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Pole Star cult

Eagle Talon

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2 hours ago, Minlister said:

Always thought it was one of Glorantha's best paradox that the Fire pantheon is the most obscure of all.

Why obscure, its details were in print in 1980 (and earlier) WF #10 Gods of Fire & Light: Part VI of Gods & Goddesses of Glorantha and Pole Star was in print in 1977


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7 hours ago, Jeff said:

It is actually pretty easy. Just base things on the building blocks of Glorantha Sourcebook, King of Sartar, RuneQuest, the Guide, etc. It only gets tough when you try to put the HW-era material in.

I think this is a good application of the Follow Chosen Sources mythlet!  Pick the sources you like (whether generally or in the particular case) and go with the "obvious compromise" between them.

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On 9/23/2020 at 3:51 PM, Eagle Talon said:

I’m curious about the cult’s relation to the one of Yanafal. Perhaps a friendly rivalry or a heated competition in the lunar ranks? 

I have a vague memory of TotRM touching on this in some its 'Lunar regiments' material, if that's of any use to use.  (And I can see where it might not be, given the vagueness and the antique source.)  I think the gist of it was that Polestar was the Old Order cult of choice for being a staff officer type, but tending to be displaced in that role (and others) by YT in newer formations.

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3 hours ago, Minlister said:

@David Scott

I am sure you are right, just saying that I am always confused about who is who and completely lost in the many names of the same gods. BUT I am not complaining about it. I enjoy the ride. 

A lot of the published material do look at the Fire Tribe/Celestial Gods from either explicitly outside, or from a more nebulous Second Council-Godlearner synthesis position, so I agree with your initial point. 

A Rough Guide to Glamour might have some interesting perspectives in that regard.

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