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  2. Btw I just caught up with @Crel's campaign log and saw that the NPC's Sever Spirit was cancelled by the house rule to use "hero points" to avoid dying.
  3. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Harrek was based on Harald Hardrada.
  4. I don't know who was behind the RQ3 sorcery rules as published by Avalon Hill. Sandy published a set of Western Sorcery rules which riffed off those (kinda). I consider his Western rules to be the "core" doc for what we ended up playing about twenty years later. Sandy's sorcery is, I think, hosted on Phil Hibb's site that he linked above, if you want to check it out.
  5. One of the draws to RQ for my group is its hyper-lethality, and Sever Spirit plays into this. At the same time, I do believe to some degree in "balanced" encounters, probably moreso than other folks around here. If I tell my players "here's your quest, should you accept it..." then I believe it's unfair of me if I'm giving them a task I don't think they can probably complete. Now, if a player says "I'm gonna kill a True Dragon!" what happens next is on them.
  6. I disagree. If you prefer to have your bad guys always follow the letter of the rules (i.e. no Heroquesting), that will invalidate a lot of published material, and doesn't contradict the main point of the argument anyway. In case you didn't catch it -- the fact that something is deadly hasn't been shown to remove the "excitement" from the game in any of the various campaigns I have run or played in. Very much the opposite in fact. My second point was that there are ways of combating the known deadliness already inherent in the game system, which are fairly easy for a GM to exploit.
  7. Appreciate the fix. I looked right at it and typed the wrong number!
  8. The whole point of his example was that the villain comes back somehow in another body. So any sort of change from the villains previous body is going to bring out charges of his being racist, and/or sexists for making the new villain a member of whatever "group" he picks, and the same claims, plus those of not being inclusive if the villain's new body were the same race and gender as the first. He can't win no matter what he does. No, I don't know that. It's not deflection, it was the first example posted. You're the one who tried to change the topic in his post from "what if the main villain was the same guy". I'm surprised you didn't call him sexist for using "same guy". Yes, and Karloff wore a Fez in several of his roles. You overlook that many of those old films also happened to be classics. Karloff was an actor noted for playing villains. He got his roles and recognition thru merit, not through his ethnicity. But we're not allowed to run any game in the 20s or 30s because they were racist times. Or any time before that. Or after that. Claims can be made for any movie being insensitive to one particular group of people or another.
  9. Hm let me meditate™ on that. Nah, that would take too much time. Instead I will read this egregiously wonderful topic again, like a good little munchkin (now where did I put that note pad)...
  10. Haha yes I've thought the same thing many times I'm not. FWIW that was my initial reading of the rules. When the whole debate started around it and people argued otherwise, I shrugged and figured oh I must have been mistaken. I think I might be immune to a couple of the weird things in the rules because RQG was the first RQ ruleset I was exposed to, so I have no precedent or bias with any of this. I do agree however that the rules aren't clear and Chaosium didn't handle it very well to clear this up. Spending 14 RPs that are going to be held up during an entire season (no replenishing) is a weird thing to do, but sure, why not. IMG, a bunch of evil spirits (disease spirits, etc.) would look at that character and think: "oooh, look at this nice little safe bubble... if I can get in there, I'm going to have a fun time! Maybe I'll call my friends to help". Any clever-enough NPC might also change their tactic to, say, lure the PC in a cave and create a landslide to trap him there, or some other way to disable the character without direct harm... I might even go the other way, let the PC have fun with it for the season: they just go through any encounter in this season with absolutely zero problem... and that attracts a lot of attention. Maybe their chieftains and priests are super happy with them and that creates jealousy... Maybe all these successes create shifts in the nearby monster population -- maybe the local Uz call for reinforcements, or they leave their caves altogether and that creates a vacuum that has a bunch of social and political and even mythical repercussions. Whenever the players come up with something crazy I ask myself how that can be used as an opportunity to take the story in a cool direction, whether it is by pushing back, or following along and ahead. If you're into house rules you could also change how Extension works, and make it a multiplier instead (cost x2 for one hour, cost x3 for one day, etc.). That might make spells way too expensive to extend, but I can't tell exactly which aspect of "Shield 10 for a season with 60 defensive MPs" is problematic for you. I personally like that you need to sacrifice some Sword Trance MPs to allocate to defensive boosting. That limits a bit the insane levels you can get to.
  11. They were (are, technically, as there's 3 Shakers left as of the last time I checked) also celibate, which doesn't quite match Maran Gor's situation, but the general idea that you don't marry or have kids fits well enough, as does the setup of communal orders surrounded by non-communal sympathizers track reasonably well with the situation of the Tarsh Exiles.
  12. If you enjoyed Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes' clan questionnaire, but wanted some different options, then good news! A series of questionnaires, long in development by @Ali the Helering (with editing and layout by myself) has now arrived in the Jonstown Compendium: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/320151/Heorts-Legacy Hopefully this may be of use and/or interest to people.
  13. More a silly headcanon than a theory: Every elemental Rune has a particular method of unarmed combat attached to it, and for Earth that's grappling, which is why Earth deities and worshipers tend to be excellent wrestlers. Barntar is acknowledged as the best wrestler of the Thunder Brothers, for instance, but that's because he's favored by his mother's side of the family and was taught some of their secret wrestling moves by his mother and aunts. (I don't really have anything in mind for the others, except that Darkness gods and worshipers are definitely scrappers who see nothing wrong with biting and scratching; it's a rare fistfight between Uz that doesn't end in someone getting an ear bitten off). Now that makes me imagine the story of Amaterasu hiding herself in a cave and the gods having a loud party to entice her out of hiding, but with Yelm and the Lightbringers.
