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  1. @SirGarethBeaumains These news are really intriguing! Can you tell us more without infringing on some NDA? I've been running KAP on and off for 15 years now, and Beaumains remains my Grail, never managed to obtain a copy...
  2. @Darkloutre, please understand that sharing published material is illegal, and you are asking precisely that. @Darkloutre, le partage de matériel publié est illégal, et vous demandez exactement cela.
  3. I am sure that the English version of BoK does not include any scenario, just 2 pages of instructions to build scenarios. I have the book before me in this moment. I am also almost sure that the name "Thankhad" is never mentioned in any of the English-language books published over the years. I did an automatic's word search on the PFDs of all the books, and found nothing. Edit: By the way, @Crabus, what is the title of this scenario? I've never heard of it.
  4. Well, I was just hoping you, and any other (BoS) authors were at work on it! Thanks for the info!
  5. You're working on The North right now, am I right? If not, you should be...
  6. I've downloaded and am already using them, they are gorgeous! Thanks! Can we have more of these? Just a few? :-)
  7. Regarding the correspondences between old and new names, some long lists can be found in this thread in the old Nocturnal forum: https://greathall.chaosium.com/Pendragon Forum Archive/index.php/t-2696.html Hope it's useful!
  8. If I remember correctly, dividing the GPC and/or the KAP rulebook up into 4 different era books was another one of those projects Greg had been working on for years. I was part of his "household knights" group for contributing to projects, and I've seen files on these changes at least since 2015. This didn't stop him from producing the 5.2 edition! Personally, given the situation and the passing away of Greg, I think that KAP couldn't be in better hands. The people at Chaosium (and David Larkins in particular) have the utmost respect for Greg's work and gaming legacy, and are also
  9. Beautiful! I can't wait to have it in my grubby hands... And these pictures make me even more eager!
  10. Seems really intriguing! My compliments to your player. Maybe, you could pass to him this information: here in Italy it is rather difficult to buy the GN! Apple iBooks: not available, at least outside the USA-Canada; iTunes App Store: not available, at least outside the USA-Canada; Comixology: not available; B&N Nook: available, but not sold outside the USA-Canada; Anazon Kindle: finally, I manged to buy it from Amazon. Now guess which was the last option I tried???? 😆
  11. Thanks Ringan for saving these materials! I for one would be grateful if you shared the files here. Maybe the Forum administrators could find a more "suitable" accommodation for them, possibly in the Great Hall (https://greathall.chaosium.com/)?
  12. I looked again, and couldn't find Goudy in the PDF's font list. However, it could depend on the exact printing you are looking at (I don't know which is mine, but it bears both GS Pendragon's and Nocturnal Media's logos). I'm pretty sure Helvetica is nowhere to be seen, since it's a "sans serif" font that would be very conspicuous among the serif fonts used everywhere. Symbol and Wingdings are of course used for symbols and small glyphs within the body of the text. Times New Roman seems to be the main font used in the whole text. I think that all main titles are written in Buccaneer. H
  13. I can only answer your off topic question. Adobe Acrobat Reader's Properties menu turns out the following fonts for BoK&L's PDF: Buccaneer Helvetica SymbolMT TimesNewRomanPS Windlass Wingdings Apart from Helvetica, Times New Roman, Symbol and Wingdings, which are all fonts commonly available on most PCs, the remaining two are available as free downloads online: Buccaneer: https://www.wfonts.com/font/buccaneer Windlass: https://www.dafont.com/it/windlass.font
  14. Just looking at this page made me put DIE on my reading list! Thanks for the news!
  15. Maybe what Atgxtg says could be formalized by framing it within the well-known partition of Medieval society into three "orders": those who pray, those who work, those who fight. For KAP, the 3 orders become 4, with the addition of (the very rare) "those who enchant" ("those who charm"?). It does not become one order to actively perform the duties that are typical of another order. So, it does not become a knight to actively produce magic effects, or to celebrate Mass; however, he can certainly attend Mass, or use magic items or benefit from magical effects created by other people.
  16. If the file is REALLY old, the .iwa extension probalby corresponds to an "IBM Writing Assistant" file, not to the more recent "Pages" files from Apple. IWA was a DOS software. If this is correct, I've found this possible solution: it's "File Magic", an apparently free software for file visualization that claims to be able to handle .iwa files: https://www.filemagic.com/it/uncommon-files/iwa-file-extension/iwa-files-what-to-do-if-you-don-t-have-ibm-writing-assistant-text-software/ "File Convert" lists .iwa among the files it can handle and is available as a free trial here: http://fil
  17. You're very welcome! If I may, you are sorely missing some serious entertainment (and other chances to honor Greg's memory...) if you don't also download and play the other free "We Are All Us" adventures (for Pendragon - by Greg himself! -, Call of Cthulhu, Runequest and HeroQuest). They are available strarting from here: https://www.chaosium.com/we-are-all-us-free-adventures/
  18. Here you go: https://www.chaosium.com/content/FreePDFs/WeAreAllUs/2019/The Sword of Kings - 7th Sea.pdf
  19. Do you want a Don Quixote supplement? Draft a proposal and submit it to the line editor!
  20. Username, this discussion on BoB is very interesting (for me at least). Maybe you could open a new thread? Or continue here, no one has complained yet about trail derailing... 🙂 This community is very courteous (of course!), so feel free to ask your questions wherever you deem appropriate.
  21. I have a directory in my PC, where I put all the books that I feel could be adapted to Pendragon. Here are its contents: - GURPS Camelot - GURPS Celtic Myth - Harkwood (a chivalric adventure/sourcebook for GURPS Classic Fantasy) - All "Daring Tales of Chivalry" books for Savage Worlds (4 books) - "Caves of the Circind" for Mythras Mythic Britain - The Sword and the Loves from Mammut RPG - I, Mordred (alternative setting where Arthur is an usurper and Mordred the rightful king) - Age of Arthur (alternative "historical" setting, includes a scenario and some adventure seeds)
  22. Thanks! Will definitely check this one out!
  23. I second @David Scott's suggestion: just use the KAP 4th Edition's magic rules, which are flavourful, really entertaining and explicitly tied to the background. Simply reduce the time/aging requirements/costs until you obtain a system that works for you.
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