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  2. Folks, On June 20th I will be running a scenario of my own devising - Black Thumb live on Twitch. Only this has one or two very special guests. The players are: Dr Paul Mitchener - the author of ENnie nominated Liminal Guy Milner - burnafterrunning.com owner and all-round nice guy (pun unintended) @pookie - you all know who he is Seth Skorkowsky - you also all know who he is and... wait for it... Shane Ivey - President of Arc Dream Publishing and co-author of Delta Green: the roleplaying game It is going to be on JamesCORP's Twitch stream - starting 7.30pm UK time (not sure about the over-the-pond). So make sure to tune in to watch me either really impress everyone or fall flat on my face while I get pwned on the rules by the guy... who wrote the rules.
  3. I actually don't have a copy of GGP's Cthulhu Invictus, but I do have the original monograph and the 5th(?) edition version - neither of which I have ever read. As @klecsersaid, I do have a lot on my plate at the moment, but it could be a nice one to do as it's fairly short and not one I had thought of doing.
  4. Capturing Glorantha is a different task. I tend to think of an ancient world setting, steeped in living mythology, with touches of bizarre 'trippiness' and sometimes even a 'western' flavour at times. It's a place where Achilles would be adoredby the public, but there is also room for down and dusty anit-heroes like Mad Max as well. It is difficult to put Glorantha into words and images, so the only way to do it is to approach it as a collage. Films: 300. 300: Rise Of An Empire (especially the later works well for the Lunar Empire) Conan The Barbarian (Arnie version) Valhalla Rising Alexander Bahubali Clash of the Titans Wrath of the Ttians The Golden Voyage of Sinbad Jason And The Argonauts The 13th Warrior Hercules (Dwayne Johnson version) Satyricon (very 'trippy') Troy The Man With No Name Trilogy (ok, yep these are Westerns, but the vibe can be thrown into Glorantha in a major way) Deadman (another Western, but it feels like a HeroQuest) TV Series: HBO ROME (definately) HBO Vikings (possibly)
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  6. Check out Robert E. Howard's "The Cairn on the Headland." http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks06/0601721h.html
  7. Some nice suggestions, I second Conan and 13th Warrior! Nice call on Apocolypto, I'll have to watch it again. I give a nod to Ben Hur and some similar epics, definitely Samson and Delilah, as well as the sword and sandal Hercules B-movies of the '60's. Kings of the Sun (1963, Yul Brynner) is outstanding, Song of Hiawatha (1997) is an interesting tale. Troy (2004) was a good fun film, despite taking out much of the divinity present in the Iliad. But it maintains the visuals of heroic bronze age fighting. Quest for Fire is worth a nod, perhaps closer to Wurm than Glorantha. Beowulf and Grendel (2005), a different interpretation of the story, and the animated Beowulf (2007), worth it for Ray Winstone's "I am gripper!" speech alone! And, definitely, Centurion (2010), easily a Lunars in Sartar story!
  8. Interesting idea. Lovecraft had a recurring theme of Cthulhu worshippers being shunned and hated, and occasionally wiped out by their neighbours. In The Call of Cthulhu one of the scientists who sees a stone idol recognised it from a long ago expedition to the far North. “And yet, as the members severally shook their heads and confessed defeat at the Inspector’s problem, there was one man in that gathering who suspected a touch of bizarre familiarity in the monstrous shape and writing, and who presently told with some diffidence of the odd trifle he knew. This person was the late William Channing Webb, Professor of Anthropology in Princeton University, and an explorer of no slight note. Professor Webb had been engaged, forty-eight years before, in a tour of Greenland and Iceland in search of some Runic inscriptions which he failed to unearth; and whilst high up on the West Greenland coast had encountered a singular tribe or cult of degenerate Esquimaux whose religion, a curious form of devil-worship, chilled him with its deliberate bloodthirstiness and repulsiveness. It was a faith of which other Esquimaux knew little, and which they mentioned only with shudders, saying that it had come down from horribly ancient aeons before ever the world was made. Besides nameless rites and human sacrifices there were certain queer hereditary rituals addressed to a supreme elder devil or tornasuk; and of this Professor Webb had taken a careful phonetic copy from an aged angekok or wizard-priest, expressing the sounds in Roman letters as best he knew how. But just now of prime significance was the fetish which this cult had cherished, and around which they danced when the aurora leaped high over the ice cliffs. It was, the professor stated, a very crude bas-relief of stone, comprising a hideous picture and some cryptic writing. And so far as he could tell, it was a rough parallel in all essential features of the bestial thing now lying before the meeting” But there is also a subtle suggestion Cthulhu was our progenitor.
  9. I have similar feelings - the fully-automatic fire rules seem pretty clunky compared to the other firearm rules, to the point that you might keep such weapons out of the game just to avoid using them. Has anyone else come up with/tried a different system with any success OR have any comments on using these rules?
