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Ernaldan Heroes?

Martin Dick

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2 hours ago, Martin Dick said:
So, while they're a number of women Heroes and Superheroes involved in the Hero Wars (Jar-eel, Kallyr, Gunda, Leika), but who are the Ernaldan Heroes that play a part - Entarios the Supporter? The Feathered Horse Queens - Vistera and Inkarne (Single Matron Woman?).
Any ideas?

I would expect Entarios the Supporter to be knee-deep in all the giant magical projects that happen.


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As stated, Samastina and Inkarne are definitely the two biggest ones, operating at the same level as Broyan/Kallyr/Argrath/etc. Other, somewhat more low-key Ernaldan heroines also exist, either doing their own thing at a smaller but still very significant scale (which is probably where the likes of Entarios and her daughter Ernalsulva will be) or being one of the named companions to any of the biggest players, like Ernaldesta the Vigorous is to Kallyr.

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Presumably, the core of the Warm Sisters and Snakepipe Dancers of the Sartar Magical Union are Ernaldan heroes, even if perhaps not capital-H Heroes.

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