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  1. Zozotroll


    I dont think I have ever seen anybody even have it in their inventory. Much less use it.
  2. Zozotroll

    Missing weapons

    I remember a book showing bronze swords that had pulled apart at the hilt from being used to slash instead of thrusting. That was back when I was still in College, so many decades ago, and I dont remember the book title. Clearly somebody else had found a monster that needed slashing. I guess the name threw me, I just have a hard time with a fat rapier.
  3. Zozotroll

    Missing weapons

    Certainly. I was just interested in the process that let in a rapier but dropped the bastard sword.
  4. Zozotroll

    /s Greg Stafford, 1948-2018

    Very Sad, we have lost a Titan
  5. Zozotroll

    No love for crushing?

    Probably, which really makes that a poor choice for a small PC
  6. Zozotroll

    Missing weapons

    That is a good idea, need to steal that one. I did a paper in college on curve vs straight. But it was for a class on Napoleon, and it is hard to beat "No sabering! Give point!"
  7. Zozotroll

    Missing weapons

    I hope to learn something, not make more waves. I understand the Halbard i a midevil weapon, so it doesnt belong in Glorantha. But what about the pole axe? Or the bastard sword? And by pole axe I dont mean the middle ages polearm, but very long axes, such as the dane axe. Admitted it is a bit later than bronze, but is in the early iron age. Now we might be OK losing those, only we keep the, great sword, and the rapier. I thought that with bronze there where no great swords. And I am sure no bronze rapiers. Yes I know my game play it the way I want. No problem with that, I will add Martini-Henrys if I think the the game will be better for it. But I would like both the thought behind it, and maybe some history I dont know. Many thanks for any imparted wisdom or knowledge.
  8. Zozotroll

    No love for crushing?

    to this day, the knuckles on my left hand are bigger than my right due to being broken in the SCA. I took a shot right over the grip of my shield. Of course my opponent was 6'6" and about 350 LB( dark troll anyone?) so it was a very hard shot. Mass weapons in the hands of a large opponent are a bitch to fight
  9. Zozotroll

    No love for crushing?

    Why do we believe in ringmail? Is this another Victorian crock of shit that got passed down t us?
  10. Zozotroll

    So many errors and contradictions

    Is this a great book? Yes it is. Are there problems? Yep, lots them. Can I fix them? Sure can. Often on the fly. would I like a cleaned up version? MAybe, rather have GoG and troll pack myself
  11. Zozotroll

    No love for crushing?

    And what is wrong with dangerous trolls?😁 I dont see the differences as a bug, but a feature. There are real differences, so a choice becomes a real choice. I am 5'7", never going to make it in the NBA. So need t make different choices.
  12. Zozotroll

    Reskinning Cults

    Orange sauce for the duck 1000 island for the elf. I would bet many of us had that happen.
  13. Zozotroll

    Damage >= Double the Location's HP

    With you on that. I have played any number of things wrong. Some, even because when we realize we where wrong, we had came to like it anyway, and kept on being wrong. But I do like realize the errors of my ways
  14. Zozotroll

    Path of the Damned SPECIAL OFFER