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  1. Hahaha.... Gotcha. BRP is based off of RuneQuest! It all makes sense now!
  2. Thank you very much, I will look into these settings, modules, and books. I have no clue what thou art saying, but I think I will in time:) I think you are giving me questions to ask myself about my character... As I am unlikely to be, as my parents call it, "getting a life" anytime soon... Might as well!
  3. I understand now @Bill the barbarian... What you whispered in times gone by is true...
  4. Is that all? Well than I shall pack my bags at once and head off to see Gark. The Calm.
  5. Damn it! As Deth, undeth and necromancy may be my favorite parts of fantasy settings... And those fool ducks think they can take it away from me? The bastards! I shall show them.
  6. I suppose my opinion will be shaped by my soon to increase experience. Currently it is sitting at infamy, but perhaps that will change...
  7. I actually just downloaded this, seems to be a quite useful resource
  8. Spare me! I shall never return to the bloated power gaming of yesteryear, when the bloated role-playing of yesteryear is far superior!
  9. I find this subversion of the norm is right up my alley. Although I was wondering about that... Why the ducks exactly, and not like puffins or Chinchillas or something?
  10. That sounds perfect, thank you for the clarification! I actually am really liking this idea. I hated the dungeon crawls of D&D, so although my original impression was negative in this regard, you have pried open my third eye and now I can see! Why thank you, I cannot wait to see all this system has to offer.
  11. Thank you guys for recommending this game, it looks really fun:)
  12. Finally got my hands on this beauty;) Excited to try it out.
  13. Hello my friends, I am officially the proud owner of the RuneQuest: Role-Playing in Glorantha Slipcase Set! Woohoo!!! What follows is a brief summary of what I like so far from just a quick flip through, and my unboxing and first impressions video (more Gloranthan? content to come). First off, I love the fact that this system is what inspired BRP, and the fast paced and deadly combat system. These two things along make this game better than D&D, which is my main comparison point since it is the only other fantasy game I have played. Next, the magic seems very involved and varied, with far more potential than most other systems I've played for staying unique and engaging with spirits, cults, and runes added to the mix. I found the lack of classes quite interesting and felt it was a step in the right direction for getting the focus off stats and onto creating a fun engaging story. In fact, all character creation seems like it deeply involves PCs in the world, which will make for very interesting role-play. The bestiary seemed a touch frugal to me, but perhaps I will warm up to it in time. It mainly seemed small compared to my collection of 4 books which hold hundreds if not thousands of monsters for D&D 5E, but I enjoy creating monsters and beasts and believe I will be able to convert some of my collection into RuneQuest rules. Please let me know if this line of thought is on the right track or if I'm just not understanding something about the apparent monster manual. The Game Master screen pack was a pleasant surprise as it contained awesome maps, a calendar, and a bunch of scenarios and adventures for any aspiring Game Master to start with. It was a collection of resources which I did not expect, and which filled me with a burning desire to run a game (will be getting my family to play with me so I can hone my GMing craft with this new system). Here is the actual video: All in all, this system looks exciting and innovative and I can't wait to try it out and get deeper into both the system and the lore of Glorantha. I would like to thank Chaosium for making this game, but also the WindWords podcast for getting me interested, and @soltakss for putting the game on my radar. We are all us.
  14. I try to make sure it's not that easy in my own games, but do any of Hp's stories have main characters using explosives or the like? I don't really remember if they did...
  15. It is coming... I have seen it... In a cyclopean city where many books remain. In mine slumber the time doth wane.
  16. Well, it is done. My main point is that it shouldn't have been called an Open Game License, but Chaosium had both incentive and every right to make it.
  17. Well. This has been done, I wash my hands of this OGL, my main point in this video is why I think Chaosium had every right to do what they did. I personally just don't think it should have been called an Open Game License.
  18. Great idea, but first I want to investigate this strange noise... You go on ahead, I'll be fine. Um.... What is that? Are they eyes? Or tiny flames? I think I should touch it, because I am super curious! The fire is cold as ice... The unseeing eyes... That face. A kindly smiling face, grinning from eye to eye. Blue as our new second sun. Reaching out to touch me... To feel me. I think I will scream to show my discomfort (screams), and now I will just stand still.... 46 and 2, the shadow becomes me to be in me from thee. My god... My true god... They are always watching... Oh hey! You look nice! I was just waiting here for ya:) You look great. Why do you mean it's been three days? I haven't been here for three days. You okay my friend? No? Well that's okay, I think you look wonderful. Your eyes sparkle... Why can't I move my legs? What have YOU done? My gods... They will not take kindly to this. In fact, I think you should come closer. A little closer... I need you... You are so great! Your eyes I mean (reaches out and...) SCREAMS are heard. My gods don't care, they just like the way blood pours from the socket. I can't feel my legs, but my third eye has opened... I have an IDEA! Let's split up;)
  19. The investigators' solutions live up to their predecessors nicely...
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