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The King Arthur Pendragon RPG moves forward thanks to Chaosium helping Nocturnal Media


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"After Stewart’s passing, Steve Wieck met with us and we offered to be there to help him and Jennifer in any way we could. We’ve all agreed that Chaosium is well placed to assist Nocturnal sell and market Pendragon, get its products into distribution, and help with the fulfilment of several of its Kickstarters. Going forward this includes co-branding many of its forthcoming products."—Chaosium President Rick Meints.


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In my mind, KAP, along with CoC and RQ, is Chaosium so I am very happy to see them involved in it once again.

I am still awaiting my print copy for both Paladins and KAP 5.2 (from the kickstarter) but I will echo others questions.

Will we see printings of current 5ed supplements?

Can we expect enhanced production value for the line? KAP and Paladins are beautiful but Chaosium's latest publications are simply stunning.

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This is an excellent move on Chaosium's part, and for Nocturnal's part the new developer, David Larkins, has some really exciting plans for the line including spin-off games (Paladin, Mymidon, Samurai) and Book of Magic (for Magician characters 'done right' in the Pendragon world). 

I already have King Arthur Pendragon 5.2 edition, as a kickstarter backer on several of Stewart Wieck's campaigns, and it is, hand's down, my favourite fantasy rpg of all. 

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Assuming we're talking about the same game, Paladin is already available (as PDF at least). I'm happy to hear that Pendragon will continue. 

For extremely drawn-out campaigns, I have sketched two semi-historical ones: France from the Fall of Rome to the end of the Hundred-Years war (about 1000 years), and the Spanish Reconquista (about 800 years). I will gladly buy either or both if written by someone serious, since it seems a bit beyond my own capabilities. 

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CHAOSIUM is very happy to announce that we will be distributing Greg Stafford's Prince Valiant and King Arthur Pendragon RPGs for our friends at Nocturnal Media, starting next year. Originally published by Chaosium many, many years ago, these new editions from Nocturnal Media will be available in early 2019, along with Stewart Wieck's Story Path & Whimsy Card Decks.

More details about the releases at the link: https://www.chaosium.com/blogprince-valiant-and-king-arthur-pendragon-for-2019-/

746260642_ScreenShot2018-10-13at12_21_23am.png.a26e6559be567bdbb9aeca8cc2f4f7a1.png 1018234255_ScreenShot2018-10-13at1_09_03am.png.11ea533d4485d797618ef7ac920cd557.png

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4 hours ago, Sid Vicarious said:

Would Chaosium distribute other Nocturnal titles? Paladin, for example? Once its out. 

Paladin, Aquelarre, Hellywood, and their associated lines, plus the Deluxe Le Mort d'Arthur and Arthurian Concordance would fit right in with the rest of Chaosiums products.  I have high hopes.

Also, I am curious as to the print quality.  Prince Valiant and the Story Path Cards are available as Print on Demand.  Will the Chaosium offerings be of the same materials currently on POD or will they get a new printing?

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