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Guide to Glorantha Group Read Week 12 - Hanjan

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p.272 Chang Tsai: Ogre King and Legion of Red Bones - are these native monsters, or are they a descriptor for one of the five False Dragon Ring leaders and his minions? Thang How appears to be one of the Extraordinarily Fair Feminine Legalists.


Feiquan:  Selelaloon’s springs - shouldn't it be Serelaloon's springs? Compare Revealed Mythologies p.124.


Aptanace appears to have set quite severe strictures, still taught by the Academy of Xingshu - another point towards a stance like Confucianism. The Ziyu Academy of Huanshiye has a different, more lenient approach. The third Academy, the White Deer Academy of Miju completes the three rival academies of Hanjan, without giving a hint about its orientation. But having three different readings of what constitutes proper behavior gives at least some variety for Kralori etiquette. No idea whether or how this could affect a game, though.

Overall Hanjan stands out as an intellectual center of Kralorela, combined with heroic steadfastness in military matters - an interesting set of virtues.


On 12.9.2017 at 5:33 AM, metcalph said:

p272 - it's not clear whether the Invisible Exarch controls the province of Hanjan.

I don't think that the "Invisible Exarch" is a provincial Exarch. Whether the head of the criminal network is one of the Exarchs (in status and sophistication) is a different matter, but I would group him with e.g. the Exarch of the Dragon Gate in Lungren Men.

On 12.9.2017 at 5:33 AM, metcalph said:

p274 - the Watchers of the Plasma are stated to be based in Kuchawn.  In p289, they are stated to be based in Dara Happa.  

If we only knew of a time when Dara Happa and Kralorela stood under the same administration...

I guess this is one of the cases where an institution was spread by Sheng Seleris to both sides of the Wastes. I have no idea how they communicate with one another - letters sent via the Redhair Tribe would take about a year for each direction. 


Telling how it is excessive verbis


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