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Raymond Turney intro


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My name is Ray Turney {or Raymond - it sounds cool with a French accent, but I'll answer to anything resembling this unless it involves the word turkey}.

I was one of the original Gang of Four authors of RQI, and so have a lot of experience with Runequest. Have also played a little Traveller, some Pendragon, and a fair amount of Call of Cthulu.

Have written a new system, Fire and Sword. which the admin of BRP Central has added to the download page. Work on this system started when the RQIV project ended. I decided that what my group and I wanted was different from what the original designers of RQ wanted; so I started with Perndragon. First I dropped the traits system, because while I kind of liked it, my players hated it.

So it started out as something like Pendragon Pass, but rules for specials and crits, and eventually even cinematic successes made it in there. Long weapon strikes first, then simultaneous was borrowed from Stormbringer. Instead of the traditional FRP "dead vs alive" dualism, we went to a system based on a variety of medical conditions a character might be in after he was "incapacitated". The old RQ I&II Heal 6 and your're fine went away. One of my players noted that in high level RQ, it tended to resolved by the first unparried critical success, so we dropped hit points in most situations In combat between humans, either a blow incapcitates or it does no damage. Further refinements to combat happened.

Their are three magic systems, Spirit, Divine, and Sorcery just as in RQ III but Spirit Magic is focused on spirit combat and shamanism and the rules are cleaner. Casting spells depends on skill with the spell for sorcery, cult lore for divine; spirit magicans do not cast spells in the same sense, but summon spirits using a variety of skills.

Instead of a couple of titles {rune lord, priest} dangling out in the middle of nowhere; there are a whole slew of titles and offices. There are also rules for keeping track of who owes how a favor to whom, influence, and other informal aspects of the political world.

Day to day economics was abstracted into assuming a certain ordinary level of income and standard of living, plus rules for trading and extraordinary resources {things.

The rules have a lot of "social skils, ranging from administration to seduction, and say something about which social skill to use when.

Anyway, I encourage you to look at the downloadable rules here, and decide whether they are either a suitable base for your campaign, or have something worth stealing without adopting the entire system .

A short introduction to Fire and Sword is available at:

Fire And Sword - Condensed Version

Sorry about using this space for an introduction to Fire and Sword, not me; but Fire and Sword is probably more interesting and more important to you than I am.

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Hi Ray - welcome aboard!

This place is getting cool indeed - I'd just like to say thanks too for all the cool fun we had with your RQ stuff! Good to have you here, and thanks for the links to Fire & Sword - will definitely be checking that out!

One thing I always wanted to know - was Tourney Altar named after you? Always assumed it was...!


"The Worm Within" - the first novel for The Chronicles of Future Earth, coming 2013 from Chaosium, Inc.

Website: http://sarahnewtonwriter.com | Twitter: @SarahJNewton | Facebook: TheChroniclesOfFutureEarth

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Tourney Altar was named after my brother, Art. He was a playtester of Nomad Gods.

By the way, there are two versions of Fire and Sword. The long version is the detailed version, and is about the length of RQ. It has the interesting stuff; and it is what is posted here. There is a short version, about the length of the first version of Basic Role Playing, written by my friend Morgan when he had to introduce new players to the system and found that the whole thing was sometimes a bit overwhelming. This is what you have to learn first to understand the rest of it. I think that the system is laid out in a logical order, and the basic version is unnecessary. New players tend to disagree with me {the sample size is too small to be sure about this}, and have found the intro useful. The intro is what is at the URL I gave in my first post.

Hope this helps.

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DirkD have put his magic fingers on the Fire and Sword document. It have been turned into a pdf document with an improved layout and index, and is now available in the dowload section.


Thanks to DirkD. The original was a pain to go through with all those "dead" pages in the front.

Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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