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North-east of Alone, nestled against the Indigo Mountains, is a place called "Deadwood" (not to be confused with the "Woods of the Dead", also near Alone!!). I've got some questions for the tribe:
  1. Is there any relation with the "Deadwood" of the God Learners map in the Sourcebook? (p122) I guess not, I think that one is a predecessor to the Aldryami forests of Fronela?
  2. The old HW Dragon Pass gazeteer mentions that the trees there sacrificed their life essence to allow the passage of the local Dragonewt king upon his death (p20). I have no idea how that makes sense... what's the relationship between trees and dragons here? (I might change the origin story anyway)
  3. I have something in my notes (can't remember where I got it from) that this Deadwood has zombie Aldryami tending to their dead groves. What would be the elves' opinion(s) on undead?

Thanks for any ideas/references/etc!

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