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Big names in role-playing behind it. I am also curious.

Edit: I found the Wordpress for the game. I've requested a copy of the PDF for review on RPG Imaginings. We'll see if it happens.


MU Podcast just featured Jo Kreil and Dean Engelhart speaking about it: https://www.mu-podcast.com/mup-ep-205-apocthulhu/

The system has a lot in common with CoC and DG. The credits page lists Wizards OGL, which I find strange. Wouldn't this fall under BRP OGL?


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I picked it up (love everything those folks are doing), yet haven't started reading yet. I love the name 'Yellow and Unpleasant Land' which I may read first simply because i cannot resist. From what I understand, they also have a 7e CoC manuscript with Chaosium but i can't remember the name. I'll pick that up too when it's out.


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Okay I purchased my copy last night from Drivethru, and having had a quick skim through I really like it.

There is a beautiful  cthulhuesque setting, the Night Land in there which i will re-read again today (it was 12.15 am last night when I was reading it). But chargen is getting more in line in what i have been doing in my free form games.

1. You pick your archetype, whose primary skills are set somewhere between 40-50%,  with a choice of a few extra skills you can also pick.

2. Magic, again more in line with my thinking. None of this variable cost for different spells that essentially do the same thing. It is a set cost for what you want, the spell is unimportant really. Minor spells cost A point, slightly more powerful costs B number of points, etc.

A couple of very sensible additions to this.



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Redbubble now has a bunch of Apocthulhu-related merchandise for sale, notably including a really boss map of William Hope Hodgson's Night Land. You can also get neat Apocthulhu logo gear and items with art from the cover of the Quickstart rules.

Did I mention the Night Land map is really boss? https://www.redbubble.com/i/poster/William-Hope-Hodgson-s-The-Night-Land-by-CReborn/56117238.LVTDI

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