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  1. Correct, in Sartar, each tribe has a Major temple to Orlanth. The cities with Great Temples are Boldhome, Jonstown, Swenstown, Wilmskirk, Alone and Alda-Chur (currently suppressed). There are also several sacred hills with Great Temples - Hill of Orlanth Victorious and Orlanth's Hill - also serve as great temples. Sacred Top is part of the great temple associated with Boldhome and the Sartar dynasty.
  2. Jeff

    Wolf Pirates

    They carry shrines, initiates of several ships flock to priest to perform rites. They have temples on Three Steps Islands as well. The rarely sack co-religionists temples, but that is easy enough to avoid doing.
  3. Jeff

    Wolf Pirates

    Anymore? There's never been an official writeup of Yggs before.
  4. Jeff

    Wolf Pirates

    I doubt the Theyalans knew him as anything other than "another Vadrudi" until the Wolf Pirates came on to the scene. Given that Orlanth is now the biggest cult among the Wolf Pirates, Ygg is clearly an important nephew of the Storm King.
  5. Jeff

    Wolf Pirates

    Some notes people mind find interesting: WOLF PIRATES OVERVIEW In 1621 there are some 60+ Wolf Pirate ships, before Harrek's circumnavigation. Let's say that losses get replaced and by 1625, we have 60+ ships operating in the Choralinthor Bay, which comes out to about 3100+ Wolf Pirates. The average Wolf Pirate ship has on average 50 warrior-rowers, 1 captain, and 5 officers. Each ship has a small Dormal shrine and a protective spirit housed in the figurehead on the prow. <For comparison purposes, this is comparable to the total number of pirates in the Caribb
  6. Atgxtg - at this point it might just be better if you just walk away again. RQG discussions have been less tedious without you there. And after looking at four pages of you ranting about the role of women during the Enchantment of Britain, I think Pendragon discussions would be better off without you. As an aside, this is not about being “woke” - it is about making a game we can play with our friends. And guess what, many of our friends we game with are women. And just as many men prefer to play male characters, many women prefer to play women characters. That’s not really hard to figure
  7. As an aside, Greg's "Arthurian monomyth" allows us to experience and play through as much of the myth as we want. But to do that, it is not particularly historically grounded. Pendragon leaves our history with the Enchantment of Britain and enters a mythological and magical realm filled with plenty of ahistorical features such as plate armor. Or indeed chivalrous knights. Or even knights at all. None of this may have existed in history (and certainly not circa 520 AD) but it is all part of the myth.
  8. The option exists for players to play a female knight if they so want and without getting constantly screwed over by the setting. Because there are lots of players who would rather play a female character. Just as there are lots of players who would rather play a male character. There is no reason to create barriers that prevent people from wanting to play in one of the greatest RPGs of all time. When we've had female knights, they have always been exceptional and noteworthy, but not so exceptional or noteworthy that playing them is a constant uphill battle. At the end of the day, Pendrag
  9. Sometimes called that, but it doesn't mean much.
  10. It is actually pretty easy. Just base things on the building blocks of Glorantha Sourcebook, King of Sartar, RuneQuest, the Guide, etc. It only gets tough when you try to put the HW-era material in.
  11. During the Darkness, there were stars that plunged down to protect the lesser beings of the world. Many greater gods, like Orlanth and Ernalda, had already disappeared from the dying world. And so the last lights of the world were all that left. This is pretty universal myth among humans and elves. Dayzatar is worshiped by gods. That's how awesome he is. There are certainly stories that Polestar swore loyalty to Orlanth. But I think that is merely a projection by Orlanth's mortal worshipers. Polestar is not associated with the Orlanth cult. When he has a wider cult, it tends to b
  12. Yes. Kallyr's great power comes from the Pole Star. Which is interesting, isn't it. That could have been a terrible weakness for her when she tried to perform the LBQ, don't you think?
  13. The mesa of Masada is quite small about 0.5 km by 0.3 km. And the plateau can be easily accessed from the east and west sides - it is the north and south that end in cliffs.
  14. Rigsdal is not a member of the Storm Tribe.
  15. The plateau Two Ridge sits atop is some 6 to 8 kilometres long. Think more Mesa Verde, Table Mountain, or the Nor-Westers. Western Sartar has a lot of mesa and butte geography, more like out of the American West or South Africa. The Ambas of Ethiopa might make better reference points. Two Ridge, Starfire Ridges, and the Pegasus Plateau are all part of a rugged landscape that would make Western Sartar a really amazing place to look at. With redwood groves in Tarndisi's Grove, and the high snow-covered peaks of the Quivin Mountains.
  16. Polaris is an important cult in lowland Peloria and Pent. His runes are Light, Stasis, and Harmony. He is sometimes worshiped as a spirit in Prax and among the Orlanthi. Despite the efforts of Kallyr's poets to concoct stories to the contrary, he's never managed to be incorporated as an associated cult of Orlanth. Orlanth usually dealt with Polaris as an enemy, and lacks even the tales of cooperation he has with Yelmalio.
  17. Here's the canonical list of significant rebellions and other events: 1602 – Boldhome is sacked by Lunar Empire, its temple profaned, and its people slaughtered. The last known heirs of Sartar are slain or driven away. 1603 – Conflict between Telmori and other tribes. 1605 – A major thrust by the Lunar army to invade the Holy Country, striking at heavily populated Esrolia. Countering with magical strength, the god-king Belintar stopped the Lunars by inflicting a decisive and humiliating defeat. At the same time, a minor thrust of the Lunar army reached the city of Karse and laid
  18. The map in TCS has a few errors.
  19. It represents the map in TCS getting a few details wrong.
  20. There is no official map of the fort itself. But the site is perhaps more interesting than the fort! Here's the writeup: Two Ridge Fort (hill fort): This ancient fortress was fashioned atop a steep-ridged butte at the end of the Gejay Hills, and includes farms and pastures. This is the political and religious center of the Malani Tribe, and has temples to Orlanth and Humakt.
  21. I am not sure Doburdun has much of a cult in the Third Age. He was a Darsenite Thunder God associated with Entekos. By the Third Age, he's probably just a local manifestation of Orlanth or a servant of Entekos.
  22. If people assume that the alliances in the Hero Wars are straight-forward and easy, that is their problem.
  23. Similar dynamics can be seen within the Lunar Empire, where several of the Seven Mothers really don't care one way or another about the Orlanthi or about conquests in Dragon Pass or even about the Lunar Empire except in an abstract Obey the Red Emperor level.
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