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Mostali inventions/item ideas?


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Hello, I'm asking your help to create (or share) some cool mostali inventions/items. My players just looted a partly abandoned (but still working) mostali mine/city and I need some cool stuff to give them. I have already found some items from other threads of this forum, but I'd like to hear more. Let your imagination fly... 

I have already used all the "basic" mostali stuff, like food cans, repeating crossbows etc. in our long campaign. 


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I hope you have can openers for those cans.

Tool box.

Mechanical map: a box which folds out to show all the various levels of the city.

Mindlink  communicators.

Spirit filled lighters.

Scooters for those long tunnels. Foot powered, not Vespas.

Mostali spare parts.


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Few of my own ideas:

Simple box camera

Battle wheelchair working with "drivers" magic points and shooting electricity. The wheelchair is filled with small tanks containing different kinds of battle drugs: drugs to stop bleeding, healing wounds, enhancing senses etc. It will make the driver very hard to kill.


Helmets with gas mask, night vision goggles, hearing enhancing "trumpets", spyglass, underwater breathing equipment, voice altering device etc.


Writing machine


Diving equipment


Pressure-working, 1st WW style flamethrower

Steam-/elemental-working, small (maybe 1m tall) "attack towers" controlled by nilmergs


Repeating arbalest


Noisemaker - machine that makes terrible noise  and paralyzes enemies




Compound crossbow to make extra heavy shots




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A multi-can-opener, designed for work-crews in the field.  A dozen workers coming off-shift surround the machine, and each presents a can of food. The operator in the center opens all their cans at once.  Then the next dozen step up.  Etc.

The thing is?

It's a big Mostali contraption with room for an operator to sit in the center, and it has a BUNCH of pointy-cutty-things on all sides.  It TOTALLY looks like some sort of badass battle-rig.  A PC might even manage to make it work that way -- it IS designed to "open" metal containers, after all!  Of course, eventually they'll meet a Dwarf who tells them they are wearing a can-opener into battle...



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The heroes in my HQG campaign recently encountered a party of dwarfs and ending up trading for:

- a small box that can trap Lunar glamours (though delivered with the recommendation not to trap too many lest it suffer from the multiplicative effect) 

- a Veskarstone that looks like a large fist-sized unpolished and porous looking red rock but with the right words can heat up (price = 2 shadows)


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These are little (1cm) stone cubes that either summon (or have bound) an elemental.  Fracture the Excavator against any largely-flat stone/earth surface (plain, hilside, cliff-face, cave-wall, castle-wall, etc) and the elemental excavates a 10'x10'x10' cube into the surface, and departs.

The elemental goes free, the Excavator is in fragments.  Done.

Use a bit of adhesive (or a Glue spell) to hold the Excavator to a vertical surface (or to a hammer-head used against the surface).

Excavating into soft earth is, ironically, very challenging -- the stone Execvator tends to just sink into the surface!  Excavating hard stone is easy!


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Counting machines.  Most have the feature that if the number of items disagrees with the specifications in the Plan then the machine either whips out a hammer to pulverise the excess or cut up one item to make two.

Muffler:  a machine that dampens sound and air currents within a given region.  Most humans find it difficult to talk or even breathe in such an environment.  Dwarves OTOH like it just fine.

Medical Surgery.  Scans for anybody part that is inferior or contrary to the plan.  Amputates it and replaces it with a clay dwarf version (which comes from a morgue of choped up dwarves) which is then held in place with an application of living cement.  Dwarves can survive the shock, other races not so much.

Forest Harvester:  Large self-propelled wagon with a curious attachment of blades in front of it.  Used for clearing forests, bush and elves.

Shadow disperser:  a huge flaming ball of pitch kept always alight by a salamander.  The pitch is alchemically treated such that the light is harmful to creatures of darkness.




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7 hours ago, jajagappa said:

The heroes in my HQG campaign recently encountered a party of dwarfs and ending up trading for:

- a small box that can trap Lunar glamours (though delivered with the recommendation not to trap too many lest it suffer from the multiplicative effect) 



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Conductor cables and switches for magical energies. Anyone touching the contacts will either bleed some magic into the material or be charged with whichever potential the line was running on before. Two people touching will equalize their magic potential, possibly losing some to the material. Transfers in excess of X will cause unconsciousness, whether on the receiving or on the donating end.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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