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  1. My understanding, and how I use it is anytime we dont play out a combat, we use the battle skill. Quick and painless. Anything we actually play out, use the results of that
  2. Can we argue about how many pins we can stick n the head of an angel?
  3. Playing 1st d AD&D right now, no crits or fumbles.
  4. Jumping right on it , it would seem.....
  5. Zozotroll


    Pretty sure it just absorbed any rune magic you had, it did nothing to anything else.
  6. I have a Greg sig on an Avalon Hill product. I think those things fall apart just sitting o the shelf.
  7. I never noticed the longer time in RQ3 either, even though I have played a lot of it. And I dont ever remember anybody running put of a spell. Combat has never made it to the end of 2 minutes much less 5.
  8. And Matrix is a very cool store. I didnt order through them as I didnt think they where going to carry it.
  9. where do you know that will carry RQG?
  10. Any even vague idea when we can see this masterpiece? Rabid minds want to know
  11. They dont like to disappoint, so we dont hear until something is about to be released. Considering how rabid some (like me) get I understand why
  12. I dont like grids or hexes, just use rulers.
  13. Simple and straight forward. Kyger litor initiate with good spirit combat casts soul attack at the best melee PC. This locks them into a spirit combat they probably cant win, or even survive very long. My party has one of these and they use it regularly. It was a first time rqer that came up with it for this party. He carefully read all of his spells ad relized this was probably going to be hard to stop
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