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Night Jumpers & Stagwood

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So the Night Jumpers subcult shrine is at an Orthanth Temple(s).

The spells are fly and night vision, jump always seems hoaxy to me somehow but if it works so be it.

Who is the 1600ish leader of the Night Jumpers, where actually are they based, the more locations the better and is their night vision similar to cat's eye or is it more like darksense?

Just curious as if its near Stagwood it would be great.

Does anyone have a map of Stagwood by chance?

There is a good little write up on Stagwood in RQA 01, notable for its great stockade, Stagwood is very defensible and sits on a prominent hill crest.

It has Taljaan's Swift Brigade which is a well known company of mounted mercenaries who make their home in Stagwood. Taljaan is a Centaur of course.

Also there is Gogma Badaxe, an aged, famous Minotaur drill sergeant.

It say this division will play a role in the upcoming Hero Wars as part of the Sartar City Mounted Militia.

With our PC's moving between Sartar, Nochet and Backford this town will see a lot of game time. It has great NPC's already and though it says there is no Geo's...

Does anyone have more on Stagwood and the Night Jumpers, how does one join, is there a subcult write-up somewhere? (Should have been my first question.)

KOS say they all made a great jump (I like fly better) who are the daughters of Desrada and where is Orlanth's Lone Rock?

Also how do you create a Blacknight (KOS p174)

It also says Argrath Voskandorasson partook and always had a place at any Volsaxi high table wherever he went... an earlier Argrath?

Tarkalor Trollkiller defeated the Kitori in 1560 and reestablished the Volsaxing kingdom. (GtG)


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11 hours ago, Erol of Backford said:

Does anyone have more on Stagwood and the Night Jumpers, how does one join, is there a subcult write-up somewhere? (Should have been my first question.)

The major reference is in History of the Heortling Peoples 107 in the Kitori enemies section. See also Glorantha Sourcebook 216, as they are in the Sartar Magical Union.

They have the secrets of safe flight in the dark, so make it a subcult of Orlanth Adventurous (for Flight), that has access to Darksee, RBM 40. As an Adventurous subcult, it can have a mobile shrine (so put it where you want). To join you need to know Flight, when you pay the point of POW to join the subcult, you gain Darksee and the usual Rune point.

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10 hours ago, David Scott said:

 Darksee, RBM 40

Simple enough.

Curious who/what worm guy is with sharp teeth? Maybe stats link, I hadn't noticed him before?


Also any more on the hero Dardestol, who had a Dwarvish axe and left with the deposed king for the Wastelands to seek fame. What happened to his Axe what are its powers? I am guessing he was on the side of Darkness...



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NVM I found a bit more...

Verlanth was King of the Volsaxi and was deposed in 1388 ST after supporting his champion Dardestol against his high priest Desarvinos. He and Dardestol went into the Wastes to seek glory but Verlanth did not come back.

So if I say the Night Jumpers are mostly Volsaxi am I incorrect?

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