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VENI-VIDI-VICI - Four Adventures for Rome


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veni-vidi-vici.jpgVeni, Vidi, Vici is a supplement for Rome. The adventures in this scenario pack can either be run as one-shot scenarios or inserted into an existing campaign that is set in the first century BC. If the gamemaster wishes to tie all the scenarios together to form the backbone of a campaign, the element that connects all adventures together could be the best known leader of ancient Rome, Gaius Julius Caesar. He can be the adventurers' patron throughout all these scenarios, providing them with motivations for adventure and enriching the background with his inspiring figure. These four scenarios offer exciting and deadly experiences - including riots, battles and the inevitable skulduggery of Republican Rome!

The Ransom: The party's patron has been kidnapping by pirates, and they must travel to Rome and raise his ransom in a rush against time and their patron's rival's underlings.

The Promise: The party's patron is now free, but he wants revenge against the pirates who held him prisoner. Can the heroes be the key factor in the pursuit and defeat of these seagoing scum?

The Sacrilege: The party members discover that their patron's wife is involved in a torrid affair with a well known patrician, and their loyalty is about to be tested in a plot full of treachery. But is everything really as it appears?

The Invasion: Rome is planning to invade the British Isles, but strategy suggests gathering intelligence beforehand. The party is sent to Britannia as scouts and spies: are there Briton chieftains envious enough of Cassivellaunus to side with the Roman invaders?

By Ken Spencer, Pete Nash and Conall Kavanagh. 36 pages. Published by Alephtar Games December 2009.

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Just recently purchased this book, which I'm looking forward to reading. I'm a big fan of John Maddox Robert's SPQR series, which takes place during the same time period as this supplement. It would be great to come up with some more adventures set during this time period, as a tremendous number of wonderful events took place during the downfall of the Republic.

Looking forward to this and further adventures for BRP Rome.

Guy Hoyle

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Thumbs up! Just used "Veni, vidi, vici" to start of my "Rome" (a Hârnish Rome) campaign. 2 first scenarios were excellent for this and got them deep into Rome. Two second scenarios are for longer down the road. Players managed to screw up totally with infighting and whatnot, throwing a Roman captain overboard and sinking a vessel, which will likely result in a court drama once they're back from the second scenario - with the probably result of at least one being fed to a lion at the arena and the rest being sent to the legion for 10 years of mandatory service. Hehe. I gave the supplement 5 stars. It has lots of good art, is written clear and precise and contains good scenarios. Recommended! (And a big thanks to Paolo for providing me with a copy! ;t))


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Well our GURPS Space campaign ended catastrophicly with most of the group whiped out. Instead of salvaging what was left I let them vote for it and BRP Rome ended up being the big the winner (everyone that attended voted BRP Rome) so I instantly went online to buy Veni, Vidi, Vici to use as the start of our campaign. Gonna spend the night reading through the whole thing but skimming through the books my first impression is that it looks very good so far. It seems to be written in a very clear and easy format so it's hard to miss any important details when running each scenario.

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