  10. But the original French romances depicted Jerusalem at the time of the Crucifixion, the Roman Empire, and the time of Arthur's Kingdom as if they were just like 10th & 11th Century Western Europe, and the later Arthurian Romances depicted the stories as if they were set roughly 11th to 13th Centuries, even though they were supposed to be set in a "time of miracles" in some vague "past". And even in those original French & Anglo-Norman stories, it was all heavily romanticised. True, the Welsh/British/Breton source material and historical elements that Chrétien de Troyes used in his poems can be dated to about 6th Century, but what remains in the Mabinogion is really just a fragment, and even what we have now of the latter has been influenced in return by the Arthurian Romances. The chansons de geste epic poems however present a "grittier" and more "historic" depiction of 8th to 10th Century Europe not so much romanticised, and so more useful IMO as a source of inspiration for the Gloranthan West. The epic poetry of that literary genre is also more consonant with the types and sources of inspiration that Greg used in his creation of Glorantha. --- As for the Clive Owens film, I found it to be rather ghastly, sorry. I find that these "modern" versions trying to be "Arthurian" but without any of the (Catholic) Christianity fail from their fundamental betrayal of a core element of the source material. Imagine a film adaptation of King of Sartar that completely jettisoned everything about the Orlanthi religion.
  11. Could I join that one as well? If you don’t mind? I could at least learn so new things as I’d read. PBP makes for a slow game but I’m not beyond it.
  12. Found a Waertagi sword: (from the Dresdner Rüstkammer, actual efficacy dubious).
  13. I wish I had more to say here... but I don't. thanks all
  14. As I've been looking up info on Maniria, I can't seem to find this: In 849, the Middle Sea Empire "proved" their theories by switching 2 Earth goddesses in Maniria. Which goddesses did they switch? The only book I own that says anything is Blood Over Gold, which suggests it is 2 local grain goddesses (Inica & Eikorn). According to Esrolia: land of 10K Goddesses, the Goddess Switch came immediately after the Middle Sea Empire invaded Esrolia and attacked the Shadowlands. It would make sense that one of the goddesses being messed with was Esrolia herself or one of the other central Earth goddesses. But who else? A Ralian goddess? This seems significant.
  15. Okay:) I'm an admin on the pbp Call of Cthulhu server called the Grimore (which had over 300 members as of now) and was thinking it could be the same one. Have fun going mad!
  16. Okay, so recently I started a series on my channel where I dissect the lyrics of Tool songs. It's been fun to make these, but this one was by far the one I put the most work into. I wrote an essay for duel enrollment which covered this song, and that essay was rejected. I was instructed to re-write it because music is subjective. So I have put that "script" to good use in this diving deep analysis of my favorite song "Lateralus" by Tool.
  17. The "second part" I Skugga Hrafnisins is also very good.
  18. I have! That is a pretty cool book. It's one of those books where it made me want to get some more in depth information on the topic, so I started swimming through the reference list.
  19. Table of Contents https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/publishers/greg-stafford/stafford-library/arcane-lore-heroquests-heroquesting/iss3007-arcane-lore-heroquests-heroquesting-table-of-contents/
  20. I've been kinda bored since finishing Tindale and kinda been playing around with some dwarfy ideas for Dwarfhold in the Copper Mountains. Don't wanna do the generic dwarf mine thing but something different or unexpected. Yeah it will still have massive halls inside (ala Khazad-Dum), and mining equipment / strategies different and more advanced then what the humans might use. This IS their original Dwarf home after all. Was thinking I would have the mine and dwarf homes reverse of typical. Starting towards the feet of the mountain, the mine might work it's way toward the heart and upwards towards the peak, instead of delving ever deeper. Don't wanna free any fiery demons after all... The main entrance will be on the edge of a mountain valley lake (crap, I just realized that's not very unique UGH) but instead of being hidden it is lined with brilliant stone architecture with many pillars and apartments that are carved into the rock of the mountains, like the temple in Angkor Wat in cambodia. Also giving some thought to the Crauch Dragon. The MW book suggests the term dragon MIGHT just be symbolic and it might not be a living creature at all. I like a good dragon quest as much as anyone, but what if it were a portal into the Fey Realms or even a super volcano that the dwarves were keeping from erupting through their strange magiks, laying waste to the Southern Reaches if it ever blew...I dunno. Do you know? Here's some pics of my tinkering...
  21. Well, Glorantha has Dronar and Dromal, so it's not like stuff like that hasn't happened in-universe as well. Love the Horali, though, he looks quite dashing.
  22. It is indeed a masterwork and a brilliant concept.
  23. g33k

    RQ:G extras

    TYVM! What is changed on version 1.0.1 ?
  24. Not at all. For some reason I have written holari instead of horali almost all the way through...
  25. I'm not sure why, but it's become incredibly iconic - this and the music is what everyone remembers. "Þungur hnífur" is basically the most Icelandic thing it's possible to say. It's probably more a case of being laconic.
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