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  1. You're right, this is a crazy clarification.
  2. RQG p.52: Bestiary p.6: My rule is maximum + dice + 1 per +6 bonus or fraction thereof. Sorry, didn't see @kirinyaga already said this.
  3. That makes sense for the skill check, but not giving the POW tick for a successful worship is quite different. You worshipped, it was successful, you made contact with divinity, you should get all the benefits. A skill tick is not one of those benefits, so that's fine to houserule, but a POW tick is.
  4. Yes, and this was confirmed at Impromptu Con, the grand old Chaosium tradition of "Coming next year..." is no more.
  5. Still not getting it. Specifically, what is the contradiction?
  6. And confirmation of the Stomp! roleplaying game. * * Not really.
  7. That can't make sense. You declare split attacks before you know if you are being parried. What would happen if the first attack is not parried but the second is? It's then too late to reduce the un-split skill to 100 because you've already rolled on the first split.
  8. I agree, I think I'd say the RP are spent on a fumble but not permanently.
  9. Yeah, according to a literal reading of the rules, someone with a 10% parry skill will reduce the 1000% down to 100%. What it does give you is the ability to split to three (or four if you're really fast) 100%+ attacks.
  10. ...after a few melee rounds of preparation.
  11. You've never run a scenario involving a prepared ambush on one side or the other? When I ran The Broken Tower for my group, they had plenty of time to do stuff like that before assaulting the tower. They didn't have Sword Trance available though. And not many MPs.
  12. 100 seconds actually, around 8.5 melee rounds.
  13. I can see how someone just reading the rules fresh might not conclude that, but anyone who knows about Chaos in Glorantha would probably recoil in horror at the idea of tapping chaos, in a "yeah, that's not going to end well" sort of way. And to be fair, the description of the rune says "nothing is totally safe from its influence", so we have been warned.
  14. That's an odd statement. I'm not sure what you mean by it.
  15. Yes, if you pick "Aldryami" and press the button above the stats then the Beast rune gets swapped for a Plant rune.
  16. Could a creature with natural skin armour wear woad?
  17. I don't think so, magic items are a game mechanical representation and so are appropriately dealt with in a game system forum. The economics of magical items in RuneQuest are very different to HQ or 13G or KoDP.
  18. The Well says that you can dedicate the RP to a one-year spell that you know when you get them back at a worship. Personally I'd also say even if you are full of RP at the start, you could dedicate the RP at that point. Well actually I wouldn't use this dedicated RP rule at all, you just spend the RP.
  19. Or, they can have sons but they are human. Which I guess is the same as what you said.
  20. 180° out I'm afraid, they can tap chaos because they are chaotic. Or vice versa.
  21. I didn't know where those lines were from, I'm re-quoting them from having heard them referenced in several conversations. They may not be "canon", but they have entered the Gloranthan vernacular. And it's just an explanation of why Tap is considered bad, not whether or not it is considered bad, which it certainly is by the majority of mainstream sorcerers. It occupies a similar space as necromancy in most schools of thought. To be honest I find this whole conceit of whether Tap is no longer a bad thing just because of the quirks of the RQ3 and RQG wording rather tedious. "Only people cou
  22. If you believe that enchanted woad does not protect against Sunspear, then the increased AP from enchanting iron armour should not count either. They are both spells, and they both enchant a substance to provide AP.
  23. It was never a game mechanical prohibition. The evil of tapping derives from the edicts "Do not destroy that which you love" and "Love that which the Invisible God created", so it's not just people. It's all of creation.
  24. The cultural restrictions, such as the rules around Tapping, will be the same because they are world rules, not game system rules.
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