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Need some stats for a giant rat


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Pretty sure Rich wrote them up for Rubble & Ruin. Here's an idea off the top of my head:


CON 2D6 (+1 2 for resisting poison/disease and other nastiness)



DEX 2D6+10

Bite attack for 1d6 damage

High climb, hide, sneak and swim skills 60%+

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Rubble Runner stats are in AH RQ2 rulebook or the Gloranthan Bestiary (for AH RQ3), both long out-of-print of course. I'm not sure what the rules are for posting stats for out of print publications

" Sure it's fun, but it is also well known that a D20 roll and an AC is no match against a hefty swing of a D100% and a D20 Hit Location Table!"

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Rubble Runner stats (both for RQ2 and MRQ1) and an image can be found on this link to a Mongoose Publishing forum page.

Although, for a real giant I still recommend the Guinea Saurus Rex (Link not given, as South Park will most likely offend someone. For the brave; try Google Images or Youtube).

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Here is Megarat from R&R:


Three foot long megarats live in small colonies within the rubble. Individually they are not too dangerous, but they are often encountered in large ravenous hoards. They are primarily nocturnal, and return to their communal nest during the day. These nests usually house 2-20 adult rats and are always located in dark underground places. A prospector can frequently identify a nest by its strong and unpleasant odor. Megarats will chew on anything and the prospecting near their nest sites is often diminished due to the chewing of these giant rodents.

Characteristic Roll Average

STR 1D6+1 4-5

CON 3D6 10-11

SIZ 2D3 4

INT 5 5

POW 2D6+1 8

DEX 2D6+6 13

APP 1D6 3-4

HP: 7-8 Move: 12 DB: -1D6

Attacks: Bite 40%, 1D6+1/2DB (Bleed).

Skills: Hide 40%, Dodge 40%, Listen 75%, Stealth 50.

Powers: Dark Vision, Super Smell.

Armor: 1 point fur.

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I also found stats for the Boucher in Ye Booke of Monstres II.

Here's what I went with.

I wanted something about as big as Master Roshi from TMNT (these monsters are essentially an entire race of Master Roshis, thus their name's in-joke).


Intelligent Rats of Norukar

The city of Norukar is built atop a massive artificial foundation constructed during the age of the Sdara Vatra. The foundation is riddled with passages, chambers, and catacombs. This subterranean realm is known as the Under-City. The deeper sections of the Under-City is inhabited by semi-aquatic rodents called roshu. Though they are generally still rat-shaped, they possess dexterous hands and, though technologically primitive, are very clever. They are scavengers who send raiding parties to steal food from the surface. They have been known to kidnap children and weak adults to take back to their secret warrens. Depending on the will and whim of the roshu tribe, these unfortunate captives may be raised as members of the tribes, treated as slaves, eaten as food, or sacrificed to their dark god Rash.

Characteristic Roll Average

STR 2D6 7

CON 2D6 7

SIZ 2D6 7

INT 2D6+6 13

POW 3D6 10-11

DEX 3D6 10-11

APP 1D6+2 5-6

Move: 10 Hit Points: 7 Damage Bonus: -1D4

Armor: None

Attacks: Bite 40%, 1D3 + db

Claw 25%, 1D3 + db

Skills: Dodge 40%, Hide 40%, Fine Manipulation 40%, Listen 65%, Sense 95%, Sleight of Hand 50%, Stealth 40%, Swim 100%

Diseased Bite: The bite of a Roshu harbors communicable diseases. Treat as the Disease Carrier minor mutation (BRP page 105) with a POT of 2D6 (rolled with each contact).

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