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  1. It's actually the terminology of the Pagan Graeco-Roman Antiquity, FWIW Young Earth Creationism is an invention of the late 19th Century ... More Glorantha-wise, you're describing quite well the processing of the differentiations of Life back in the Godtime
  2. Julian Lord

    Not sure how I feel...

    Well just house-rule it then, into something comfortable for you !!
  3. Julian Lord

    RuneQuest chat at The Kraken con 2018

    "and ended up talking about Pendragon with Regis Pannier" heh -- old player in my Parisian campaign, introduced him to RuneQuest back in the day ... Nice to know he's still at it !!!
  4. Julian Lord

    Not sure how I feel...

    Community extends far beyond those limits, it's everyone in your public, local life who considers you as "one of us"
  5. Julian Lord

    Not sure how I feel...

    But the Italian plural is "scenar(i)i" ...
  6. Julian Lord

    Chalana Arroy's Mirror

    I agree with Joerg, sounds like a Harmony Rune Power, but I'd add that it sounds a lot like an Infinity Rune Power at the same time. Don't agree with soltakss in his suggestion that it's a magic item, though certainly one could try as a HeroQuester to make just such an item for use in the world. Fundamentally, I'd regard this as Chalana Arroy as being herself the Mirror, and BTW that would be consistent with the more alchemical aspects of her healing power. In that respect, she can manifest as the healthy imago of an unhealthy creature. I do nevertheless agree that this could, locally, be "a Magic Item Subcult of Chalana Arroy in some places".
  7. Julian Lord

    Tell me of Sheng Seleris

    A Failed Mystic hasn't just abandoned Mysticism, but he has actively rejected it. Also, "Enlightenment" is but one form of Mystical Perception & Presence.
  8. Julian Lord

    Not sure how I feel...

    That is IMO a misapprehension -- IRL, people living in conditions similar to Gloranthan Clan life always consider family not just first, but also different from the Community. Besides, the basic point of contention persists -- you describe the attitude of a rat-racing workaholic. Probably a good model for a Mostali daily regimen, certainly not for an Orlanthi, intrinsically viewing such rigidity as being alien to his religion.
  9. Julian Lord

    Not sure how I feel...

    These sorts of things are detailed in long-form cult write-ups, of which no official RQG ones have been released.
  10. Julian Lord

    Not sure how I feel...

    So, where do you fit in your 8 hours family ? It's always possible of course to create a PC as a workaholic, but it would be unreasonable to view such behaviour as being consequence-free ...
  11. Julian Lord

    Not sure how I feel...

    It probably is, actually -- but I think Christianity in RQG terms would probably be best described by some non-extant Mysticism rules, and would be quite poorly depicted through Rune Magic (God's Runes : All of Them). If I were to make a technical rules point about this though, in the Judaism of Antiquity the Temple was somewhere, whereas in Christianity the Temple is Everywhere. Jews had to visit the Godhead at the Temple (or at the Ark in the Tabernacle) ; Christians do not (though the practice remains in pilgrimages, and particularly foot pilgrimages). Some Religions like Christianity and Buddhism might exist in Fourth Age Glorantha, but unless and until they do, Jeff is 100% right -- you need to visit the Godhead at the Temple.
  12. Yeah, I agree with OP, and I think I've basically always visualised the Praxian/Wastelands Bison as being most like the prehistoric European one depicted in cave paintings, so therefore that steppe Bison.
  13. Julian Lord

    Not sure how I feel...

    There's nothing to prevent that in RQG. P. 415 "At the end of each season, each player can make an experience roll for each check on the adventurer sheet. If more than one adventure occurs during a season, the gamemaster may allow experience rolls after each adventure."
  14. Julian Lord

    Tell me of Sheng Seleris

    I stand afar from it.
  15. Julian Lord

    Tell me of Sheng Seleris

    He's a very powerful but failed Mystic, so that he would be difficult to portray in RQG (under current rules) if you're using that game. I'd probably portray him as an absolutist fanatic, as most charismatic failed mystics are in the RW. Take your pick from examples in History, I really do want to avoid getting political. But Anakin's chilling "you're either with me, or you're against me" to Obi-Wan in Revenge of the Sith is well indicative of what failed mysticism does to a person.