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  1. I would have said, before this thread, that it can't be dispelled but that's clearly me carrying over knowledge from an older edition. Interesting, I will have to consider whether it can be dispelled in my game. I'm on the side of teleportation triggering it, but I wouldn't rule out the existence of forms of teleportation that do not. Maybe sorcery could bypass it, with the right spell, or a Heroquest power.
  2. Maybe the Fire/Summon version of Enhance INT is a really good one, and other versions give +1 per 5 strength. Or they need 3 Runes and thus more MP to get 1-per-4. Maybe there's a rare version out there somewhere that gives 1-per-3!
  3. Sure, I've suggested it before, getting a really high level spell could be a whole scenario. Or it could be trivial. YGWV.
  4. The spell list is not exhaustive, and the existence of one spell with a particular rune does not preclude the same effect being achievable with other runes.
  5. Not always! I once had a character who died because he had Vigor cast on him. It increased his general hit points by 1, and his arm hit points by 1. When his arm was severed, the extra 2 points of damage from double the location took him to exactly 0 hit points and he died. Without the Vigor, he'd have been on 1 general hit point.
  6. Here's my take on it, which may overlap with or repeat what others have already said. Game balance has never been RuneQuest's thing. This is just as true of power levels as it is of the playability of all the different cultural aspects of Glorantha. Orlanthi are more individually powerful than Yelmalions. Humans are more playable than Mostali. So, there's this thing in Glorantha called "sorcery". By its very nature, in the fictional world that exists in imaginations outside of roleplaying games, it's not the stuff of adventures. It's just not suited to the fast pace of life that murd
  7. Since RQG is based on RQ2, it would be more correct to say "have had their duration maintained at 2mn", as RQ3 extended it from 2 minutes to 5. It's now back to how it was originally. I'm not sure I like it, we will see how it goes when my game resumes (on hold due to COVID), we will probably make it 5.
  8. Where does that come from? I'm pretty sure that inscriptions are creator-only and that's it.
  9. Just updated this sheet to include the sorcery technique runes, so those can now easily be used in Google Docs. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vzbvKEPz0Gh4Tv1WLfzvmmHUgtySLzsJXkKDOtlm4MY/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Not all rune-levels will know all the spells. Maybe if they have an allied spirit then they might be able to, but there's just too much for one individual with most cults.
  11. Really nice! Amazing piece of work. But... and I don't mean to niggle, merely to point out a small improvement... the water should not cast a shadow on the cave floor. (I assume that is water...) I assume you can turn off drop-shadow on those objects.
  12. If a warrior's damage was reduced by the number of weapon skills they have learned, then experienced warriors would do less damage than novices. That's the best analogy I can come up with at a moment's notice.
  13. This leads to the question, "how does having RP interact with the wyter's normal ability to spend POW on rune magic to cast on members". I would say that they do not interact. If it wants to use the funky multi-casting trick, where it can cast Shield 5 on 5 people for 9 POW, it can't use RP for any of that. POW only.
  14. Yeah I told them that it's not the right way to do it and they'd have to make amends when they got back to the temple, but I didn't give them a hard time in the end 'cos they came back in triumph.
  15. You can learn spells from spirits. If you defeat a spirit in spirit combat, you can force it to give you one of its spells. All you need is a cult spirit that knows the spell, a means of initiating spirit combat, and it can be done. My group did that out on the road. Two of their swords broke and they had no opportunity to repair them, so Harmast summoned an Issaries cult spirit, Vishi Dunn discorporated and engaged it in spirit combat, and learned Repair. They could continue pursuing the bad guys with swords more or less intact.
  16. You will have to forgive us if it's tricky to pick apart what you are saying is bloat and what you are saying is a design flaw. You say the lack of consolidation is bloat, and the lack of power level consistency is a design flaw. The implication is that bloat is not a design flaw. Have I got it? To be honest it makes little difference, and I disagree on both anyway. Well, I guess I can't disagree that it is bloat, that's pretty much objective, but really, there are only a small number of spells that are functionally identical with different flavour. Bladesharp & Bludgeon, Sword Trance
  17. You say "admitted" like it's a bad thing.
  18. It has gone to the printers, they usually announce when the ships sail and that hasn't happened yet so I assume the presses are rolling as we speak.
  19. Yes really. That is an opinion.
  20. I think the quirky variety of spells, and the lack of consistency in effect-per-point, is part of RuneQuest's charm. I am aware that it is one of the reasons that RuneQuest, and also Glorantha, is not everyone's cup of tea. It is also one of the reasons that HW/HQ/QW never really clicked with me, everything was hard coded to be equivalent to everything else.
  21. Yes, the radically shorter duration does make big spells less valuable, as most variable spells are temporal. Unless you have that shamanic ability... I remember putting together a collection of extra spells many years ago, and I threw in a 6-point instant spell, I don't have the document any more but let me see if I can rewrite it from memory. Annihilate 6 points, touch, instant Cast on a projectile made of silver, this spell replaces the damage done by with the caster's POW in hit points and ignores non-magical armour, enchanted rune metal protects normally. The projectile can
  22. They are on a web site because they were not printed. That's the whole point of the Well of Daliath, clarifications and corrections that are not in the books. Personally, I'm not a fan of it. I'm not a fan of fixed costs at all. Everything is negotiable. Rewards for service and favours, that sort of thing.
  23. Wait for the Discord link to be posted, and join.
  24. Associate cult ceremonies?
  25. It contains Nick's notes from when he ran it. For me, it served as a good overview, as have some of the posts in this thread.
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