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New Chaosium Hardcover Suggestions


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Urm, that's a tough one actually... I mean, BRP is about to be released as hard cover, and I already have a hard cover of CoC (and I assume there are separate plans already in place to do some sort of 30th anniversary hard cover edition of CoC anyway). I'd love to see a BRP setting or major supplement in hard back but I don't think Chaosium have anything in hand or close to release that's suitable and I'd guess Charlie's thinking in terms of a reissue rather than commissioning a new piece. Sadly I don't think Chaosium have clean OCR'd files of Land of Ninja or Vikings, nor the time to edit them to bring them in line with BGB BRP, not to mention that the copyright is somewhat murky on those I'd guess.

I can think of a couple of Call of Cthulhu books that would probably do well in new hard cover editions (Malleus Monstrorum, Arkham) but they don't excite me. Oh, but if we're day dreaming - Horror on the Orient Express! :P


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Questworld... With Gloranthan references removed, and one continent well defined. Others left open should a third party wish to partake (Cubicle 7?). In other words, a nice world supplement that has good definition so that it can be used now, and enough flexibility that a GM or other third party can make use of the "blank spaces".


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