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  1. Julian Lord

    Cult List

    Yes. All of such lists are woefully incomplete ...
  2. Julian Lord

    best cults for Alchemists

    I agree -- I've always seen it as an Inner World magic, a type of magic has been alluded to in some older supplements, where the magician treats the Inner World much as most magicians treat the otherworlds. Healing through Alchemy, which in Glorantha IMO would almost certainly incorporate herbalism, would thus be the magical knowledge of how to bring the bodies of the sick and the injured to heal themselves from their own individually magical nature and powers.
  3. Julian Lord

    best cults for Alchemists

    Most traditional Western alchemy was too, until about the 16th and 17th Centuries when at the same time Alchemy shifted towards mysticism, whilst Chemistry started its disengagement from it. Certainly most European Mediaeval alchemists were primarily concerned with what today we'd call chemistry, herbalism, and pharmaceutics.
  4. Julian Lord

    best cults for Alchemists

    eh, this has long been seen as a blind spot in Glorantha by French RQ/HW/HQ players ... Having said that, Alchemy as such belongs to the Mostali. OTOH Alchemy historically in RW has mainly been associated with balance and healing, rather than with any trite nor auriferous chemistry ... The Arroin non-Rune-cult-and-no-magic-either anyway has some knowledge of it.
  5. Julian Lord

    Orlanth pet in Umathela

    IIRC, alynxes are about the same size range as the Eurasian lynx. The Eurasian lynx is about wolf-size. The Iberian and American* lynxes are smaller than as the alynx is described in the literature, and the bobcat and the Canadian lynx are even smaller, but for all I know, there might be some local alynx species in Genertela that are also that small ... though not the alynxes found in Sartar. (*) When I say "American lynx", I'm referring mostly to the fact that southerly habitat Canadian lynxes within heartland USA tend to be bigger than their Northern cousins. Took me a **while** to remember why I was referring to them as if separate from the Canadian !!!
  6. Julian Lord

    orlanthi cults in Umathela

    Because the Umathings were originally Manirians, where the Heler cult is more important than in Sartar (even climate-wise, as the Heler winds originate from that region and are dominant there through much of the year) and because during the time of their migration, there remained an actual remnant of the ancient Helering people (who were a tribe of Orlanthi separate from but related to the Theyalans) among them. There might or there might not remain in Umathela some families or even some clans that still consider themselves to be Helerings, but about that I just don't know, except that the Helerings have all but disappeared by the end of the Third Age, except from myth and memory. As for the Monsoon, I wouldn't call it the origin of Heler worship there (which would be Manirian), but rather as a reason why it remains lively even 1000 years after the migration. Certainly, the local Heler cult would have monsoon magic. I won't burden you with any 90%+ irrelevant arcana ... As for herd animals, Guide to Glorantha has : The Orlanthi of the interior are mixed farming-pastoralists. They raise sheep, cattle, and pigs, and grow apples, barley, beans, grapes, millet, peas, and wheat. Hunting and fishing are more important sources of food than for most other Orlanthi cultures. Indeed, the Orik tribe is primarily hunter-gatherer. Timber is an important source of wealth, but in most regions trees can only be cut down with the permission of the local Aldryami. I'm suggesting it's mostly sheep, as this isn't just normal among the Orlanthi, but in practice you'll pretty much always end up with more sheep than cattle and swine if you farm all three. (though FWIW, I have written rather unofficially about pig goddess worship in Maniria, where the geography is commonly less suitable to sheep or cattle farming than in Dragon Pass ... 😋 )
  7. Julian Lord

    orlanthi cults in Umathela

    Unless this has changed since the publication of the Thunder Rebels/Storm Tribe/Barbarian Adventures trilogy, one big difference should be that Heler is a more important god in Umathela than in Dragon Pass. Another, is that the Umath myths and rites could very well be more prominent among the Umathings than among the Genertelan Orlanthi. The Orlanthi of the region anyway are mostly sheep farmers who migrated there from Maniria before it was broken and invaded, so their religion should be similar to the Manirian cults of the more isolated uncompromising inland clans, but without the strong Esrolian influences that are found in Third Age Maniria. So I'd say similar to the Sartar cults, but without the specifically Dragon Pass ones, larger numbers of Heler worshippers, and somewhat different Ernalda and Esrola subcults and their seasonal agricultural rites. And there are probably also some minor or hero cults involving local relationships with the aldryami, some of which could be of Manirian origin (where some similar relationships exist), whilst others might be original to Umathela. Their warriors are probably a bit more violently-minded than the Sartarite ones, from the Umath influence, which in turn would colour the local cults. OTOH there would be no worship at all, not even propitiatory, of Valind or any of his children and subcults ; there might instead be a local evil heat/fire deity, strong in Fire Season, that some might worship in secret. Personally, I'd avoid the HW/HQ era weird cult names that were made for various unofficial publications, and just keep the standard cult names -- the migration to Umathela occurred within History, so it would seem hard IMO to justify any truly radical differences ; though of course YGWV There might be some blue-skinned Orlanthi families or individuals there BTW, but I'm very uncertain about that, and quite unsure what influence this would have on the religion.
  8. Julian Lord

    Orlanth pet in Umathela

    According to one website, they have dogs (supposedly similar to the RW Catahoula Leopard Dog)
  9. Julian Lord

    GM Reference Booklet Printout Driving Me Crazy

    If all else fails, you could try getting it printed up for you at a photocopy shop ...
  10. Julian Lord

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    The Tribe is gathering.
  11. Julian Lord

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    And that's a bullseye. Thank you Greg, thank you Sandy, thank you Phil for that link.
  12. Julian Lord

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    Greg Stafford is a Giant and a Legend, and his work lives on.
  13. Julian Lord

    Who's the Orlanthi deity of...

  14. Julian Lord

    Kolating shamanism and RQG

    Yes, but in the HeroQuest rules that were being referred to in the "any and all Orlanthi can fly" claim, only those having achieved a meaningful status in the "right" subcult could do so as a matter of course. I warmly agree with the rest of your statement 😄
  15. Julian Lord

    So many errors and contradictions

    Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose ...