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  2. To be honest, I've never really seen myths of her acting through agape etc, it's just eros through and through.
  3. I think it is a profound misunderstanding of Uleria to think she only deals with erotic love. She is not the goddess of eros, she is the goddess of love - eros, agape, philia, storge.
  4. ... yeah, Maboder annihilation ! Apparently, 1602 (Fall of Sartar)-1655 (Moonfall) with a lot of details -season by season- between 1625-1628, less between 1629-1655 (yearly basis) & even less for the recent past, 1602-1624, but still more than we've ever had!?! Quite a tantalizing program... wait & see.
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  6. Molanni is listed in the Glorious ReAscent as being distinct from Dendara in the marriage contest p10 (with Uleria etc also appearing). I assume this reflects the Sun chosing a consort from the other planets*. Uleria is associated with the Mastakos planet, Verithurusa the planet that will later become the Red Moon, Dendara/Entekos the white planet and so the other deities represent the other planets: Artia, Lightfore, the Blue Moon etc. But I haven't been able to make it all work. *There's a winkle in that there are ten contestants but only nine other planets. I think Ketenari is either a late addition to the myth (ie at the time when the contest took place there were no cities) or two successive lists have been combined together.
  7. didn't Uleria also become the goddess of the hunt when she melded with Ulurda?
  8. It shouldn't; it should bring to mind Rashoran/a and Jernotie. Nysalor might teach Illumination but the Red Goddess always always claims Rashoran/a, Jernotie, and the Atarks, not Nysalor. Nysalor is just convenient because Illumination is Illumination, practically speaking, and the Solar Empire already was riddled with Nysaloreans. But the Red Goddess is tied to Entekos, the phallic Middle Air Storm God and Dendera, who was Uleria the Titan and became Uleria the mother of Moons and gained a water rune. These share with Rashoran/a and Jernotie and the Atarks a prehistoric and "monstrous" lack of fixed gender associated with the Titanic court. (Nysalor appeared as it pleased the viewer, but he was male: this was just an illusion.) Entekos is the Middle Air and Dendera bore the White Sun which became reborn as the Blue Moon when Yelm rebelled.
  9. The Community Spell in ye olde Gods of Glorantha simply allowed any communication skill within an area of effect to succeed automatically. This rather bland spell took on a new kink when you looked at the nearby courtesan skill which was a communication skill. So it's means to be an Orgy spell. I've disagreed in the past about whether the spell should cover skills other than courtesan because an automatic success in intimidation or speak other languages doesn't quite mesh with the interest of the Goddess of Love. I would amend it these days that any communication skill will automatically succeed if carried out for erotic purposes.
  10. ENTIRELY UNRELATEDLY, because the Sun Gods f*ck through a sheet when they aren't sworn to virginity, Turos being the exception ... is Molanni, "mother of Daga", somehow related to Entekos? Daga is paralleled by Yatelo the (deeply creepy) Hungry Sun in Six Ages. She is portrayed by Orlanthings as a woman in a submissive position. Is Molanni an Orlanthing interpretation of Yelm's Wife? Here's Yatelo, because everyone loves pictures. Also pictured: Inilla the Gatherer God looking sad and Elmal officially looking "vexed". (Six Ages
  11. Hahaha! 😂 Yes, because I already know what the one in bold does!
  12. If I were to make a specific CoC connection, I’d probably take the Nephilim to be offspring of Yog-Sothoth a la Dunwich Horror.
  13. You saw the list "Birthing, Community, Erotocomatose Lucidity, Extension, Reproduce, Sanctify, and Transfer Pregnancy" and asked what Community does?
  14. If I remember correctly, the current rules demand a roll for every 5 meters on a vertical climb.
  15. Haha! But maybe it avoods unnecessary arguments within a community! That would be quite powerful! 😁
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  17. As I was afraid this was too big a post for comment.... Really what I mean and was asking for comment 1. some of the mechanic that work for elemental work for ghost (I guess the immaterial part and immunities) 2. what could be the size, toughness, might of an elemental 3. what damage do they take from other sources (normal weapon, elemental attach, enhance damage) I guess I could just pull some arbitrary numbers.. but I was looking for something that fell ok.. I guess we all have different idea here... but I'd like to know yours first!
  18. It's the final days of the Swedish Call of Cthulhu Kickstarter (http://bit.ly/2kA2mKn), and our friends at Eloso Förlag have released the last intriguing instalment of their superbly made campaign videos. This is a story we'd love to see more of...
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  20. Richard S.


    Speaking as a resident of both, they're not the most active communities, but we're pretty good about answering anyone's questions and then somehow turning that into an hour long debate!
  21. Thought it was a map of Queensland at first. Which to most Ozzies is rather apt.
  22. Arachne Solara, being a/the master/weaver of time and the being standing at the ultimate point in the lightbrigers quest might be the shiva of this equation. The creator and destroyer embodied as one. Sounds like a great role for a spider to me. Cheers
  23. If the assist is considered to be equal or near to equal to a critical augmentation, yes, by all means plus 50. Otherwise either rule that the successes give a simple augment success at +20 and no further rolls are required for those who follow our intrepid first climber, or allow a chance to use another roll (against climb, lore, passion (family) {don’t fail this one causing a death—the penalty of grief!} or orate, perhaps?) to improve the augment success and have a 2nd shot at special +30 and the critical... the exalted plus 50!. Did I see the word scene above, I thought I had. I like the idea of an action roll depending on a scene (or is it a scene depending on a roll, whatever?) rather than an empirical distance, say a roll every 10m. The empirical has its place but again story first to my way of thinking. Cheers
  24. I have, or at least have played games where fatigue was incorporated into it. But it really comes down to the nature of the adventure and the pupose of the climbing relation to it. It's the same reason why most tasks are resolved in one roll while combat is broken down into rounds. It the climb is supposed to be a major part of the adventure then I might use a more detailed approach, and break it up into diffient stages or "legs" with multiple actions. If not, then probably not. Possibly. I think it depends on just how far/much climbing a character can do in one attempt, and how hard/demanding the climb is. Something like that, although maybe +50% would be too much. Again I think it comes down to how difficult the climb is to begin with. Sometimes someone can show you how "easy" something is, yet you still can't do it.
  25. And if you can’t go up, there’s always the depths of Moria! A little Khazad-dûm anyone? I like your thinking of using it not only as a common sense rule and a method of crafting a tale but as a tool to build tension. Three benefits for one line of thought, works for me! Cheers
  26. That's food for thought. What if another character goes first and succeeds in all the rolls? Could she then tell her comrades where the footholds are? So they get a +50% or no roll is needed?
  27. Thanks a lot! It's cool that she has those rune spells. I can now see wifes and not only bachelors going to her temples. I need to ask: what does "Community" do?
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