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Runequest GenCon Character Sheet Request

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I wanted to start a thread specifically to ask if we can get actual character sheets for the quickstart characters in the two Runequest scenarios at GenCon.

I have run Broken Tower twice now, and the biggest gripe I have is that the sheets in the back of the QS booklet are walls of text that are difficult to parse, especially for new players.

I'm hoping to get a good mix of new players for my sessions. That may just be idealistic wishful thinking, but I'd like to see some people who are new or relatively unfamiliar with the game and setting sit down and have a good time. We need new perspectives and expectations being brought into the fold...it's a two way street that makes the game and setting better for everyone.

Those sheets are daunting even to players familiar with the game. After two sessions and being pretty familiar with each character, I even have difficulty helping the players manage the data. Managing data is not what I would consider to be an attractive, essential element of the rpg experience for most people. Throwing dice, laughing and telling good stories are what most people want out of a session. Those goals are hindered when the people at the table are managing data.

I would like to stress that this is constructive criticism and not a value judgement. I would just appreciate a cleaner representation of the characters with which people can hit the ground running. The first session I ran, we had two extra people show and I had some pregens for them on RQ2 sheets. They had a much easier time understanding their characters' abilities.


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Those sheets are lovely in regards graphic layout & visual presentation, but... they aren't very good character-sheets, per se.  For actual RPG's, at actual tables, with actual players .

I'd suggest y'all to look up the format used in Maranci's "To Kill a Monster" -- a lovely bit of conceptual work went into those, and I find them VERY functional, and with lots of Player-appeal to boot.  For an introduction/quickstart use, they have a LOT going for them.

Of course, it'd be cool to see the current "state of the art" in the real, live (if Beta) RQG character-sheet.  Feel free to mark it up as "playtest / draft / non-final" or whatever !



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Well, after viewing the new scenario I can say that the Broken Tower appears to be the template. They're easier to read in the new one because there aren't layers of images underneath the text, but they're still really busy.


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Cool start. 

Does it have Reputation on it?

And any space for Condition Runes that an adventurer might have (E.g. Lhankor Mhy: Law; Orlanthi: Mastery; Sorcerer: Magic)? 

Also, maybe worth having space to show a Missile Weapon's range. 

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