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  1. I really don't like "rules" (or conclusions) like this. Prices in rules should always be a rough guide, there are going to be other factors that affect prices enormously.
  2. Could be some are the first, and some are the second. I think more often the second. I don't think a Storm Bull worshipper would "become" Orlanth to cast it though. They would maybe shout out something like "Brother, shield me whilst I fight off your foes!" and clouds swirl around the caster.
  3. It is, of course, perfectly fine to allow this, but I don't think it is the default position. Even for associate spells, what Orlanth did in his myths to protect himself from physical and magical harm is different from what Urox did when Orlanth gave him protection. And the rules for stackable spells are clear that all the castings that are stacked are rolled for once on SR 1 (unless extra MPs are added).
  4. Sounds like a good idea for a separate one or two sheet reference. Maybe a JC product? Obvs we need the GaGoG to get the info.
  5. I'm 100% sure that that is not possible.
  6. Spells and descriptions will be in the GaGoG, Jason said on Facebook.
  7. I disagree, I think it is you casting the spell. Unless you consider that by briefly becoming an avatar of the God, you weren't really "you" for that moment. I think the caster would think it was themselves casting the spell. And the take-away from this is, "opinions vary", both within Glorantha and in our world. And I think that's a good thing.
  8. I'd allow either to be used. You could say that the spell has to be learned separately, since Storm Bull used the power in a different way to Orlanth in the myths, but I don't see the need myself.
  9. When you take part in a worship ceremony you take the part of your deity, you re-enact their deeds, you win their victories and suffer their agonies, you become them. You can then call upon this power when you need it. RuneQuest models this by "learning Rune spells" and "gaining Rune points".
  10. There's a long way between "I prefer slightly more to be detailed in the rules", which is fine as a position, and throwing a "Not everything is detailed therefore why just don't detail anything" tantrum.
  11. Ok, fine, if you want to do that. But it really sounds like people are complaining about things that they are choosing to do.
  12. PhilHibbs


    Call on Stars Stackable up to 4 points Lets you cast any one spirit magic spell once at up to twice the points in this spell, with no MP cost.
  13. PhilHibbs


    Tambour 2 point rune spell. Sacrifice any amount of your stats to give the same bonus to an unlimited number of people within earshot for as long as you can keep playing drums, rolling skill every hour. Several drummer-casters can combine the effects on the same people, the increased volume also increasing the range.
  14. Anyone with even an average POW probably isn't a stickpicker.
  15. This is very much in the "extrapolating Glorantha from the RuneQuest rules" hole. If you can extrapolate Glorantha from RuneQuest, then you can extrapolate Glorantha from HeroQuest, and you can extrapolate Glorantha from 13th Age in Glorantha. Are there therefore three very different Gloranthas? Well, there are as many different Gloranthas as there are GMs, possible more. So sure, if you WANT to extrapolate your Glorantha from RQG, there's nothing stopping you from doing so. But there's also nothing forcing you to do so either. Feel free to tell us hilarious stories about the cr
  16. Also bear in mind that not everyone is an initiate, so not everyone gets a POW gain roll at worship.
  17. PhilHibbs


    Seen anything amazing in the RBoM yet? I'm not going to tempt fate by copying too much text directly. Captain Souls 1 point stackable rune spell. Allows the caster to communicate with, give MPs, access to spells, and cast touch spells on a bunch of people. Devour Foe 1 point ritual rune spell. You eat part of your enemy and gain a bunch of points in a stat based on which body part you ate, for a bunch of days based on additional POWxMP sacrificed. (e.g. 2 POW and 15 MP = 30 days). No POW can be gained, but all the others can at 1D3 per 6 points the victim had. I don't know
  18. I am not moved by that sentiment. So I guess it worked on me...
  19. p.11: If the rule is that one-use spells can only be sacrificed for once in between casting, then a "Stackable, One-use" spell makes no sense. If that is in fact a general rule, then this spell description should state that it is an exception. Alternatively, can regular non-dedicated RP be stacked with the one dedicated point when the spell is cast? p.17: Bind Wind p.21: Breathe Life into Art p.45: Divination Block p.51: Feed Ghosts p.54: Gnome to Gargoyle, Great Leap p.66: Moulder, Mountain Leap p.75: Restore Magic Aah, now it seems to be c
  20. Some people call RuneQuest sumulationist, and in some ways it is. I don't think that's the editorial intention though. And I don't know one way or another whether 1 POW per year is the right conclusion from the rules.
  21. Wyters can spend POW really easily though. Think of it this way. If everyone does give 1 point per year to one of the many wyters that they have a relationship with, then every point of POW you give to a wyter corresponds, on average, to one spell cast on you per year. You go into battle to defend your clan? Wyter casts Shield 5 on a bunch of people, maybe one of them is you. There's your point for the year gone. Or if you weren't one of the lucky ones in that battle, maybe your wife got pregnant. Wyter cast Bless Pregnancy. Or maybe you got haunted, so the wyter cast Spirit Block on the pries
  22. Fair point, but there are a lot of wyters. Most people are going to have more than 3 wyters to spread their points among, with the closest (and smallest) ones getting preference. And as I said, I disagree with the idea that most POW does not go to wyters, but again I apologise.
  23. It's not like he needs the "1D3 STR per 6 full points of STR the victim possessed in life" (Devour Foe, RBoM p.42), but maybe. Shame the pineal gland is so hard to find, POW has got to be her best stat.
  24. Nobody said that except you. There's a TON of things people can spend POW on. The wyter needs a bunch, there's Rune Points, one-use spells, the RBoM has a bunch of new spells that take participants' POW and other attributes to power, there's other enchants that multiple participants can contribute POW to, etc. Your implication (yes, I'm doing the same as you) that there are thousands of POW being spent on making MP enchantments every year is ridiculous. Even if the spell is widespread and popular, it will reach a point where there are enough MP matrixes around, and people will stop creati
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