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  1. Eating healthy over here. Well, apart from the salted caramel magnum for desert.
  2. Well early on in the plan they would need to eliminate all the vermin and broken mechanisms wandering around the place, damaging everything even further. No point fixing it all if these annoying broken parts out of their place just mess it up again. They all need recycling and rebuilding, and put in their proper place anyway.
  3. I have no problem with hobbit in Tolkien because in his books they are a genuinely novel creation. The Hobbit was explicitly a children's book and I think in that context they're fine. They're a way children can discover this new world through the eyes of a protagonist they can perhaps identify with. What's silly is having hobbits in socially real situations in later fantasy. It's a bit like like unironically finding Winnie the Pooh running a honey stall on the streets of Greyhawk. It would be completely out of tone. Having said that, and maybe I'm being unfair, but I wouldn't bat an eyelid at finding an unreasonable facsimile of Pooh selling Honey in Glamour. Glorantha has always been a mix of the absurd and the realist, the whimsical and the horrific. It's also always, from the very earliest days, included satirical, ironic or obscure references to popular media or iconic characters and the real world. Ducks because Howard, Donald and Daffy. Prax because Dr. Seuss. Grizzly Peak because Greg was standing on it while daydreaming about Glorantha. It could have something like halflings very easily, they wouldn't really be out of place. What I mean by that is, if the rest of fantasy hadn't spoiled the well on this already they'd be no more out of place than Ducks, but they have no place there now for the same reason Orcs don't, they've been too closely associated with mediocrity. But if Tolkien had never written about Orcs, or if he's stopped writing at The Hobbit and had stayed in obscurity it probably wouldn't be a problem.
  4. On the gorgeous map of the moon, am I right in thinking Wardrobe is sometimes called Spar Oom?
  5. I think it’s going to include about half the books eventually and the other half of them will be a DLC expansion. Something like that. To be honest I tried some of the Fighting Fantasy and other game books and never got on with them. I always got bored. Only Fabled Lands really stuck.
  6. I used to play the Fabled Lands adventure books with my kids. They created a character each and I ran the game from the books, doubling up the opponents and sometimes improvising side quests and encounters along the way. We had a lot of fun.
  7. The island was built specifically to rob cradles, so IMHO it has the hulls of ancient cradles built into it's structure and quite possibly is still protected by subverted magical cradle defence mechanisms and beings. As an island, it's also naturally highly defensible. Cult sacred sites also have magical defences, whether they're chaotic or not, and aside from Cacodemon they may well have shrines and temples to various other chaos cults, or have access to ancient Jrusteli magical secrets. Pavis is a city, but it's population isn't all that large. There aren't really all that many adventurers there at any given time. Dozens or a few hundred, not thousands, so the kind of massive, organised assault force that would be needed to siege and breach the island is only really available to the big players like the Lunars or Argrath, and they have better things to do. Ogre Island has no strategic value to them to compensate for the likely losses of personnel and material. It's also possible eliminating the island might be of more benefit to other factions in the area, such as the Trolls or Aldryami, than to the force doing it.
  8. Chaos is about violating taboos, change unconstrained by boundaries, and the end of things. Most beings born chaotic are members of the chaotic races such as Broo, Ogres, Scorpion Folk, etc. Each has their own particular agenda but a common thread I think it disdain for the constraints of 'normal' society, or even the laws of nature. The problem that all chaotics must face though is that while chaos made them the thing they are, it will also destroy them in order to make them something else, or just destroy them full stop. That's what chaos features are, they're physical manifestations of becoming something else, becoming not you. It's a one way slippery slope, or perhaps rather an infinitely many ways maze of branching slippery slides, but every way is down.
  9. See up-thread, but basically Greg was a student in Wisconsin for a while.
  10. I think Merlin would fix that by magically tracking imported and exported goods with an automated system he conjured out of thin air.
