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[Q] BRP supplements for Napoleonic gaming

Jack Tar

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My dream of writing a BRP-based Napoleonic game will not see reality until I have won the lottery and no longer need to work 9 - 5.

So in the interim, what would be the best supplement(s) to help a BRP-based Napoleonic game? Weapon stats, sailing data, cavalry, etc. Are there any?


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I've written up some black powder weapon notes, but when I get back from work (I work from home in the mornings then at the office in the afternoon) I want to look over your notes filbanto to see how they compare.

Actually, I should read that other thread too.

We need to get SJG to do a line of BRP compatible books. ;D

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I've had the privilidge of playing in 3 of Wolverine's BRP Sharpe games at Continuum. He loves the subject and has an almost encyclopeadic knowledge of the books and series.

His quick load rule was brilliant mimicked the books and saved my butt several times.

BRP can do napoleonic with ease.

I was kinda hoping he would write it up as a generic monograph but it was not to be.

Likes to sneak around


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Seconded - I was surprised at how easily BRP coped with a Sharpe game. I think there were only 2 extra skills, Quick Load was one that worked particularly well.

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