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CF - D&D "megacampaigns"?


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Has anyone used CF to run one of the classic old "Megacampaigns" ?

I suddenly got a hankering -- or maybe it was a bizarre suicidal urge -- to use Mythras/CF and begin with Village of Hommlet & Temple of Elemental Evil T1-4 and onward thru A1-4 SlaveLords & thence to G1-3/D1-3/Q1 ...

Amy thoughts?  Or better yet, experiences?

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So, to be clear, I've not run a campaign in Mythras / CF -- but I've got experience running some OSR, 3.5 & 5th edition adventures in Mythras at GenCon (2 of the last 3 years).  My thoughts are:  Go For It!  I bet it would be a blast!

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IIRC, on the Design Mechanism forum, someone (I'm pretty sure it was Jefferiot) posted some play experience about this very conversion--at least Hommlet.  Maybe I misremember, but have a look.

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When I was writing the BRP version of Classic Fantasy, I playtested it with my group by playing through Against the Giants. We had a blast. We intend on continuing the adventures of Valamir, Sorack, Lorissa, Alexandra, Lilly, and Rengarth later this year by finishing up the giant saga, and moving on to D1-3. Obviously, using Mythras Classic Fantasy.


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Join my Mythras/RuneQuest 6: Classic Fantasy Yahoo Group at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/RQCF/info

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I used to port TSR and WotC D&D modules into Glorantha all the time.

Lots of Greyhawish villages became Sartarite settlements. Necromancers became Priests of Chaos and such. Most of the dungeons became underground ruins within The Big Rubble. I always replaced any goblins with Trollkin and Dark Trolls, and then ran the games with RQ2 or RQ3. That always worked a charm, and I'll no doubt pillage from the numerous D&D adventures on the net and convert them into RQG pretty easily.

I see no reason why Mythras wouldn't work as well, and using Mythras Classic Fantasy pretty much ensures you get that old AD&D experience without the illogical rules of AD&D. You can keep the setting as presented (or use Greymoor, which sounds very much like a Greyhawk-inspired setting).

You might need to be wary of potential for TPK however, even with the changes in Classic Fantasy, Mythras is still more brutal than D&D, at least current D&D.

However some of the charm of the old meatgrinder dungeons was just that, they were a meat grinders that could easily kill characters off - given that Mythras takes a bit to roll characters up then this may not be good for game flow, let alone player investment.

For some old school dungeons you might need to tone down the threat level, or have some pregen characters as back-ups, and have various ways of introducing them to the situation, just so the game doesn't stop due to PC injury or loss. It may not be an issue, depending upon what scenario you run, but I would still be at least mindful of it.

Good luck with this 

Bring on the MegaDungeon !!!

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How to do characters for the meat grinder dungeon:

1) Give them the following numbers: 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10  (Alternatively: 18, 17, 16, 13, 10, 9, 8). Tell them to divide those numbers up among their stats as they see fit.

2) Have them pick a character class(s) and make note of the five critical skills for advancement.

3) Have them pick 7 professional skills.

4) Have them add +35% to each of 10 skills of their choice. (Alternatively: +40% to 5, +20% to 5, and +10% to 5).

5) Write down class abilities and pick spells

6) Give them weapons and armor appropriate to their class, and an idiot pack (i.e. a backpack of basic dungeoneering equipment).

7) Tell them to fill in some background and name their character.

8) Kill the characters that do not have names, and tell the player to start again.

9) Play Game!

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I ran a solid portion of t1-4. Frankly, some of the best fights I’ve had were in it. For whatever reason, it flowed extremely well. We had one where the party made a bunch of noise and got surrounded by ogres (1st level of the temple I think). They did some amazing damage and the ogre leader ran. They gave chase... through the nearby gnolls.  Alarms went up, troops started prepping. It was fantastic. 

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