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Glorantha and Personal horror

Jon Hunter

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1 hour ago, Yelm's Light said:

Not generally so much as in CoC, I'd say.  RQ tends to be more focused on politics, general dungeon-crawling, or character development, although dealing with Chaos, undead, and vampires would veer into that realm.

I'd describe CoC as a classic horror game looking at the evil without.

Personal horror tends to look at the evil within.

I think Arkat is a personal horror story, I also think Argrath could become on as well,

Stormbullites are made for personal horror stories of people who fight chaos who are always in danger of becoming what they hate.

I think its there as an element which could explored within Glorantha, but Glorantha is a lot wider and has many more themes running through.

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7 hours ago, jeffjerwin said:

Yup. But confronting and transcending it to be specific. Consider the Orlanthi initiation rite.

I'd agree with that.

Perhaps where personal horror games see the players on a slippery slope ,which they will eventually slide down to damnation. Glorantha offers a more upbeat vibe where the its is a situation where then players can triumph over personal horror.

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It’s a theme, and there is plenty of it. Becoming a shrunken head or being reborn as a scorpion man, transforming into a broo due to evil behaviour, becoming a Babeester Gor initiate because all hope of love in your life is gone, risking killing those you love in a berserk fury because it’s the only way to fight Chaos you know, etc.

But it isn’t an unavoidable core theme the way it is in the Cthulhu mythos. 

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On 12/16/2017 at 3:54 PM, Jon Hunter said:

OK a question id be interested in peoples opinions on;

Is personal horror a glorathan  theme?

YES, in the sense that it is substantially present in the world and adventurers may well experience this.

NO, in the sense that -- although "present" -- it is far from omnipresent, and adventurers need never experience it.

Any world where it reasonably might come up (as with Glorantha) should IMHO have a meta-discussion between players & GM about campaign & adventure themes.  Some my find these themes dealbreakers.

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