner thumps him on the head at the same time.
  15. Zozotroll

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    The whole trance thing keeps it from being broken. If you actually enforce that, nobody is going to extend it for a season. You will die of dehydration if nothing else. I do not at all see it as broken. Lots of things can be unbalancing if the DM doesnt enforce the downsides with the upsides