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Mythras returns to Bundle of Holding: May 2021


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Mythras is once again the featured system over at Bundle of Holding, with some seriously spectacular deals on Mythras PDFs. This time around the Bundle consists of a Starter Collection (Mythras, Mythras Companion, Monster Island, Two Mythras Combat Training Modules) and the Bonus Collection - which contains Lyonesse (and two scenarios), Luther Arkwright, and the epic Arkwright campaign, Parallel Lines.

The price just can't be beaten: just $7.95 for the Starter Collection, but if you pay a little more and meet (or beat) the Threshold Price, then the Bonus Collection is yours too.

There is no better way to get into both Mythras and the amazing worlds of Jack Vance and Bryan Talbot than through this Bundle of Holding deal. And as Lyonesse is a self contained game, it represents astonishing value.

The Mythras Bundle of holding runs until Monday 14th June, and 10% of all proceeds go towards Direct Relief, a charity that ensures protective equipment and critical care medications get to key health workers across the US and the rest of the world.

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The Design Mechanism: Publishers of Mythras

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6 hours ago, Bill the barbarian said:

Throw in a buck or two extra and grab Luther Arkwright as well!

I have most of the Mythras stuff already... but not Luther Arkwright or Lyonesse .. extra buck paid (is that a male antelope? and some weird hint for me to respond to the Great Hunt?). I had to post the antelope... it couldn't be digitalised and I have to say difficult to wrap as it kept moving and often ripped the paper

I'm not sure where I will get the time to play either Luther Arkwright or Lyonesse... but will be reading them after I've finished Ben Aaronovitch's series of books and I may be inspired to run a game or two as my Saxon campaign heads towards the glorious and heroic deaths of the characters

Contribute to a good cause also .. I've seen too much horror this last 18 months because of lack of PPE where it's needed

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