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[ Interplanetary ] Playtesters Wanted for Fencing System

Jason D

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Hey everyone -

I'm in need of a small but dedicated group of playtesters who'll be willing to put a system I've devised for incorporating fencing style maneuvers into BRP combat. It provides a dramatic expansion to player options in fencing-style combat.

As anyone familiar with the genre of planetary romance can attest, Earth-born heroes are inevitably skilled fencers, and as such the Interplanetary sourcebook wouldn't be complete without such a rules expansion.

I've playtested it locally some, but need to conduct a "blind" test where I hand out the rules, without guidance, to outside players and collect their feedback.

I'm looking for basic feedback, sample combats with a variety of characters, and someone to test as many as the maneuvers as they can and see if they work within the confines of the BRP combat system.

If interested, drop me an email or a message through these forums and I'll send you the rules expansion.

You will, of course, be credited in the book and I'll do what I can to see if we can get a contributor copy (.pdf at the least) sent to you. I can't promise anything, obviously.



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I'd be interested in playtesting the fencing rules. As it is I have belatedly discovered El Capitan Alatriste and ordered the rpg from Spain. I understand it includes fencing maneouvres in a Gurps like system.

I've got a group running DH at momenet but can stitch in some time to playtest.



Likes to sneak around


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Hi Jason,

I'd be very glad to take a crack at these - I don't know much about fencing, but I've read a heckuva lot of planetary romance and am a huge fan, so I'll try and drum up some Barsoomian goodness at our gaming table for a couple of sessions, see how it goes!

Plus, of course, anything that adds options to the BRP combat system has got to be good! :-)



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for hero vs. several mooks, and hero vs. Guy of Gisborne level villain (possibly including a "letterbox" rule where no one shoots at the dueling characters in a big melee).

I fenced in college, but more importantly, I luvs me some Errol Flinn and Flash Gordon serials. Have at thee!

I wrote all this junk and accept full credit or blame:

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Hi, Jason:

Still got room aboard the starship Swashbuckler :) ? I'd love to sign on, Cap'n! I got a group I could run through their paces. On guard!



Present home-port: home-brew BRP/OQ SRD variant; past ports-of-call: SB '81, RQIII '84, BGB '08, RQIV(Mythras) '12,  MW '15, and OQ '17

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