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  1. Actually plausible as a late 4th Age Myth ...
  2. My dumbest theory ever was that people in Seshnela used D&D character classes.
  3. Only one I don't have is Gateway Bestiary -- tried very very hard to get it at the time, but pah !! If current circumstance let me start a campaign I'd go for it, but oh well. Cults of Terror is great !! (probably my favourite RQ2 supplement of them all)
  4. Well, this all sounds rather vindictive on the part of Avalon Hill and Hasbro. Not that they can realistically trademark every single iteration involving the words"hero(ism)" and "quest(ing)". hmmmmm guessing though there was some horse trading about RuneQuest™ versus HeroQuest™, given both companies' histories with the brands. I do hope at least that you guys have not lost the ability to use such words as "heroquesting" in product titles using the RuneQuest™ brand name.
  5. AFAIK I was the first person to ask Greg a bit seriously about these, and I ran a few of them in my old campaign -- once you move beyond the obvious Initiation quests and stuff and then set aside the Otherworlds for your story, these types of quests are a really good way to get some really good Gloranthan immersion and Inner World weirdness into your game. It can help sometimes to realise that for some types of magicians, the Inner World is itself an Otherworld. The Hero's Journey does not always require some sort of extraordinary magic rituals at the start. jajagappa, I think
  6. Our own take on the question included : Argrath is Arkat Argrath is Argrath, as History is always written by the Victor. Your PC is the Argrath ! "I'm Argrath and so is my dog."
  7. Welcome back to the Tribe, Trots !!
  8. I was talking about it in a metaphorical manner. Actual shapechanging is rare magic, even in the Heler cult. The remnants of the old Helering Tribe in Dragon Pass simply became Orlanthi, very much as your suggestion. But in a metaphorical manner, you can see in Heler's myths that his reaction to a crisis is to change shape and escape from or adapt to it. I'd take it from that that the Helerings as a culture are capable of reinventing themselves and adapting to resolve their own crises.
  9. There's pretty much exactly nothing written.
  10. I don't think so -- but I think in Third Age Glorantha they're mainly a certain number of clans within the Manirian tribes. They are shapechangers to an extent, like their god is, so that they can adapt to resemble another people that they choose to join -- so you're not completely off, but they still have a very ancient tradition that is theirs and nobody else's.
  11. That map series is great -- and it shows (through their territorial absence) that the Helerings spent hundreds of years just blending in. Except "Manirian Tribes" to a degree ; though few of these are purely Helering. Harandings are not Helerings. 700 Herolal probably is.
  12. None AFAIK, not even in any of the old unpublished Greg material I've seen -- but it's still true. Unless one was described in some old Teshnos material ? A good first step IMO would be some published details about rain spirits and the rain shamans of Prax and the Wastes.
  13. It's not a translation error, it's a myth of Heler from a more northern and Solar/Stellar/Sky perspective, about an enemy god. It's a Dara Happan story about the Flood. A myth of Heler from a Manirian and especially a Helering Manirian one (there are some remnants of the old Helering Tribe still living in Maniria) would look very different. One mistake that's made all too often, I used to make the very same one myself, is that not all Rain = Heler ; but he is the dominant Rain god in the broad region around Dragon Pass, except Prax and the Wastes, which is how the Dara Happans know h
  14. Yep. In my Maniria, he's a major god among the Solanthi, not a minor one as among other Orlanthi -- but he's also a big presence in western Esrolia.
  15. Careful with this, as there are at least three blue dragons, so it's dodgy to equate Heler with the blue draconic.
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