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Fear Rules


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Thanks for pointing that out... I downloaded issue 2, but never got around to actually READING it, haha. I was actually looking for something along the lines of a standard die roll though (I'm trying to avoid including any extra point-pools for the player/GM to keep track of). I was thinking about just converting the rules over from GURPS, but I'm not seeing a mechanic that covers willpower rolls either (am I missing something there BTW?).

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Hi guys,

Generally I'd use POW in some way, if you want to keep the rules uncluttered. So, either a POW x 5 roll if someone is resisting a "normal" but fear-inducing situation, reducing the multiplier if the source of the fear is more supernatural. (Essentially this is kind of a SAN roll without calling it such.)

You *could* make it an opposed or resistance roll. For example, a ghost attacks you POW vs POW - that's actually you resisting the terror the ghost inspires. If it succeeds, you lose MP or suffer another penalty.

Personally I like Personality Traits for this kind of thing. Say, you have a "Brave" trait at 70% - you're renowned for your bravery. Then, you can use that to resist pretty much any kind of fear, even if you'd normally (ie without the trait) be looking at a POW x 1 for facing something very scary. Also, you could then use the Complimentary Skill rules to augment another skill - say, if you're trying to fight a scary monster, you could augment your attack skill with 20% of your Brave trait, etc.



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I seem to remember that the Ravenloft Fear rules could be easily adapted to BRP. It's been a while since I've read Ravenloft but I seem to remember someone suggesting those rules for use with BRP. Google did not find what I was looking for, but it unearthed an old post of mine that I had forgotten, stating Strahd for BRP. I know it's totally off topic, but I thought I'd share.


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Yeah, sort of like the Fear Spirits in RQIII. They'd attack your POW with theirs, and if they win, you're essentially under the effect of a "Demoralize" spell until you can get someone to exorcise you. Or something like that. Been a while since I looked at it.

Also, glad you guys like the Stress rules from UW2. Those were fun to write, and I hope they get some use by the community.

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These are my combat morale rules:

- Characters have morale points equal to POW x 3.

- When a character takes damage they lose an equal number of morale points.

- When an ally they can see takes damage, they lose morale points equal to half the damage the ally took.

- At the beginning of a turn, they lose morale points equal to the number of enemies they have within 5 meters of them.

- At the end of a turn, they gain morale points equal to the number of allies they have within 5 meters of them.

- When they inflict damage on an enemy, they gain morale points equal to half the damage they dealt.

- If they run out of morale points, they have to flee.

- They go back to full morale between fights.

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