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Converting "Witchcraft" to BRP


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Hi All

My Group quite like the setting for Eden Studios "Witchcraft" & "Armageddon" Games (Unisystem) and in an effort to try and convert them over to BRP, I'm pondering the feasibility of converting the game, especially the Non-Human beings.

Does anyone have any ideas / Pointers where i might start?

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Here's a conversion from FUDGE showing how to convert FUDGE adjectives into D100 and D&D/BRP stats.


Superb / 98-100 / 19+

Great / 91-97 / 16-18

Good / 71-90 / 14-15

Fair / 31-70 / 12-13

Mediocre / 11-30 / 9-11

Poor / 4-10 / 6-8

Terrible / 1-3 / 5 or less

For Unisystem stats, I would recommend:

1=Poor or Mediocre





I forgot how skills work in Unisystem, however.

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Personally I wouldn't bother, you doing a lot of work to transfer a game from one solid workmanlike system to another.

There is nothing to be gained from this conversion IMHO and it will be a LOT of work to convert all the qualities and drawbacks from the WC/AFMBE/Armegeddon/Unisystem to BRP.

Not useful I know, but true never the less.

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I think that I am going to have to "agree" with Aikighost. I liked the settings of Witchcraft and Armageddon a lot...but instead of converting stats and numbers from Unisystem to to BRP (for Call of Cthulhu use), I just took the ideas and went from there. The system itself didn't do much for me, and I really didn't see all that many crunchy bits to be gained from the conversion...so I did took the RIFTS approach...I just took the names and ideas and BS'ed the stats to what I wanted them to be...

Granted, if you really want the conversions, I can dig up some Unisystem stuff on PDF and post it...


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I second this. Normally conversion into BRP dont make much sense IMO. I would rather recommend to see what the intention of the designer is and in what context I want to have it.

Eg. In system xy there is a standand swords fighter with average game values. (In D&D maybe a 2nd level guard) Its easily transported to a BRP standard sword fighter with STR12, DEX11 and Sword 50%.

But is it the same? I am not sure. The problem is that the average 2nd level guard is not that much of a danger. But an average BRP sword fighter can be a deadly foe for any other BRP fighter regardless of its skill. He can kill him outright.

So what I mean is that the most adventures out there which rely on heavy combat are not really good translated to BRP on a formularic or 1:1 base except you dont have any problem that your PCs die like flies.

Better would be to look at the intention of the setting and then make an equivalent BRP situation.

Additionally even BRP has no hardcoded values. It depends on the rule set. So in SB1 even elric has only 112%. In SB5 it is not unusual that a good fighter has 150% or more. (let alone elric with his 880% sword)

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Personally, I love Witchcraft and Armageddon. I'd be interested in helping you, though as they say, it won't be coming up with a formula and plugging in the values, as that won't really work. But if you want to kick around some spot creations, that would be cool.

Granted, I don't yet have BRP, so I'm having to go via guess work till I can get my hands on a copy.

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Well, this is certainly an old thread I'm commenting on. Did anyone ever mock up any BRP stats?
I'm finally getting around to reading my Witchcraft books, damn, CJ Carella writes some brilliant stuff. I love this setting. However, I don't care for the Unisystem. So i figure I'll use BRP with the Witchcraft setting. Not going to convert stats but rather stat things up myself. Most likely as I play along. It shouldn't be hard with all the d100 creatures out now.
(I did pick up the BRP Witchcraft supplement which looks very useful.)

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If I were doing this, I'd look a bit more widely than pure-BRP from Chaosium.

Specifically, I'd look at Mythras'  After the Vampire Wars.  It has a different setting, but is similarly modern-urban-fantasy and I expect you could use MOST of the AtVW content in the 'verse of CJC's Witchcraft .

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