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Battle of Heroes


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Does anyone know which 'notables' beyond Argrath, Harrek, Gunda & Jar-eel are present at this battle? Likewise which 'prestige' units were present. I'd assume that the Moonswords are here, accompanying Jar-eel, but what units are present from the Heartland or Cavalry Corps. Any ideas as to which of the Sartar Magical Union formations are present?

I only ask, as I no longer have the 'Dragon Pass' boardgame for reference, and my intrepid band of players; Colymar loyalists + Kerofineli Tarshite Skald, are about to take part in this clash of titanic forces, so any info's appreciated.

Sure, I know MGMV, but any additional information will help with describing this battle from the POV of their characters, as well as determining who they face off against across the battlefield.

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If you look at the board game as the foundational document about the Hero Wars, the Battle of Heroes corresponds to the game scenario using all of the Sartarite units (including the Barbarian Horde and Jaldon) and all the Lunar units, but no diplomacy to ally any of the other factions. That makes Jaldon Toothmaker another participant in this battle, and about any named leader from those units. The Storm Walkers might mean that you get to meet Elmalandti Bluespruce, and the presence of Baron Sanuel's unit suggests that at least companions of Mularik Iron-eye may be in the fun.

The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass has all of the named units in the board game and gives additional information.

King of Sartar suggests that Minaryth Blue was present, a Colymar tribe follower of Argrath. You might use MB as a side character for flavor.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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