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The Witcher in BRP?

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Hey, I've wanted to ask if someone made a Witcher conversion for BRP or any other BRP-related system like Mythras, Legend or Magic World?

I'm asking because the official system doesn't seem to be my jam. I've heard that there was a fan conversion for Mongoose Legend, but I can't find it anywhere, because it seems to have been deleted.

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In Mythras, I think I would make Witchers powers a specific kind of Mysticism, in which Attributes enhancement is the consequence of drugs, and Sigils are lesser versions or Sorcery spells, either instant or lasting until the Witcher stops concentration.

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I had started doing a conversion of Witcher signs with BRP's "Magic" system, but then I was drawn to other projects. I did not advance much.

My preferred setup would be using BRP corebook + Magic World + Advanced Sorcery. 

Witchers use a limited number of modified Magic spells (Signs), Mutations and Potions (possibly modeled using Superpowers).

Mages basically use all kinds of magic in Advanced Sorcery: Sorcery, Necromancy, Runes, Demon Summoning and High Magic.

Druids use limited sorcery.


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3 minutes ago, AndreJarosch said:

Do you know who did that document?
Credit to whom credit it due.

@Fellblade I believe (though I don't know that the name applies to the same person here). They are credited as such on the discord.

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