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BRP elven glamour

Adam Csipke

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3 hours ago, Adam Csipke said:

Has anyone encountered a BRP-based system covering elven glamour (innate illusion, deception, maybe tied to the seasons or the land) either in print or fan work on the net? Something that feels mechanically different to just another spell list?


Check the Faeries of Merrie England. Simon has managed to make them quite flavourful.

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On 10/22/2022 at 11:43 PM, Bill the barbarian said:

SDLeary for the win!

Yeah. Greg went into a lot of detail about Celtic/Faerie Glamour in Pendragon, and how it isn't so much illusion, but only temporary. 

The Pendragon Magic system from KAP 4 is very different mechanically than other BRP games though (Pendragon doesn't have a POW stat with spells being paid for in weeks of prep time before hand, or magical slumber afterwards (think Merlin's line about sleeping for nine moons after helping Uther reach Igraine in the film Excalibur)

You also need to use the Pendragon Personality traits (or adapt the RQG ones) to calaculate a Lifeforce stat, which is the limit on how poerful a spell a magicain can cast (modfied by time of the season, location and such).


So Faerie Magic would work fine as a GM thing to explain away the magical nature of Faerie, but might not be something that a GM would want to run in other BRP games. 




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11 hours ago, SDLeary said:

True, but tweakable if you really want player magicians.


OH, certainly so, if a GM is willing to do that. 

One way would be to would be to convert 1 week of prep/sleep time into one or more magic points/POW. Lifeforce (and Traits) could be ported over easily enough, or discarded in favor on basing spell limits onto the relevant magic skill. Oh, and the damage/armor ratings would probably need to be converted (say half) to reflect the differences between the game systems. +1d6 damage in Pendragon is nice but +1D6 damage in BRP is phenomenal.

Another way would be to keep the traits, lifeforce and weeks payment, and have a relatively low magic campaign where the magician PCs are only part time characters.  

It really comes down to how powerful and  common the GM wants the magic to be. In Pendragon, a powerful magician can pull off some amazing things but pays for it with lots of prep time, magical sleep, or aging (I failed to mention before the bit about magicians who fail to pay the proper weeks cost in prep work or sleep instead pay with aging rolls). 


Depending on what the GM want's and what take on Celtic Myth being used, the magic system could even be adapted as a form of super powers. Lots of legendary Celtic Heroes had innate magical abilities that could be modeled using the magic system. Gawaine's solar based strength for instance.

Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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