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Chaosium digest ?


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Did anybody manage to snag a copy of this file, as its no longer there, and archive.org can't access the location?

If they did, I'd appreciate a copy if possible.

Adam Crossingham
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief | Sixtystone Press Limited


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It download fine for me, I had to drop it into Word from Notepad to get decent formatting though. So, what is the history behind these digests? Oh, and thanks for making them available.

They should all be text, probably look best with Courier.

They were all discussions over a Majordomo listserv for those that. Not much different than getting a daily digest email from a Yahoo group.

The discussions centered on the various rules systems that Chaosium had going at the time, though the RQ stuff was rolled out into its own digest, as was the topic of Glorantha. Alternate magics, using one rules system in place of another, etc.


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