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[Alephtar Games] Wind on the Steppes: nomad horde in sight!


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Beware, for they gallop like the
Wind on the Steppes



Be they Huns led by Attila, Turks, Kipchaks or the most feared of all – Genghis Khan’s Mongols, the nomads are surging from the depths of Central Asia! And they have just one goal in mind: raiding and pillaging everything in your campaign. So have your player characters get ready to face the fight of their life, for there is no escape route… unless they belong themselves to the horde.


Wind on the Steppes is a supplement for Basic Roleplaying describing the features common to all nomad tribes and the peculiarities of each nomad ethnicity or empire. Within it you will find inspiration for fleshing out powerful enemies for your fantasy or historical campaigns based on other Alephtar Games supplements. But its use is not limited to providing you with more detailed “bad guys”: Nomads can be fascinating player characters, too. The harsh life of the steppe and the unique flavour of their shamanistic approach to the supernatural world will give you plenty of great roleplaying opportunities.

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Any chance Alephtar might consider publishing adventure modules or full length campaigns based on the settings already covered, like one based on the Silk Road (something I've always desired to be able play/run) where characters could be either Europeans or Arabs travelling eastwards or Chinese etc. travelling westwards, or both, meeting halfway and getting involved in adventures together?

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Would be a dream, but it is quite a lot of work. May be if several authors share the job ? I know 1 or 2 who may be interested, but do we all have enough time ?


We're currently playing a campaign on a blog (wos-rpg.over-blog.com/, in French) with nomads PC, taking partially place on the Silk Road, although the Silk Road is not central in this game.

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Wind on the Steppes, role playing among the steppe Nomads. The  running campaign and the blog


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