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The Adventure of the Great Hunt - a Quickstart preview of Greg Stafford's "ultimate edition" for the Pendragon RPG


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1 hour ago, Oleksandr said:

Though you are right, for lone dagger +1 or +2 seems more appropriate, but i think sword+dagger should provide +4.

Keep the rules simple. A +2 with a dagger, why not, but a +4 is too much.

From a designer's perspective, the sword+shield should be the best defensive combo for a knight.

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I can certainly see improvised items providing some defense. One or two points for a wrapped arm, perhaps more for a chair, which will only last a blow or two.

For Shields, I generally use the values from PDP: 12 points for Large (with a -5 to skill), and 9 for Common (medium). I then extrapolate out to 6 for Buckler. I also allow 6 point parries for Swords, thus 4 points for a dagger (an actual 14-16in blade or so dagger, not an oversized kitchen implement) seems about right. 


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3 hours ago, Call Me Deacon Blues said:

In regards to Parry value of a dagger, on I wanna say the Discord, David Larkins said that when wielding two weapons, you raise the Parry value by like, 1 I think? Something like that. So yeah, while a dagger by itself has no Parry value, wielding sword and dagger together DOES raise the Parry value.

Yeah, it was in Discord.

He said in 21/10/2010:

"As for wielding two weapons, the new rule is simple: if you are wielding a one-handed weapon in your off-hand, you gain an additional Parry protection value of +2, unless the weapon in your main hand is a sword, in which case the additional value is +1.
(So a hand axe and dagger, say, give you Parry +2, since hand axes normally have Parry 0; a sword and dagger, or sword and hand axe or whatever, would have Parry +4—+3 for the sword, additional +1 for the off-hand weapon. Still not quite as good as a shield, but close!)"

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Our sneak peek of the forthcoming Pendragon 6th Edition core rules and accompanying scenario, Greg Stafford's The Adventure of the Great Hunt, is now available in Japanese!



Along with English, Russian, and Italian. All free to download at our Itch.io page:



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I'm running 5 introductory Pendragon events at DragonCon in the "Non-Campaign RPGs" program designed to introduce anyone with or without experience with Pendragon or RPGs to this fantastic, award-winning game. The Adventure of the Great Hunt is the scenario. Sign-ups are not open yet, but the scenario's description and session slots are listed here - https://gaming.dragoncon.org

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