  14. The Shakers danced in gender-separate squares, which seems highly appropriate for the Dark Earth.
  15. Today
  16. The Shakers actually broke off from the prior Quakers group... that's why I'd rather call the Maran Gorites "rumblers" (plus, it gives them a "wrestling / lucha libre" vibe! Imagine playing with a fancy mask!)
  17. No, they're called "quakers." (Actually, does anyone but me crack a smile every time the "Shaker Temple" is brought up because it calls to mind the obscure Christian sect called the Shakers, a.k.a. the "Shaking Quakers"? I feel like it has to have been an intentional joke on someone's part)
  18. Witness the deflection. Invoke Skeletor, which was never part of the objection. And white people wear fezzes too! Never mind that the characters, portrayed by white actors, are dated stereotypes of indefinite impressions of late-colonial Arabs (or Persians or Indians, as depicted elsewhere in other garb). But definitely don't look back on the needlessly specific depiction of Latinos, blacks and feminists as criminals that was clearly supposed to fly under the radar while still registering with the reader. I take no great joy in hounding you -- I actually appreciate some of your posts about gaming -- but you consistently employ a well-known playbook with a coded message that goes beyond being merely politically conservative. And it's not okay. !i!
  19. Storm Bull: "berserkers". Maran Gor: "rumblers". Babeester Gor: "shredders"
  20. Yeah, I saw to this, so I’d just thought I’d leave the argument alone. Sort of dissolves itself right there with much of it..
  21. My impression at the time, back when I was playtesting RQ3, was that the IMHO dreadful RQ3 sorcery rules were Charlie Krank's idea not Sandy's. Could be wrong. During the long forgotten early '90s "RQ4" Chaosium project, which I am one of the few people who actually ran an RQ4 campaign out of, I wrote up my own suggested new sorcery rules, which I sent to those in charge of said long forgotten project. Though the basic idea is different, as my version bases sorcery on knowledge of the world in a rather "earth" sense, whereas RQG sorcery is based on the building blocks of Glorantha instead, namely the runes, I see the basic idea as parallel to mine. Anyway, here it is.SORCERY for RQ4.pdf
  22. Oh I had never noticed this, thanks! (p281, not 181, for anyone who wasn't aware either)
  23. Ah, but you know the answer to this one already! The big bad guy has done.....a heroquest. Which is also why it won't work for the PC's if they eventually kill and loot him. (Which might not be culturally appropriate.) Any old farmer Fred won't have something like this, and so may be subject to random Sever Spirit out of the blue during whatever type of raid is going on, but someone worthy of being a menace of an entire party, who appear to contain optimized cults, spells, and skills -- possibly from reading the munchkin thread -- deserve a worthy foe. A +2 to a crystal is pretty weak sauce for a heroquest reward, so if the players complain about it, make that their reward for when its their turn at bat 😛 For resisting spells, they all do. See page 181 RQ:G.
  24. Oh wow I didn't expect the French edition to do any changes to the rules... I was already surprised to see an additional adventure in the preview PDF, when I thought these (along with any "original content") would go in separate books. My first reaction was to go check the occupation skill bonuses for the Hunter in the French version and YES, PEOPLE, WE DID IT (let's take credit for this shall we? ). The Hunter went from 140 points in the English version to 200 points in the French version. I haven't checked what other changes have been made, and frankly I'm not sure what I can share at this point anyway. I'm wondering @PhilHibbs what's your relationship with the French edition? Are you just a multilingual guy who backed the crowdfunding campaign, or are you involved in it in any way?
  25. Skeletor is racist and misogynistic? I dunno. He seems to hate everyone equally, except he hates He-Man more, and his posse is a pretty diverse lot. He even has a more-competent woman, Evil-Lyn, as his second-in-command. I've often wondered why she didn't just keep this week's Artifact of Power and set up shop on her own account. Professor Fez, introduced as an example villain In "Astounding Adventures," looks an awful lot like Karloff's portrayal of Ardeth Bey in "The Mummy." But if you prefer Sydney Greenstreet from "Casablanca," fine. He wore a fez, too. Or was it my joke about race- or gender-swapping the villain that offended you? If so, what right do you have to be offended? Marvel Comics gave us a female Doctor Octopus while Otto Octavius was down for the count. The CW gave us a black Iris and Wally West and a black Jimmy Olsen just for the heck of it. Hollywood gave us Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury (sure, he's a badass, but Bruce Campbell wasn't available?), Will Smith as James West (Smith should stick to fighting aliens and vampires), and Michael Clarke Duncan as The Kingpin (he was intimidating but not Wilson Fisk). If they can get away with it, why can't you or I in our role-playing games? At least you don't still have to pay Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner when your campaign bombs (shudder, Daredevil 2003).
  26. I believe it was the sky that was bronze. The sea was wine colored, if I recall correctly. (All due to the Greeks lacking a specific word for blue.)
  27. Belinthar being a god learner superweapon is a pretty common theory. We probably shouldnt trust a blind men on truthfully describing what color something is.
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