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The End of Hearts in Glorantha & Gloranthan Adventures

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Hi all,

I've finally decided to call time on the great D101 Games Gloranthan Fanzine adventure.

As of 31st October both titles will no longer be available. 

Until then copies are available from my web store and drivethrurpg.com. This also includes the individual copies of issues 1-5 of HiG, for you completionists out there. 

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Any chance of extending this?

Like... thru the Xmas season, or end of year, etc?

It's just... kinda short notice, for those of us with "fixed budget" gaming... 😱

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No, for reasons I won't go into there ;)

End of Oct, they are gone. No longer available as POD or PDF via me or drivethrurpg.com or lulu.com. You've had 10 years + in some cases, and I brought back 1-5 as individual issues so completionists don't get price gouged by sellers on ebay or Nobleknight. 

But I can't provide an extended deadline. 

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