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  1. Why did Magic World fail? Personally I think it was a perfect storm of things. It took the (very good) Stormbringer rules and dropped them into a bland and unmemorable generic fantasy setting that had nothing to tie it together (unlike Stormbringer). It had an utterly forgettable name. And its production values were low. Greg and I had zero interest in it, none of the rest of the team had any connection to it. And its sales were minimal. Given the bandwidth that any product line takes up, why would we devote resources to a game that we didn’t have any interest in and didn’t generate enough rev
  2. Correct. And this is how the Communication (or Issaries) Rune was presented back with Cults of Prax.
  3. We know that the green elves of the Stinking Forest have some excellent winter ski troops. Perhaps the humans have learned the technique.
  4. Jeff

    Ages of the World

    Prokaryotes ("before nut") fit within the God Learner schemes as life before Flamal, Mee Vorala, or Triolina. Or maybe the embryonic stuff that was later worked into those forms. They are entirely hypothetical of course, but then again, so is that entire schematic.
  5. Here's an interesting late Second Age document that I find deep in the Library of Nochet. Although it was written in Theyalan, I suspect it is of Jrusteli origin, given its materialist nature. THE AGES OF THE WORLD 1. All was Darkness and Water. Then came Earth and Aether. 2. Earth formed a perfect lozenge floated atop the water, rooted or pillared to the ancient base of Darkness. At first there were only gods, but later came life - algae, prokaryotes, arthropods, and fish. 3. Earth became irregular as it grew faster in some areas than in others. F
  6. David is good at deflecting my curses. I think it bounced off him and hit UK Customs, which is why our pallet of Malleus was turned around. Let that be a reminder kids, don't thoughtlessly curse!
  7. Without a Prince, tribal warfare is going to be endemic but usually low key. The Culbrea rebelled, stopped paying tribute, and even engaged in guerrilla activity and banditry-in-force, but refrained from taking actions that would alienate the anti-Lunar population in other tribes. They could raid and humiliate leaders of the Cinsina, holding specific people for ransom, rustling cattle, and the embarrassed Cinsina leaders can't really do anything about it. The Culbrea are folk heroes for blowing off the Lunars (who are too distracted to do much about it as long as the Culbrea don't force their
  8. Thanks Scott - now I am really trying to figure out how to get my hands on the full collection of MMM!
  9. A frighteningly on-target post.
  10. Yelmalio was born when Yelm was murdered by Orlanth, as a blindingly bright glare of magnificence which radiated from Yelm like light from the sun. He became known as the Little Sun or “Yelmalio”, although he has been given many other names and titles.
  11. The Feathered Horse Queen is the peer of the Prince of Sartar and the Red Emperor for that matter, and is a named unit on the WBRM board.
  12. Which is how you apparently get to be in the "Super Secret Insider Club" - show up to an event that someone promoted.
  13. An idea that Greg quickly abandoned.
  14. There are places in Glorantha where the magical geography facilitates bringing the God Time into the mundane world. In all of Sartar, the Lunars determined that this was a place of raw power, and not associated with any Orlanthi cult. A place of raw power, undefined (and unknown) by the local Orlanthi, the Lunars concluded they could use this place to transform Dragon Pass. They did this by recreating the Perfect Sky in ceremony, reversing the As Above, So Below and using the power of the place to establish a correlation between what went on in the ceremony and what that meant in the heav
  15. As an aside, I usually describe Orlanth's hall as a megaron or something the palace of Philip II. Gods feasting amongst heroes.
  16. I think at this point the Sartarites are easier to explain as their own thing than try to say they are like so and so. For example, with my players who know nothing about Glorantha, I say, "They are an ancient world warrior culture, with feuding tribes and caravan cities. Hospitality and honour are very important to them, and they hate being ruled by outsiders, although they are very loyal to their warlord Prince (who they claim is descended from a founder god). Their main gods are a Storm God and an Earth Goddess, and have lots of minor deities, most of which share in the myths and stories of
  17. As much fun as discussing how the Byzantines and Ottomans dealt with royal claimants, we've gone far off topic.
  18. And assassins did wipe most of the claimants out. All of the descendants of Tarkalor (which would represent the main lineage of the family) were killed. It was bad enough that the only adult family member able to claim the throne after Terasarin's death was a second cousin through a lesser wife (that would be Salinarg). It was so bad that when the Colymar went hunting for an heir in 1613, the only one they could find was another second cousin of Salinarg's. By 1625, there are only a handful of descendants alive. Two of those known are Kallyr (grandfather was the brother of Prince Jarosar)
  19. You all are welcome to do what you want with your Glorantha in your games, etc. But in forthcoming publications and licensed material, the rulers of Sartar are well-defined. And it is assumed there is a single leader named Argrath, assisted by many companions and friends, who led Sartar in the Hero Wars, just as there was a single leader named Alexander who, assisted by many companions and friends, led Macedon in the conquest of the Persian Empire.
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