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  1. According to the product description, they are mounted on 25mm bases. They're a mite taller than the bases are wide (judging by eye, mind) so I'd say they're probably a little under 28mm tall exactly. So next to 'true' 28mm humans, they're pretty chunky. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing though, as I don't recall there being any source definitively stating how tall Mostali are, exactly, apart from being squat in shape. I'm sure there will be a dozen replies calling me a moron and proving me wrong within minutes of my submitting this reply, however. 😉
  2. Ladygolem

    Ancient West

    Ah, but are not Giants also strongly tied to the Disorder rune? The same process could thus be described as "when a Giant's connection to the Disorder rune weakens, they become mountains". You could take this further, and posit that Giants are really just mountains with too much Disorder messing up their Law, causing them to start walking around and causing mischief instead of staying put like a good Lawful mountain should!
  3. That is very true. One one hand, the bigger models do often look better... on the other, it does reduce their compatibility with other miniature systems and drives up prices - both good things from GW's perspective, unfortunately, so they're unlikely to stop anytime soon. At least these guys are dwarves, and the scale will roughly balance out hopefully.
  4. In 28mm, I think GW Kharadron Overlords make pretty good Iron Mostali.
  5. Look how closely the Manirian coast lines up with Lousiana! My takeaway from this is that clearly Slontos was Florida, and thus the Closing may have looked something like this:
  6. Iirc, the way it's explained in Griffin Mountain is that the tribes are not quite so different than the ones in Sartar as one might expect but still not the same. On of the main benefit of allying one's clan with a citadel tribe is that the citadels have standing armies, which (theoretically) can be counted on for military support in inter-clan conflict. The citadel kings also function as adjudicators and tiebreakers. However, unlike in Sartar, there's no particular sense of tribal loyalty and clans will switch allegiances often as needed. That's the extent as explicitly stated but of course, that's not necessarily the whole story. As @Ali the Helering said, we can imagine in our Gloranthas a higher degree of economic and cultural cooperation beyond the pure military alliance of convenience.
  7. Concept: there could have been lions in Dragon Pass (and perhaps there were once, before Tada killed Basmol), but their ecological niche as apex predators is occupied by sakkar sabretooths. There's enough large prey animals living in the area (cattle, dinosaurs, are there mastodons this far south?) that they don't go extinct like in real life. Thus, the sakkar could have the same sort of symbolic significance as lions do in historical cultures. This brings up an question tho: if there's still lions in Maniria and Peloria, why don't the Praxian Basmoli migrate there and reconnect with their leonine kin? That could make a neat plot hook, honestly.
  8. Awesome, thanks for clearing it up.
  9. Going by the King of Dragon Pass game, they are two seperate categories. You have your clan ring of seven upstanding members of the community (and the occasional Eurmali) who convene to make decisions and whatnot. You also have a certain amount of thanes, which represent the number mounted horsemen available to you (as opposed to the foot-slogging carls), some of whom may also be members of the Ring. Neither category necessarily implies the other (though if a ring member is a fighter, chances are they'll be a thane).
  10. That was my initial suspicion as well, and makes a lot of sense. The main thing I was thinking of was whether there was some kind of Spirit of Reprisal or similar phenomenon that whacks you in the back of the head if you demand more than 1000L for a neighbouring clan's noble described somewhere that people would take issue with my not acknowledging. Good to know!
  11. Weird little question that came up while writing. Can captors upsell their captives, for instance if they've captured someone vital to a wealthy community? I'm assuming the converse, trying to bargain for a captive clanmate, would be shameful and in bad taste, but is it merely that or is it completely taboo? Basically, is weregild set in stone or is it subject to market variables like other types of monetary transactions?
  12. Ladygolem


    Warhammer Dryads/ Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth make for some pretty sweet Aldryami inspo in general i find! These are Kurnoth Hunters done by Steve Wren. I chose this photo over the official one on the Games Workshop store page because the addition of flock really sells them, honestly. The only real change that you'd have to do to make the Sylvaneth range more Gloranthesque is maybe swap out some of the more ostentatious weapons for historically grounded ones.
  13. Speaking of undead sorcerors, nice thread necromancy... While we're here though: When/what event would this be referring to?
  14. So kind of pre-feudal proto-knights! As in, the IRL class of privileged warriors that hundreds of years later formed the basis of feudal aristrocracy, right?
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