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  1. Top five most lethal monsters in Call of Cthulhu 7E (for now, just waiting for the Monstrorum:)
  2. Do you agree with this concept? It basically says narrowing down your focus will allow you to make deeper characters.
  3. It's been awhile since I posted a video, but finally got one out:) This is more of an opinion than advice, but let me know your thoughts.
  4. Ah Bill, you seem like the kind of guy who waits all year long for April 1st:)
  5. Why do you hope for that? This forum is dedicated to their games I love having the creators and founders (the Great Old Ones themselves so to speak) on this site!
  6. Are you guys going to have a regular schedule for releases?
  7. So did I, although I will run any of these. Often the best games evolve from one of the players being a hidden antagonist:)
  8. I'm lost... But hopefully that will change soon:)
  9. Thank you all very much for the kind words and support, I really appreciate it and frikin love this community:) I'm pretty sure they changed the requirements as I now entered the strange realm known only to the Great sorcerers...
  10. There were a couple areas I was slightly confused on as well, once you started talking about the in game scenario and expanding upon it, but I'm pretty sure this just has to do with my general ignorance of Glorathan lore.
  11. That sounds awesome! When are you going to publish?
  12. Learn the difference between true character and simple characterization.
  13. Do you long to know the difference between Character and Characterization?
  14. Yes indeed there is:) https://www.chaosium.com/nameless-horrors/
  15. King frog is a wonderful game about a bunch of frogs trying to become king by ruthless domination. They have mosquito slaves. And they are coming to get you...
  16. This is the greatest news since sliced bread.
  17. Huge step for this industry.
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