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Cult runes for a few cults


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Blackfang - probably Disorder

Dorasta - Earth + ???

Geo - never stated that I recall; probably Issaries rune (or Harmony)

Gerak Kag - presume Darkness (maybe + Movement?)

Lamsabi - never stated, possibly Illusion

Selarn - never stated, possibly Disorder

Hykim & Mikyh - Beast

Bolongo - Disorder, IIRC

Shargash - Shargash rune, which may equate to Fire and Death

Third Eye Blue - never stated, but likely includes Fire rune

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1 hour ago, hkokko said:

Does anybody recall what are the cult runes for the following cults

Here's the ones I can find sources for:

Blackfang - Spirit and Disorder (Pavis: Gateway to Adventure 170)

Dorasta - Earth, Plant, and Harmony (Dorastor: Land of Doom 116)

Hykim & Mikyh - Beast and Spirit (Guide to Glorantha 150, as Korgatsu)

Shargash - Disorder, Fire, and Death (Guide to Glorantha 152)

Third Eye Blue - Law and Movement (Sartar Companion 173)

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I found this: http://www.halberdgames.com/Cults_of_Glorantha/Files/Cult Rune List.pdf


Personally, this is what I think (note that my glorantha-fu is quite lacking and I don't have access to as many sources as the rest of these people):

Black Fang- In RQ2 he has Darkness, but Disorder (or Death?) probably suits him better. I would consider him a subcult of Lanbril.

Dorasta- A land goddess like Esra or Ralia. Earth and Fertility. Quite possibly a subcult of Ernalda.

Geo- Harmony or Communication. He was a worshipper of Issaries before founding his inns. I would say he's a subcult of Issaries, albeit a very distinct one.

Gerak Kag- Definitely motion because of his jumping. I'm not sure if he's powerful enough to merit Darkness though, even if he's a troll. As just a hero cult, he's probably, again, just a subcult of another troll god/goddess.

Lamsabi- A thief cult. Cue Lanbril. Illusion and Disorder.

Selarn- Um, I think he's a thief god, so probably like Lanbril again? Illusion and Disorder.

Hykim & Mikyh- Beast, because they/he/she/it is/are the progenitor(s) of the hsunchen and other animals. Possibly they/he/she/it is/are the original owner.

Bolongo- Illusion and Disorder. He's a trickster. Everybody knows that there is only one trickster and his name is -censored-.

Shargash- Fire, Death, and Disorder OR Fire and Pain/Shargash (which is basically the rune of brutal slaughter and combat, pain and torture (duh), and the Dara Happan underworld/hell).

Third Eye Blue- Sorcerous metal smiths? That'll be Law and Motion.

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4 hours ago, hkokko said:

Does anybody recall what are the cult runes for the following cults


Pavis: Gateway to Adventure p170 gives Spirit and Disorder.  I think it would now be a Disorder Rune Spirit.

4 hours ago, hkokko said:


Dorastor: Land of Doom p116 gives Earth, Plant and Harmony.  I think now that's too much and just give her Earth.



4 hours ago, hkokko said:

Hykim & Mikyh

Beast Rune (doubled)

4 hours ago, hkokko said:


Disorder Rune (doubled).  His third rune varies as a result.

4 hours ago, hkokko said:


Guide to Glorantha p152 gives Disorder, Fire and Death.

4 hours ago, hkokko said:

Third Eye Blue

Sartar Companion p173 gives Law and Movement.

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