  11. It's an option, but is Dorastor really all that much better for a chaotic than a non-chaotic?
  12. I think it's important to distinguish the 'opinion' of a god from that of individual people that might worship that god. When we say Humakt doesn't have a problem with Chaos, that's because chaotic creatures can worship Humakt, sacrifice for Humakti magic and as long as they follow cult strictures they won't have any problems such as with spirits of reprisal. They can even do Humakti heroquests. On the other hand, individual Humakt worshipers are part of the culture they were born in. They, and in fact entire temples or even societies of Humakti in e.g. Sartar might have a huge and deeply felt problem with having anything to do with Chaos whatsoever. Individual Humakti don't even have to like other Humakti, they can even be mortal enemies of other individual Humakti, so just because someone's a Humakti doesn't automatically make them best buddies. Culturally, Chaos is an implacable foe of all Heortlings and, severed family ties or not, Humakti born and bred in Sartar are still very much Heortlings. Having said that, the Lunars have been in Dragon Pass for a while. Some Sartarite tribes have even allied with the Lunars and become more or less Lunarised. Tarsh is a Heortling culture and they're quite significantly Lunarised, but even then in the Empire overt chaotics aren't all that common. However there may very well be some Humakti around who are more chaos tolerant than your average Heortling. So you're likely to come across some very different, and highly polarised reactions depending where the Adventurers go and who they meet and if they find out about this. As for behaviour, a chaos taint doesn't necessarily mean the character's personality or behaviour will change at all. What's more likely to change their behaviour is other people's reactions to it all. Lunars are more likely to be accepting. Sartarites are generally going to lean more towards taring, feathering and burning, and being judged and persecuted like that can prey on a mind. Also suddenly being preternaturally strong, and having a necklace of chaos spirits whispering in your had all the time, could be an issue.
  13. For a very different kind of CRPG I'm really enjoying the Early Access version of Fabled Lands on Steam. The turn based combat is quite fun. It's a brutal game though, save regularly and often.
  14. What I was expecting was that Peloshon proved Sky Daughter is Yelmalio's sister, hence Yelorna. That makes a degree more sense to me. I just didn't want to quibble about identified with vs identified as the sister of. I get the impression, and I might be wrong, that the cult of Yelorna writeup in RQ2 is somewhat deprecated. That it is going to become a much more native Praxian themed Sky Daughter spirit cult, with a footnote that Sky Daughter is mythically identified as Yelmalio's sister, Yelorna.
  15. So there's a Yelorna cult and a Sky Daughter cult in Prax, both native, and Sky Daughter is identified with Yelmalio by Palishon, while Yelorna is his sister?
  16. I have two daughters and Ive been gaming with them off and on since they were about that age. The first game we played was Mermaid Adventures. They really loved that game and we had a lot of fun. You can even set it in Glorantha. When they were a bit older we played Monster of the Week, also highly recommended for teens. If they're fans of Buffy, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, etc. We had a lot of fun playing through the Fabled Lands game books together. If you don't know them, they take a little bit of explaining. Theyre a bit like Fighting Fantasy, but with a slightly more developed game system. you can play various different character 'classes' but they're sort of skill based. The main innovation is they are "open world" games rather than a single branching story. You can freely roam around the map/paragraph network, returning to locations again and again, and follow little mini "branching story" adventures at locations as you go. They have a code word system that means locations can change to reflect your actions, it's really clever. The books are supposed to only be played solo, but I just had them each create a character. I read the books and followed through the paragraphs, and just doubled up the monsters and improvised a bit around the encounters. I played the books myself first to get a feel for it all. We started on RQG when they were about 12/13. Kept the rules totally light weight and abstract. Focused on fun adventure like befriending trolls, joining the Unicorn Riders, rescuing people. The Pegasus Plateau adventure looks like it would be fantastic. "How to train your Hippogriff". Just don't worry about strike ranks, and if you find yourself looking up the Impalement rules, I'm afraid to say that's probably a sign you're doing it wrong.
  17. Amusing that we're discussing the etymology and historical accuracy of Arthur's title as High King, when they etymology of the term King goes back to Old Saxon. He'd be turning in his grave.
  18. It works by 'painting' on land and textures. All those knobbly coast lines are auto-generated. You lose fine detailed control, but gain hugely in speed and convenience. The mountains, hills and trees are symbols added manually - BUT - it has multiple variants of each icon, and cycles through the icons of that type randomly each time you click to place one (that's optional). So each time you get a slightly different tree, or a slightly different mountain. Very clever.
  19. I figured if even a talentless clod like me can produce something useable it might be handy for others too. Actually, on the subject of online mapping tools Dungeon Scrawl is quite nice, and free. https://probabletrain.itch.io/dungeon-scrawl
  20. I came across an online mapping application called Inkarnate recently and it's really nice. It's only available on a subscription basis, but even the free tier is quite capable. Here's a map I worked up for a game I'm prepping for just using the free assets. https://inkarnate.com/
  21. I'm not sure what recent statements you're referring to, but our bison haven't been bred (or mythically transformed) to be riding beasts, and Praxian Bison have. It seems reasonable to me that implies some differences, at least to the extent that horses are adapted from their wild ancestors. Or maybe it's the riders that have adapted. Actually that could explain Bison Riders.
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