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Alternative Ways for Autofire.

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52 minutes ago, Atgxtg said:

Not it won't. The stock used will not  INCREASE the recoil force. At worse it will still REDUCE recoil somewhat it due to the added mass. What the "wobbly" stocks do is make bracing a weapon less effective.And I say bracing a weapon is worth more than 1 point of STR. An average person firing a SMG two handed is going to be able to handle recoil much better than a strong person firing the SMG one handed.  


Agree that a bad folding stock may increase felt recoil for a variety of reasons, and yes the main issue with some folding stocks is that they don't offer as good of a support for bracing. Some are pretty atrocious wobbly things but others do as good a job as a fixed stock.

I do kind of like the idea of the quality of a stock effecting the STR available to be used against recoil. I like reasons for things to be and making a fixed stock be slightly better than a good folding stock and maybe a fair bit better than a cheesy wire folding stock would offer something of a trade off for the increased portability.  

Ergonomics in general play a substantial role, but are also very subjective and very difficult to replicate for a game. Very easy to get lost down that rabbit hole.

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