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  1. Have a look at the #ShipsofRQ post by MOB.
  2. Heroquesting always felt like the advanced part of Runequest we never got. I remember the opening section of RQ2 talking about adventurers taking their place in the Hero Wars in Dragon Pass, amongst the greatest collection of Heroes ever seen in Glorantha. But we were never given a way to make that happen in Runequest. Would be nice to finally see some rules and guidance on this. Having said that, I'd want it to have been thoroughly play-tested before release. This is important stuff and I'd rather Chaosium get it right. Perhaps in the meantime, they could give us some indications of what
  3. If your players want the elemental to manifest inside a person's body, I'd say that the victim should at least get a resistance roll against that, for similar reasons that one gets to resist a spirit trying to possess one's body - spiritual integrity/autonomy is being violated. An impaled spear head is a physical wound, but not proof of overcoming someone's spiritual defences. Yes, the spirit is manifesting physically, but it is still fundamentally a spirit, so should have to overcome its victim's POW in order to share the same spiritual space. IMG I'd disallow this, because I think the e
  4. Depending on the importance and holyness, other material might be used, too, like sheet metal. "Don't decay" is an illusion, however. Maintaining a library is a constant battle against mold, vermin, and other forms of rot. Copying tattered volumes to keep the knowledge accessible probably is 80% of a Great Library's activity. There's a lot to be said for clay tablets. They are much more likely to survive a devastating fire (which often just bakes them solid) than parchment or paper.
  5. This may be the case IRL and therefore from a simulationist point of view you may want to change the combat system to reflect this. But if you were to do so, surely you'd change the basis of SR order altogether rather than bolting an amendment ruling on top of what you consider to be an imperfect system?
  6. Not sure. The problem with bringing attacks forwards is that in certain combat situations I suspect it would be nonsensical, so there would be a good deal of interpretation involved (and therefore potentially arguments). Would there be a limit on how many strike ranks you can deduct? Also, if my sword skill is 200% I could effectively attack before anyone else every time, with little effect on my actual chance to hit. This means that higher weapon skill level means you can be faster without much in the way of a penalty - but that should be the role of DEX improvement. It merits some
  7. Will the rulebook be self-assembly?
  8. Particularly important for troll temples, as I believe Darkspeech is carved in stone and read like Braille. Other deities would make good use of it also, but the content of any carving in temples would vary depending upon where in the building it was. At entrances you might find written warnings, protective wards and spell bindings. In areas of worship, there'd be histories/myths, cult ideals and morality tales, and quotations from cult scripture. In areas of private contemplation, there'd be mantras of reflection and communion. In administrative areas, perhaps appropriate quotations abou
  9. The written word is a rare and magical thing in a bronze age society. Outside of court scribes, Lhankor Mhy sages and the Lunars is anyone else in Dragon Pass likely to keep good-sized and interesting libraries? Issaries temples would have libraries, but they'd be full of mundane stuff - inventories and loan records. In theory, all temples are places of knowledge, so there is potential for them all to have a library, the extent of which would vary dependent upon the deity, and temple size. Would important Orlanthi marriages be recorded in writing, or just vocalised and witnessed? Would you eve
  10. The wording is "The effects of this spell are cumulative with either Protection or Countermagic."
  11. We'll have to agree to disagree on this, because I don't see any support for that inference. The Shield spell description states its exceptional cumulative status vis-à-vis Countermagic and Protection, and for that reason (and reasons of logistical economy and MGF) I won't be asking my players to cast CM and Shield in any particular order. Equally, the same will be true for their NPC opponents. That seems like a bit of a straw man, as in order to do that they'd need to find another spell that specifically stated its effects were cumulative with Countermagic and Protection.
  12. My interpretation was that they have done so - from memory, I don't think the wording on Shield has changed significantly since RQ2. "The effects of this spell are cumulative with either Protection or Countermagic." There is no directive upon them being accumulated in a particular order, and I don't recall any RQ GM or players I knew ever worrying about that. Besides, how can they be cumulative if you are putting one opposed Countermagic effect on top of another? Surely, if they work against each other, one spell will always either be rebuffed or knock out the other, depending on their r
  13. I like that. It gives a rationale for them to build a small amphitheatre that would be more theatre than arena.
  14. a) Because it's divine magic, and b) because it's been designed to work that way. I think the gods are more than capable of creating magic that can work with Countermagic in that way. One point of Shield is equivalent to two points of Countermagic and Protection. It is not the same as.
  15. Whilst we're digressing, what's the Dragonewt outlook on displays of martial prowess? Would they be likely to watch feats of arms as entertainment? I'm thinking of putting an ancient, eerie amphitheatre up in a small hollow in the mountains and thought I might make it part of a Dragonewt ruin.
  16. I'd take that to imply an essential compatibility with those spells. In other words, you can cast them in any order and they will stack. YGMV.
  17. Great to see Cults of Prax being used alongside the new books (even if its only as a coaster)!
  18. So... why do you want to cap Spirit Magic spells?
  19. I think the artificiality of a hard limit is jarring in a game system that allows so much freedom elsewhere. Besides, if a GM really wants to limit such spells they can just make them increasingly hard to come by. So I suppose I'm arguing that limits should be applied in story terms rather than via the rules. However, there is also the notion of character progression (or rather perception of progression) to contend with in game-crunch terms. With other systems you get levelled abilities, spells etc. In RQ almost everything is available from the outset. Higher percentages and stacked spell
  20. Good on Chaosium for structuring its pricing in a way that is fair to both creators and consumers. It's good to see Chaosium being recognised for this in a review. Please don't change your PDF/print pricing policy. It is greatly appreciated.
  21. That should also make the maps a bit more user-friendly. Making out the place names was a chore in some cases.
  22. If you are new to Glorantha I'd give three pieces of advice: 1. Don't try to read everything on these forums - it'll just confuse you. I'm reasonably familiar with Glorantha, but I find some of the discussions on these boards incredibly (and dare I say, pointlessly) esoteric, and these will mire you in doubt and confusion. 2. If you want to run a RQ campaign right now, you're probably better off ignoring the suggested RQG timeline of 1625, and buying a solid RQ2 supplement like Borderlands or Griffin Mountain, and running that with the RQG rules instead. The stats are all pretty much compatibl
  23. I agree, that's how we used to use the spell in RQ2 & 3 as well and I only questioned it now because of the conflation of attack and parry. In light of the other weapon affecting spell descriptions, it does seem to only affect attack.
  24. Fair enough, I appreciate the points you've made (although I disagree that the name of the spell is indicative of its effects, as a sharper blade does not equal a more accurate one). The more I stop to think about how the spell would actually work the less sense it makes (as it's essentially involving footwork, timing and coordination with a bladed weapon), so probably best not to overthink it.
  25. I'm not trying to sow confusion, but this is very debatable. A successful parry is a 'hit' to the attacking weapon, otherwise you miss your parry. I would read this as being a bonus to all attempts to hit with the weapon. Otherwise are you saying that the spell can discriminate between hitting a person and hitting a weapon?
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